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2017 April/May
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Turbulence expected, buckle seat belt,
put on a smile and above all remain calm; lean
on loved ones with a focus on the spiritual.
Take time off to relax and plan for calmer days.
Libra- Caution suggested in the professional,
particularly with finances; choose direction
wisely. Pay attention to body needs and that
what you are eating is nutritious; avoid all
Scorpio- Increasing activity in the professional
as recognition or achievement opens new win-
dows of opportunity; yet not all windows lead
to fresh air so be aware. Minor winds of
frustration at home should ease.
Sagittarius- Responsibility and passion clash
in the personal; recognize it, relax and find a
balance. Some communication breakdown,
difficulties or even conflict possible at work;
this too shall pass, stay calm.
Capricorn- Paradoxes abound. You are
passionately hot, but also calculatingly cold,
you¡¯re madly in love, well maybe not so much,
your work is cruising full speed ahead, then you
want to make a change of direction. It¡¯s ok,
blame it on Venus.
Aquarius- Careful, honest communication vital
in the personal as passions rise; out-of-body
like personal assessment keeps perspective
clear. Property or investments become a focus
Pisces- Careful evaluation of values and goals
may be in play as likely winds of change or
reorganization are blowing in both the profes-
sional and personal. Seek advice, meditate and
lean on the spiritual for guidance.
Visible planets: Saturn is not visible. Jupiter
in April visible all night; A good pair of binoculars
should enable seeing the four largest moons as
bright dots on either side of Jupiter. Venus hangs
out in the April dawn sky while Mars shines after
dusk. Look for Mercury low in the eastern sky just
before sunrise in May.
* April 22, 23 - Lyrids Meteor Shower, average
shower, produces about 20 meteors/hour at its peak,
runs annually from April 16-25, peaks this year
on the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd,
sometimes produces bright dust trails that last for
several seconds.
* May 6, 7 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, above
average shower, produces up to 30 meteors/hour at
its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, runs annually
from April 19 to May 28, peaks this year on the night
of May 6 and the morning of the May 7.
An annual license is good starting April 1,
2017 through March 30, 2018. CPW pro-
vides a range of options for anglers from
the annual fishing license to the one-day
fishing license as well as educational op-
portunities for those new to angling.
¡°Colorado provides outstanding fishing
across the state for an amazing diversity
of species ranging from cutthroat trout
and kokanee to walleye and bluegill,¡± said
Doug Krieger, CPW¡¯s aquatic section man-
ager. ¡°I encourage experienced anglers
to introduce a friend or family member
to fishing this season. Fishing is a great
activity to share with someone else and
a great chance to get outside and enjoy
Colorado¡¯s natural resources.¡±
CPW stocks 90 million fish annually into
waters throughout Colorado in order to
ensure good angling opportunities. CPW
does not receive general tax dollars and
fishing license fees support all statewide
hatchery and fish-stocking operations.
Buy a license online at CPW¡¯s secure
license application portal or by phone at
For individuals aged 18 through 64, a
$10 Habitat Stamp is required with the
first license purchase for the year. For
more information, read about the Habitat
Youth under age 16 can fish for free and
CPW provides opportunities throughout
the season to learn how to fish. Check
the calendar on the CPW website for up-
coming clinics.
Don¡¯t forget to buy a state park pass
when you buy your license. Colorado
state parks offer 37 places to fish, 365
days of the year.
Get tips and stay up to date on Colorado
fishing regulations by reading the 2017
Colorado Fishing Brochure. CPW also
sends customers that sign up through the
secure license application portal emails
providing updated fishing conditions, tips,
news and upcoming events as well as
regulation updates.
Aries- Emotions run high in the personal;
turbulence likely, nice surprises or even
failure possible, so de-stress often and lean
on the spiritual. Determined work efforts
help and pay off.
Taurus- Communication is key as passions
rise in the personal. Stumbling or accident
risk possible so be methodical and avoid
risks both physical and financial.
Gemini- Some minor temporary winds blow
in the personal however calm, rational
behavior wins the day. Personal may also
blend with the professional; teamwork
brings progress.
Cancer- Past efforts begin to bear fruit in
the professional arena. Personal bonding
and creating and strengthening a sense of
sanctuary at home continues to drive
Leo- Don¡¯t let likely hurdles or frustrations
in the personal get you down as they are
temporary winds; communicate clearly. Be
cautious with work ambitions as they could
overload you.
The survey is expected to run about two
weeks. Clipping the fin causes no harm to the
CPW has posted signs at the reservoir with
a QR code and web link anglers can use to
access the survey with their smart phones
as soon as they get done fishing for the day.
Anglers are asked to record their catch, in-
cluding fish they released, after each day of
Those fishing can take the survey more than
once. The survey should only take a couple
of minutes to complete. A CPW volunteer will
also be at the reservoir to answer questions.
¡°We rely on anglers to help us manage fisher-
ies,¡± said Jim White, CPW¡¯s aquatic biologist
in Durango.
¡°This information will be valuable for our
hatchery and stocking programs. Plus, we¡¯re
giving folks a chance to land some big fish.¡±
The cell phone service at Pastorious Reservoir
is good so anglers with cell phones can record
information on the spot. The survey can also
be completed at home. No personal informa-
tion will be collected through the survey.
Image: CPW
The daily bag limit at Pastorius Reservoir is
four trout, and the possession limit is eight
fish. The reservoir is locate south of Durango
on La Plata County Road 304
Anglers are reminded that they need a new
fishing license for the year starting April 1.
Buy your Colorado 2017 fishing license
Coloradans can purchase a 2017 annual fish-
ing license now, through Colorado Parks and
The Moon Dance
The Horoscopes
Night Time Delights
National Mayors Water Challenge
The Wyland Mayor¡¯s Challenge for Water Conservation, April
1-30, is a non-profit national community service campaign
to see which leaders can best inspire their residents to make
a series of informative, easy-to-use online pledges to reduce
water and energy usage.
¡°I hope you¡¯ll pledge at to help
Montrose win in 2017,¡± said Mayor Swanson. Cities with the
highest percentage of residents who take the online, no-cost,
non-profit challenge win bragging rights and become eligible
to win prizes. ¡°We¡¯re hoping for great participation for the
2017 Challenge.¡±
For the past five years, the city has announced the National
Mayor¡¯s Water Challenge leading up to and as part of its Earth
Week festivities, this year slated for April 17-22. ¡°The 2017
theme, ¡®This Land is Your Land,¡¯ calls on one of America¡¯s
most famous folk songs to inspire participation from citizens
of all ages,¡± said Mayor Swanson.
Last year, residents from over 3,900 cities in all 50 U.S.
states pledged to reduce their annual consumption of fresh
water by 1.5 billion gallons, reduce waste sent to landfills
by 47 million pounds, prevent more than 141,000 pounds of
hazardous waste from entering our watersheds, and reduce
utility bills by $35 million.
Each spring the City of Montrose sponsors and coordinates a
full schedule of Earth Week activities.
For a schedule of Earth Week-related events for all ages visit:
Fishing Licenses On Sale