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The route has stops in Mancos, Dolores, Rico,
Placerville, Ridgway, Delta, Montrose and Grand
The route, one of the most visually stunning bus
rides in North America, attracts visitors from
around the world that want to vacation in west-
ern Colorado and not drive. Travel connections
are available from regional airports, Amtrak, and
Greyhound Bus Lines.
Additional Information
Weather and Road Conditions Permitting Road
Runner Stage Lines operates daily Round-Trip Bus
Service from Durango to Grand Junction. Win-
ter Weather, and Avalanches are common on the
route. These road conditions may delay or cancel
the route for the day. Cancelations are posted on
the web-site:
The Good News
2017 April/May
Pg 3 - The Sunshine Express
xylem, phloem, and most importantly, its sugar-
producing leaves.
To make the chip, the researchers sandwiched
together two plastic slides, through which they
drilled small channels to represent xylem and
phloem. They filled the xylem channel with water,
and the phloem channel with water and sugar,
then separated the two slides with a semiperme-
able material to mimic the membrane between xy-
lem and phloem. They placed another membrane
over the slide containing the phloem channel, and
set a sugar cube on top to represent the additional
source of sugar diffusing from a tree¡¯s leaves into
the phloem. They hooked the chip up to a tube,
which fed water from a tank into the chip.
With this simple setup, the chip was able to pas-
sively pump water from the tank through the chip
and out into a beaker, at a constant flow rate for
several days, as opposed to previous designs that
only pumped for several minutes.
¡°As soon as we put this sugar source in, we had
it running for days at a steady state,¡± Hosoi says.
¡°That¡¯s exactly what we need. We want a device
we can actually put in a robot.¡±
Hosoi envisions that the tree-on-a-chip pump may
be built into a small robot to produce hydraulically
powered motions, without requiring active pumps
or parts.
¡°If you design your robot in a smart way, you
could absolutely stick a sugar cube on it and let it
go,¡± Hosoi says.
This research was supported, in part, by the De-
fense Advance Research Projects Agency.
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Road Runner Has New Wheels
The Durango-Grand Junction bus route
gets an upgrade
The Colorado Department of Transportation has
leased a newer bus to serve the Durango-Grand
Junction inter-city bus route. The bus has been
serving the Bustang regional service operated
by CDOT on I 25 and I 70. It will replace a 1999
The bus comes equipped with comfortable
roomy seats, a rest-room, USB and 110 outlets.
It will begin service with Bustang markings.
Road Runner Stage Lines offers daily bus ser-
vice starting in the morning in Durango, travel-
ing to Cortez then north to Telluride, ending in
Grand Junction, and returning daily as weather
Road Runner Stage Lines has been operat-
ing inter-city bus service on the Western Slope
since July 15, 2014. The service is a partnership
between CDOT, Greyhound and Southern Ute
Community Action Programs (SUCAP), a large
human service agency headquartered in
Ignacio, CO.
State revenue
forecast calls for
continued economic
DENVER, Friday, Mar 17,
2017: The Governor¡¯s
Office of State Planning
and Budgeting (OSPB)
released its quarterly
economic and revenue
General Fund revenue
continues to rebound
modestly from its
marked weakening in
FY 2015-16. After an
increase of just 1.7
percent last fiscal year,
General Fund revenue is
forecast to increase 4.0
percent in FY 2016-17.
General Fund revenue is
forecast to increase at a
slightly faster rate of 5.2
percent in FY 2017-18
with continued economic
expansion and as corpo-
rate income tax revenue
posts an increase for the
first time in four fiscal
¡°Colorado¡¯s economy
was recently ranked #1
in the nation by U.S.
News & World Report,¡±
said said Gov. John
¡°Though the front range
is thriving, we continue
to look for ways where-
by the entire state can
share in the economic
The upward momentum
in Colorado¡¯s economy
that began to occur last
year has sustained itself
in recent months. How-
ever, many agricultural
economies continue
to struggle with weak
commodity prices and
reduced incomes.
Statewide economic growth for 2017 is forecast
to be higher than last year.
However, growth is expected to be only mod-
estly higher, due to the state¡¯s tight labor and
housing markets that are acting as a constraint
on economic activity.
For the full forecast report from the Governor¡¯s
Office of State Planning and Budgeting visit:
(Source: Jennifer Chu,
MIT News Office, news.
CO Economy
Continues Up