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size trout caught and released.
2017 Sunshine Express Miramonte Mother¡¯s
Day Fishing Derby winners:
1. 21¡± Rainbow Trout, 3.59lb - Bob Engel,
Norwood - $500 cash (Longest Trout)
2. 2.77lb, 19¡± - Alex Sokolik, Norwood
3. 2.73lb, 19 1/2¡± - Pat Schultz, Norwood
4. 2.40lb, 18¡± - Peyton Porter, Norwood
5. 2.31lb, 18 1/4¡± - John Coppolino, Cortez
6. 1.74lb, 17¡± - Bill Kaup, Montrose
7. 1.63lb, 16 3/4¡± - Deana Goff, Mancos
8. 1.60lb, 17¡± - Nicole Wolf, Norwood
9. 1.60lb, 16 3/8¡± - David Hogge, Montrose
10. 1.41lb, 16¡± - Walter Costello, Mancos
11. 1.36lb, 16 5/8¡± - Adam Cassidy, Norwood
12. 1.36lb, 16 1/4¡± - Pauline Enos, Nucla
13. 1.34lb, 16¡± - Steve Dunn, Ridgway
14. 1.30lb, 15 3/4¡± - Kelly Romaine, Norwood
Nature & Wildlife
2017 June/July
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Nourish your immune system and take
rest when possible. Abundant opportunites
arise for social and professional advancement.
Success will come, but only from motivated,
focused and rational efforts.
Libra- Clarity and courage, combined with a
surge in energy, bring out long frustrated lead-
ership skills and stimulate successful action.
Despite an increase in self-worth, relationship
needs strengthen; remembering your partner
has needs too will help achieve balance.
Scorpio- Assistance comes to you, bringing
spiritual, emotional and physical satisfaction.
Things are improving; discard all negative
energy. Fill up with positive energy. A giving at-
titude and plenty of sleep will sustain you.
Sagittarius- Chances of making new friends
and professional relations increase. A spirit of
love and compassion rules. High chances of
finding your soulmate; existing relationships
will likely remain solidly in tune.
Capricorn- A sense of urgency or desire for
professional action is strong. Even so, your
loved one, and their needs, becomes much
more a center of your life. Be cautious with
money transactions.
Aquarius- Clear communication and an in-
crease in creativity brings luck. Avoid overdoing
anything. Clear communication will also ease
professional tensions that may arise.
Pisces- Love energy grows but your health
may need some assistance; eat right and rest
when possible. Money answers may be found
by thinking outside the box; professional efforts
will require discipline and regular analysis.
June 1st
23rd 30th
Visible planets: Look for Mercury low in the
western sky just after sunset and Jupiter in the
evenings. Saturn is brighter than any other time of
the year, visible all night long. Venus shines in the
eastern sky before sunrise while Mars is not visible.
* June 21 - June Solstice. The June solstice occurs
at 04:24 UTC. This is the first day of summer (sum-
mer solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the
first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Southern
* July 29, 30 - Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower,
average shower produces up to 20 meteors/hour at
its peak, runs annually from Jul 12-Aug 23, peaks
this year on the night of Jul 29 and morning of Jul
30. The crescent moon will set by midnight, leaving
dark skies for what should be a good early morn-
ing show. Meteors will radiate from the constellation
Aquarius, but can appear anywhere in the sky.
2017 Sunshine Express Miramonte
Mother¡¯s Day Fishing Derby report:
Bright sunshine early, giving way to
high clouds, with increasing windy con-
ditions. Fishing was reported as good,
especially between 7:30-9:30a before
the wind picked up speed.
A total of 56 people entered the derby
from 10 communities in Colorado, with
Norwood residents sweeping the top 4
There were 30 trout weighed in. The
winning trout was over 3 lbs. The top
five trout were over 2 lbs. each.
23 of 30 were over 1 lb. Three of the
top five were Rainbow Trout, 3rd place
was a Cutthroat Trout, 4th place was a
Brown Trout. Reports of many stocker
Aries- Your communication skills, patience,
and optimism will guide you, if you rely on
them, through needed adjustments, both per-
sonal and professional. New ideas and con-
nections arise bringing monetary increase.
Taurus- Activity and efficiency increases
professionally; financial energies increase in
tandem. Pay extra attention to your immune
system; a good time to reassess diet and
boost nutrition levels.
Gemini- Gifts and treasures and kindness
abound. Professionally, courage, faith and
enthusiasm grows as most every vision
becomes manifest. Excess excitement and
energy can be tempered with exercise.
Cancer- Clean out home and body of poison-
ous substances and attitudes. Be patient with
loved ones. Use your organizational skills to
plan out desired initiatives or changes.
Leo- New social opportunities arise. Outward
expression becomes easier. A controlled and
objective tongue not only keeps you out of
trouble, it serves to increase professional
influence, supporters and results.
These impacts cost the nation billions of dol-
lars per year to mitigate.
¡°The invasion of zebra and quagga mussels
can affect every Coloradan in some way,¡± said
Reid DeWalt, CPW assistant director for wildlife
and natural resources. ¡°We need all residents
and visitors to help protect our waters from
invasive species.¡±
Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds the pub-
lic they can help stop the spread of aquatic
nuisance species in Colorado and the western
United States. Colorado regulations require
boaters to clean, drain and dry before entering
and when leaving any lake or reservoir:
Clean: Remove all plants, animals, and mud
from boats, trailers, vehicle hitches, and mo-
tors. Aquatic plant fragments and animals can
hide in mud and survive many days out of
water. It is prohibited to transport watercraft
over land with aquatic vegetation on it. Be
sure to clean all fishing equipment including
waders and boots.
Drain: Completely drain every space or item
that could hold water, including live wells, bait
containers, ballast, bilge and engines. Boat op-
erators are required to remove all water drain
plugs prior to leaving the boat ramp or park-
ing lot, and that drain plugs are left out during
transport and any time the watercraft is not on
the water.
Dry: Allow sufficient time for boats and
equipment to dry completely before launching
in other waters.
Dispose: Properly dispose unused live bait
into trash containers, not into the water. Prop-
erly dispose of aquarium or classroom animals
or plants, do not place them in any body of
water or natural setting.
Report: If you find anything that you think
is an invasive species on your boat or in a
water body, report it to the CPW by calling
303.291.7295 or emailing: Invasive.Species@
For more information about invasive species or
boat inspections please visit
Keeping your watercraft, trailer, anchor, and
recreational equipment clean, drained and dry
will prevent the spread of harmful ANS.
The Moon Dance
The Horoscopes
Night Time Delights
And The Winners Are...
15. 1.27lb, 16 1/4¡± - Blaine Tedder, Norwood
16. 1.23lb, 15 3/8¡± - Paula Riley, Nucla
17. 1.21lb, 15 3/4¡± - Tori Heldman, Gr Jct.
18. 1.19lb, 15 3/8¡± - Michael Rich, Nucla
19. 1.16lb, 15 1/4¡± - Linda Rich, Nucla
20. 1.12lb, 14 3/4¡± - Sam Rich, Norwood
21. 1.12lb, 14 1/2¡± - Valerie Heldman, Naturita
22. 1.08lb, 14 3/8¡± - Adam Stegelmeyer, Mancos
23. 1.03lb, 14 3/4¡± - Vanessa Velasquez, Mancos
24. 0.94lb, 14 1/2¡± - Wendy Dunn, Ridgway
25. 0.88lb, 14 1/2¡± - Jamie Hemphill, Montrose
26. 0.79lb, 13 1/4¡± - Jared Hemphill, Dove Creek
27. 0.70lb, 12¡± - Dylan Rich, Gr Jct.
28. 0.61lb, 12 3/8¡± - Jennifer Oria, Gr Jct.
29. 0.61lb, 11 3/4¡± - Cody Young, Norwood
30. 0.59lb, 12¡± - Conner Slafter, Ridgway
1st Trout - Adam Cassidy, Norwood
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Pat Schultz
Bob Engel