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The Good News
2017 June/July
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Habitat Seeks Three Families
for Ridgway River Park Triplex
May 17, 2017, MONTROSE, CO: When Habitat for
Humanity of the San Juans breaks ground on their
next housing project, they¡¯ll do something never done
before: build affordable housing in Ouray County.
They won¡¯t just be building one home, they¡¯ll build a
triplex, with three townhomes, on North Laura Street,
in Ridgway.
¡°We¡¯ve built over 50 homes since 1991, and we¡¯ve
done so one home at a time, but we have this great
opportunity in Ridgway to partner with three families
in our community,¡± said Habitat Executive Director,
Colleen Burke.
In 2015 the Montrose based Habitat for Humanity
affiliate expanded their service area to include Ouray
and San Miguel Counties.
Each townhome slated for construction within the
Ridgway River Park Triplex, will be 1500 sq. ft., three
stories, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a
A Citizen Engagement Committee, helmed by Ouray
County residents Karen Dubroff and Dan Kigar, have
organized and are working on a campaign to raise
money and awareness for the triplex. Their first order
of business is to help amplify Habitat¡¯s call for ap-
plicants for these affordable mortgages and homes in
downtown Ridgway.
¡°We¡¯re not just looking for applicants,¡± said Dubroff,
¡°we¡¯re looking for families to partner with us to be-
come homeowners.¡±
Through Habitat¡¯s Homeownership program, the non-
profit is able to sell homes to qualified families at a
Applications Available
The Program Fit to
Drive -
The Fit to Drive Cam-
paign is meant to
encourage adults ages
65 years and over to
consider difficult trans-
portation choices as
their driving ability
declines with age, and
suggest public transit as
a viable alternative to
the personal automobile
to remain independent
and mobile.
This Safety Campaign is a joint effort by
Grand Valley Transit, All Points Transit,
Road Runner Stage Lines made possible by
a Colorado Department of Transportation
Safety Grant awarded to each organization.
Older drivers are disproportionally repre-
sented in fatal crashes on Colorado roads.
According to the CDOT Problem Identifica-
tion Report, there were 640 drivers who
were involved in a fatal crash between
2012 and 2014. Drivers age 65 years and
over represented 65 percent of total drivers
involved in a fatal crash, 73 percent of driv-
ers at fault for the fatal crash and 71 per-
cent of people who sustained fatal injuries
because of the crash.
Older adults are more frequently involved
in, found at fault for and sustain fatal in-
juries because of major crashes. This data
suggests that adults need to consider alter-
native transportation options as they reach
65 years old and continue to age.
It¡¯s hard to tell someone they should give
up driving for their safety and the safety of
others, and it is difficult to hear. It is every
driver¡¯s responsibility to make the mature
decision to stop driving a personal automobile
when it is time, and to lead by example. Giv-
ing up driving does not mean giving up your
freedom or independence. Public transportation
options are available for all ages and abilities
across the Western Slope of Colorado, and as-
sistance is available to help plan your trip on
the bus.
All Points Transit, Grand Valley Transit, and Road
Runner Stage Lines offer discounts for Seniors
and provide daily bus service within and between
Grand Junction, Montrose, Telluride, and Duran-
go. Visit the website to learn how
to recognize signs that it¡¯s time to limit or stop
driving a personal automobile and information
about what bus service is in your neighborhood.
0-3% interest rate, with
only a $500 down pay-
ment, and a set monthly
mortgage payment that
does not exceed 30% of
the family¡¯s gross monthly
According to Burke, from
the time a family applies
to the day they move into
their home, the process
takes anywhere from nine
months to one year and
includes hundreds of vol-
unteer hours.
¡°We know that homeown-
ership has a profound
impact on families and
communities. In fact, chil-
dren of homeowners are
25 percent more likely to
graduate high school and
116 percent more likely
to graduate from college,¡±
she said.
Looking ahead to the
construction phase, which
could begin later this
year, Kigar said, ¡°It¡¯ll be a
great day when we get to
celebrate with three local
families who we can count
on to grow with our com-
munity for years.¡±
Applications for the Ridg-
way River Park Triplex are
available at the ReStore
in Montrose or online at: