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2016 December/January
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For several years now Andrea Schiavi has helped
various state Departments of Agriculture and
Universities to secure European hemp seeds. In
2016 Research Cooperation has been finalized
with University of Kentucky, Virginia Tech, VSU,
Cornell University and University Nebraska Lincoln
to name a few. Schiavi seeds are imported from
three countries of a long hemp tradition: Italy,
Poland and Serbia. Schiavi Seeds LLC will coop-
erate with The Association of Official Seed Cer-
tifying Agencies, (AOSCA) in the identification,
certification, production and possible distribution
of Schiavi¡¯s certified classes of hemp seeds. Hav-
ing moved to the United States in 2004, Andrea
Schiavi, now living in Lexington, Kentucky, is a
visionary with a passion for the growth poten-
tial of the hemp crop in USA. Schiavi Seeds will
produce and make available to Hemp Research
Programs certified hemp seeds grown in the US
by end 2017 starting with Kentucky, Colorado and
paper, rope and twine, building materials, ani-
mal bedding and much more.
Schiavi Seeds has secured the exclusive North
American market rights to various important
European strains of certified hemp seed, listed
in OECD Variety List. Schiavi Seeds plays a ma-
jor role in this emerging market as it addresses
the challenge of accessing viable hemp seeds
for research and commercial purposes. For
several years now, Andrea Schiavi has helped
various state Departments of Agriculture and
universities to secure European seeds. Schiavi
seeds are imported from three countries: Italy,
Poland and Serbia. Schiavi Seeds European
sources guarantee that Schiavi hemp seeds will
produce plants that meet the legal definition of
hemp. Having moved to the United States in
2004, Andrea Schiavi, now living in Lexington,
Kentucky, is a visionary with a passion for the
growth potential of the hemp crop.
Since 1958, the OECD Seed Schemes are
open to OECD countries as well as other U.N.
Members. 58 countries participate. The OECD
certification is applied to varieties satisfying
Distinction, Uniformity and Stability conditions,
having an agronomic value, and published in
official lists. The annual List of Varieties eligible
for OECD Certification includes about 49,000
varieties from 200 species.
The Schemes ensure the varietal identity and
purity of the seed through appropriate require-
ments and controls throughout the cropping,
seed processing and labelling operations. Ex:
Generation control (Foundation, Registered
and Certified seed), isolation distances, purity
standards, field inspections, lot sampling, post-
control plots, compulsory official laboratory
analysis for each certified seed lot.
The current legal status of
hemp allows for research
in the majority of states
in the US as over 30 state
legislatures have approved
legislation to enable hemp
crop research. Among these
states, some have also legal-
ized hemp production for
commercial purposes, while
others have enabled hemp
research and pilot programs.
Some states allow both
research and commercial
production, including Ken-
tucky, the corporate center
of Schiavi Seeds.
Among many iterations of
the use of hemp, hemp
crops are often used for
their hemp oil production,
found frequently in cosmet-
ics and pain relief products.
The natural health market
utilizes hemp for its nutri-
tional value, beneficial fatty
acid and protein value. Hemp
seeds have a high nutritional
value and can be purposed
as an ingredient in human
and pet food.
Hemp straw provides grow-
ers with a lucrative opportu-
nity as it is currently being
used in automotive parts,
the manufacture of canvas
and other textiles, carpets,
insulation, packing materials,
CDA Announces Colorado¡¯s Inaugural Hemp
¡®Certified Seed¡¯
BROOMFIELD, CO, 11/29/2016: The Colorado De-
partment of Agriculture (CDA) is announcing that
three industrial hemp seed varieties have passed
the statewide THC validation and observation trial
and are now eligible to be grown by the Colorado
Seed Growers Association for production of ¡°CDA
Approved Certified Seed.¡±
¡°Earlier this year, we launched the first certified
hemp seed program in the country to grow hemp
across Colorado¡¯s diverse growing conditions to dis-
cover which seeds would grow crops that fall within
industrial hemp requirements. This is a big step
forward for this emerging industry,¡± said Duane
Sinning, CDA¡¯s Division of Plant Industry Assistant
Director. ¡°CDA Approved Certified Seed provides
growers with the confidence they expect in seed
Colorado state law requires that industrial hemp
tests at or below 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis.
The three varieties submitted by Schiavi Seeds LLC
that were accepted by the Colorado Seed Grow-
ers Association¡¯s Variety Review Board and passed
the THC trials are: Eletta Campana, Fibranova and
Seeds entered by New West Genetics passed the
state wide THC testing making it conditionally ap-
proved pending submission of the variety informa-
tion and acceptance by the Variety Review Board.
Once approved, the variety can then be produced
by the Colorado Seed Growers Association ac-
cording to Association of Official Seed Certifying
Agencies (AOSCA) standards and receive the CDA
Approved Certified Seed label.
The Department worked in cooperation with Colo-
rado State University and CSGA during the growing
Seed varieties were grown and tested in the north-
east, southeast, Front Range, the San Luis Valley
and on the western slope. These five locations vary
in daytime and nighttime temperatures, in altitude,
length of growing season, and soil types.
The 2017 season will likely see additional variet-
ies entered into the CDA validation trial and an
increase in the number of acres planted for CDA
Approved Certified Seed production in CSGA fields.
Those interested in participating in the program
should contact Terry Moran, CDA¡¯s Seed Certifi-
cation Specialist at: or
Additional Info: Schiavi Seeds LLC, Lexington, KY,,
New West Genetics, Ft. Collins, CO, wmosher@,
Big Step Forward For Hemp
Opportunity: Hemp Seed
As farmers seek to diversify their crop offerings, the
emerging opportunity of hemp seed is significantly
growing. Hemp seeds deliver a multipurpose crop
with its fibers and bio-active chemicals suited for
numerous purposes. The grain, straw and oil will
create markets for the future, enabling farmers to
sustain and succeed with their agribusiness.
While hemp comes from the cannabis plant, its
lower concentration of THC distinguishes this plant
from the cannabis plant used for marijuana prod-
ucts. The Federal Farm Act of 2014 enables state
Departments of Agriculture and universities to pro-
cure hemp seed for research purposes.
Over 30 state legislatures have approved
legislation to enable hemp crop research, some
have also legalized hemp production for
commercial purposes, hemp research and
pilot programs.