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Health & Nurturing 2016 December/January
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Five tips to getting better and
kicking that cold to the curb
(BPT) From obligations at work to er-
rands and chores and making time for
family and friends - your plate is fuller
than ever and, unfortunately, getting
sick can throw a major wrench into your
marathon of activities and greatly ham-
per your productivity.
Despite how frustrating it can be, your
busy life doesn¡¯t come to a halt when
you¡¯re sick. That¡¯s why you need to do
everything you can to start feeling better
faster so you don¡¯t fall too far behind.
Take these five steps to help you get
back to conquering your full to-do list in
no time.
* Get plenty of sleep. With all of the
hustle and bustle of your day, taking the
time for sleep may seem impossible, but
an established sleep schedule is one of
the most important things you can do to
support your health. Getting eight hours
of sleep is always optimal especially
when sick; however sickness can often
disrupt our sleep. To help combat symp-
toms like sinus pressure or a stuffed
nose from keeping you up, you can
make easy changes like propping your-
self up in bed and moisturizing the air
with a humidifier or vaporizer. You may
Fluids not only soothe your throat, but they also
ward off dehydration, thin your mucus and help
your body systems function adequately - which,
in turn, helps your immune system function at
its best. With that said, not all drinks are created
equal; stay away from caffeinated or alcoholic
drinks. These beverages will actually increase
dehydration, not relieve it.
Being sick can be painful enough without the fear
of missing out on important activities, so follow
these tips to get back on your feet as fast as
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find you breathe - and sleep - easier.
* Combat your worst symptoms. When your
cold and flu symptoms become too much, get
some real relief. The best plan of action? Turn
to your pharmacist for expert advice and medi-
cine recommendations. Advil Cold & Sinus is the
number one pharmacist recommended brand to
treat your worst cold and flu symptoms. Ask for
it at the pharmacy counter.
* Don¡¯t be afraid to exercise. If your symp-
toms are primarily in your head and neck, you¡¯re
generally still healthy enough to exercise. Nev-
ertheless, consider a lighter workout to get the
benefits of exercise without putting too much
stress on your already-suffering body. A brisk
walk for 30 to 45 minutes each day while sick is
recommended to help you recover. However, be
sure to dress appropriately for the climate.
* Binge on super foods. We all know about
the benefits of getting plenty of Vitamin C when
sick, but you can also complement its effects by
increasing your intake of Vitamins A, E and B6,
as well as iron and zinc to help you recover fast-
er. These helpful nutrients can be found in fruits
and veggies, like sweet potatoes and carrots,
whole grains and lean meats or fish, so don¡¯t be
afraid to add more of these foods to your diet
when you don¡¯t feel well.
* Drink up. Water, broth or herbal tea - the
more hydrated you stay, the better.
easy on the body. Kiwifruit¡¯s low GI scores (green
kiwifruit is 39 and SunGold is 38) and high fiber
content allow for a slower rise in blood sugar levels
than other fruits, providing energy and helping to
fend off blood sugar spikes and crashes.
4. Kiwifruit can ease digestive discomfort. Feel-
ing a bit backed up? Kiwifruit can aid digestive
concerns in several ways. For constipation, re-
searchers believe the soluble and insoluble fibers
in kiwifruit can promote laxation. For bloating,
both green and SunGold have actinidin, an enzyme
unique to kiwifruit that helps break down protein
and streamline digestion.
5. Kiwifruit is good for your gut. Kiwifruit provides
prebiotic ¡°food¡± for probiotics, the good bacteria
that live in our digestive systems. So when you
consume kiwifruit, you¡¯re also feeding the 100 tril-
lion little helpers in your gut, which support immu-
nity, mood regulation and metabolism. Give your-
self a perfect pairing of probiotics and prebiotics by
enjoying yogurt topped with chopped kiwifruit.
6. Kiwifruit = delicious source of nutrients. Kiwi-
fruit is tasty, but that¡¯s not all. A serving of Zespri
SunGold Kiwifruit has three times more vitamin
C than an orange and as much potassium as a
medium banana, and a serving of green is high in
fiber and a good source of folate.
7. Kiwifruit makes a mean meat tenderizer. The
actinidin in kiwifruit that can help beat your bloat
also makes the fruit a great meat tenderizer. Make
your own marinade with two green kiwifruit, 2 ta-
blespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
and a dash of salt and pepper. Simply marinade for
10-15 minutes before tossing your beef, chicken or
fish on the grill.
Not all kiwifruit is created equal. With Zespri,
growers put a focus on quality, and you can really
taste the difference. Interested in trying Zespri
Kiwifruit? Hurry to your local retailer as both Zespri
Green and SunGold kiwifruit are in stores now
through December.
the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks
(assuming you can resist eating it on
the spot).
2. Not all kiwifruit is green and
hairy. Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has
a smooth, hairless skin and a juicy,
yellow flesh - quite different than the
fuzzy green kiwifruit to which most
Americans are accustomed. Their
taste is tropical-sweet, like a cross
Sick Of Being Sick?
7 Things You Didn¡¯t Know About Kiwifruit
(BPT) When it comes to fruit, kiwis are often
overlooked. But that¡¯s a shame, because these
tiny orbs pack big nutritional, culinary and
palate-pleasing surprises.
Here are seven little-known facts about kiwifruit:
1. There¡¯s no need to peel kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is
the perfect portable snack because it is easy to
eat. Just cut in half with a knife and scoop with
a spoon. That¡¯s it - just cut, scoop, and enjoy.
But before you cut, make sure it¡¯s ripe. Hold a
kiwifruit in the palm of your hand and squeeze
gently. A ripe kiwifruit will give to slight pressure.
Once kiwifruit is ripe, you can pop it in the
In Stores Now
between a
mango and a
3. Kiwifruit can
help stabilize
blood sugar.
The glycemic
index, or GI,
measures how
a carbohydrate-
containing food
raises blood
sugar. Fruits
with a glycemic
index (GI) less
than 55 are
considered low
GI, meaning
they produce
a gradual rise
in blood sugar
levels that¡¯s