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The Good News
2016 October/November
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LED Streetlight Defect to be Corrected
September 26, 2016: After having installed new
LED street lights, the towns of Nucla, Naturita,
Norwood and Rico will soon have to see all of
them replaced.
SMPA, CoBank Seek Proposals for Grant
Funding of Local Economic Development
September 29, 2016: San Miguel Power Associa-
tion Inc., in conjunction with its national coopera-
tive partner, CoBank, is again seeking proposals for
funding opportunities that stimulate and enhance
our local economies. In order to financially sup-
port projects, programs and organizations that are
actively working to improve the financial stability of
local businesses, expand entrepreneurial opportuni-
ties and bring revenue to our towns and counties,
SMPA will be awarding matching grants to selected
¡°Very Exciting News¡±
Good News To Residents
As part of an effort
to save money and
improve the quality
of street lighting in
November of 2015,
the towns elected to
have their old, high-
intensity discharge
street lamps re-
placed with LEDs by
San Miguel Power
Association (SMPA).
The towns utilized a
high-intensity dis-
charge replacement
program offered by
SMPA to facilitate
the installations.
Not long after the
new lights were
installed, residents
began to notice
that certain units
were not function-
ing properly. SMPA
replaced these
fixtures with extras
that it had in stock.
¡°With installations
of this scale, it¡¯s not
unusual to see one
or two bad fixtures,¡±
said Paul Hora, Key
Accounts Execu-
tive for SMPA. ¡°...
but as complaints
kept coming in, we
started to suspect
that something else
might be going on.¡±
In fact, the fail-
ing lights were the
result of a manu-
facturing defect
that occurred in the
products sold to the
towns at the time.
According to the manufacturer, Excellence
Opto-electronic Inc. (EOI), a solder point was
not properly joined, causing it to loosen after
a short period of use. The effect was that of a
strobe in the illumination.
¡°EOI is a very reputable company and they are
taking responsibility for the defect,¡± said Hora.
¡°There were 185 lights in this series deployed
on minor streets and other areas within the
four towns. They are all under warranty and
they will all be replaced.¡±
The timeframe of the replacement has not yet
been fully determined, but Hora says that it
will likely follow a phased approach, with any
failing lights receiving top priority, followed by
older installations and then later ones. In the
interim, it is possible that certain lights may be
disabled until their replacements arrive.
The replacement lights will have a slightly
warmer color (3000 Kelvin) than their coun-
terparts (4000 Kelvin), which will be good
news to residents who had expressed concerns
about the color.
¡°It¡¯s not the perfect rollout we had hoped for,¡±
said Hora ¡°but I don¡¯t think it takes anything
away from the movement to switch to LED.¡±
For evidence, Hora points to the town of Ouray,
which switched to all LED street lighting back
in 2009 and has been saving money ever
¡°Ultimately, I think the towns will find that this
is just a bump in the road toward inexpensive,
safe and reliable street lighting.¡±
San Miguel Power Association, Inc. is a mem-
ber-owned, locally-controlled rural electric
cooperative with offices in Nucla and Ridgway,
Colo. It is the mission of San Miguel Power
Association to demonstrate corporate respon-
sibility and community service while providing
our members safe, reliable, cost effective and
environmentally responsible electrical service.
SMPA serves approximately 9,600 members
and 13,300 meters and supports local commu-
nities with $300,000 annually in property taxes
and $400,000 in energy efficiency and renew-
able energy rebates. SMPA is an equal oppor-
tunity provider and employer.
(source: SMPA)
Member organizations and businesses may ap-
ply for up to $10,000 in $1,000 increments of
dollar-for-dollar matching funds depending on
the costs of their initiatives. Initiatives may
vary in size and scope but should aim to benefit
the entire business community of a region, not
just individual businesses.
The following definition of economic develop-
ment will be used by SMPA Board of directors for
evaluation of all proposals:
Economic development is the development of
economic wealth of regions or communities
for the well-being of their inhabitants. From
a policy perspective, economic development
can be defined as efforts that seek to improve
the economic well-being and quality of life for
a community by creating and/or retaining jobs
and supporting or growing incomes and the tax
Interested parties should complete the applica-
tion available at
Supporting documentation such as cover letters,
proposal text or action plans may be appended.
Qualifying projects should:
Stimulate job creation in our area
Promote economic growth
Create/improve local commerce
Maintain/strengthen existing businesses
Enhance regional prosperity
Offer sustainable progress; set the
stage for economic development in the long run
Build collaboration
Show of our communities attributes
Demonstrate ability to leverage funds
Deadline for applications will be October 31,
2016 please mail or drop off your applications to
a San Miguel Power Office in either in Nucla or
Ridgway or mail to:
San Miguel Power, C/O Paul Hora, PO Box 1150,
Ridgway, CO 81432
Promoting Economic Growth
Town of Palisade purchases site of planned
Cameo Shooting and Education Complex,
major step toward making world-class
range a reality
9/27/2016, PALISADE, CO: After a lengthy nego-
tiation process, the Town of Palisade, Xcel Energy
and Snowcap Coal Company closed on the real
estate transaction Monday afternoon, officially
transferring ownership of the properties at Cameo
to the Town of Palisade.
The purchase brings the Cameo Shooting and Edu-
cation Complex a significant step closer to reality.
Made possible with a $2 million grant from the
Colorado Department of Local Affairs and an ad-
ditional $2 million committed by Colorado Parks
and Wildlife, the purchase clears the way for the
agency to begin designing and constructing what
the many partners involved in the project envi-
sion will be a world-class shooting and education
complex in Western Colorado.
¡°We have all been working very hard to get to
this point, and it has finally happened,¡± said Town
of Palisade Administrator Rich Sales. ¡°This was a
unique transaction with a variety of considerations
that led to a long, involved negotiation process,
but by working closely with our many partners, we
got it done. Now, we are looking forward to the
groundbreaking, then design and construction.¡±
¡°Xcel Energy is very proud to be a part of this
effort,¡± said Kelly Flenniken, area manager for
community and local government affairs for Xcel
Energy. ¡°The location will provide for a convenient,
safe, sport shooting and education complex. Ad-
ditionally, we know this project will aid in the com-
munity¡¯s economic development efforts and we are
thrilled to be a part of that as well.¡±
¡°It¡¯s good to see that the property will be put to
very good use,¡± said Greg Shurbet of Snowcap
Coal Company. ¡°We are just as excited as every-
one else in the area to see a safe shooting facility
of this magnitude come to the West Slope, and
glad to be a part of it.¡±
Through an inter-governmental agreement, the
Town of Palisade will lease the land to CPW. Work-
ing with a variety of experts, both local and from
across the country, agency officials will design and
build what will eventually be a one-of-a-kind facil-
ity in this part of the country.
Sales adds that Mesa County is currently working
closely with the design team to ensure the com-
plex meets county standards.
¡°This is very exciting news,¡± said JT Romatzke,
area wildlife manager for CPW in Grand Junction.
¡°Once it has been completed, the complex will
not only be a place to safely shoot rifles, pistols,
archery and shotguns, it will be a place where kids
can learn about the safe use of firearms, law en-
forcement can train, and it will be a place people
from all over the country and world can participate
in organized shooting competition.¡±
Romatzke adds that although the completed range
is years away, the purchase of the properties
clears the way for the construction of temporary
shooting stations for locals to site in their rifles
and shoot their pistols.
¡°It will take several years to before we see the
full potential of what this complex can be, but in
the meantime, we will work to provide a place for
shooters to practice and sight-in their firearms,¡±
he said.
¡°The public can expect to see things happening
very soon, but until further notice, there is no
shooting or hunting allowed in the area until is
safe to do so. We ask for everyone¡¯s patience and
According to a recent National Shooting Sports
Foundation¡¯s report, hunting and target shoot-
ing contribute $110 billion to the United States