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The Good News
2017 June/July
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Solar Pros Ready To Help
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School, which will serve as RTR headquar-
ters for the riders that evening, Montrose
couldn¡¯t host.¡± Besides many city depart-
ments, other organizations like the MHS
NJROTC, Sheriff¡¯s Posse, and Montrose
Recycles Committee are contributing to the
event¡¯s success.
Adding to the rush of activity with RTR,
from Wednesday, June 14 to Friday, June
16, Montrose will host the San Juan Rural
Philanthropy Days(RPD) for the first time
since 2001, welcoming approximately 375
guests to town. RPD attendees will include
decision-makers from leading state-wide,
non-profit funding organizations, like the
Anschutz Family Foundation, Great Out-
doors Colorado/GOCO, Department of Local
Affairs/DOLA, Coors Foundation, Boetcher
Come Back For More
Foundation, El Pomar Foundation, the Colorado
Trust and many more.
The City of Montrose is the local platinum sponsor
for RPD, which provides a unique opportunity for
local and regional nonprofit leaders to connect with
influential grant-makers and garner their support
for Western Slope causes.
¡°Everyone involved comes together to exchange
thoughts and ideas to contribute toward enhancing
the quality of life in our communities and the re-
gion,¡± said local RPD Event Coordinator Susan Bony,
who, along with a sizeable local organizing commit-
tee, has been working for nearly a year to bring the
event to Montrose.
¡°After the conference is done for the day, all our
attendees are encouraged to hop on a shuttle and
enjoy the block party downtown on the 15th.¡±
Vendors of all walks are welcome to participate at
the downtown entertainment site to help welcome
this sizeable and varied audience to town.
¡°Part of the beauty of being a host city is the plat-
form it provides to show off our community as a
whole and take pride in where we live, work, and
play,¡± Ryan said. ¡°So if you own a business, want to
tell people about your agency, group, or club, or are
looking to raise funds, being a vendor at the enter-
tainment site on June 15 is a great way to connect
with these visitors, as well as locals,¡± said Ryan.
Whether or not businesses or organizations opt to
have a presence downtown, they can benefit by
spreading the word about their offerings to these
audiences. ¡°If you have a marquee, sandwich
board, eye-catching signage, or are active on social
media, be sure to welcome RTR riders and RPD par-
ticipants to Montrose and into your establishment,¡±
encouraged Ryan.
Numerous shuttles will run from 11a-10p on Thurs-
day to ensure that both sets of visitors can get to
where they want to go throughout the main cor-
ridors of town, be it the downtown entertainment
venue, a restaurant or shop, or back to where they
are lodging. A Wednesday shuttle will also be pro-
vided to RTR from 3-9p for those staying in town
the night before.
Coming downtown to enjoy the day is a wonder-
ful way for Montrose to show community hospital-
ity and become acquainted with interesting people
from across the U.S. ¡°We hope that locals will
warmly welcome these visitors and help provide a
memorable experience,¡± Ryan said. ¡°We want them
to come back for more.¡±
For more info about RTR visit:
Go to or call 970.240.1402
for local event and vendor info.
The Economic Advantages of Solar Energy
Ursula Nizalowski, 4 May 2017: Solar energy
is beneficial not only to the environment, but
also one¡¯s pocket book.
Due to the increase in utility and electric prices
each year, homeowners pay more than the en-
ergy is worth. As a result, the companies who
are responsible gain profits while the home-
owner isn¡¯t left with much. On the other hand,
solar energy is free to collect and utilize thus
making it cheaper than regular energy.
Low Maintenance
Utility and electric companies increase their
prices at an annual rate of 7.5%. For instance,
if a homeowner today pays $81 per month on
their electricity bill they will be paying $972
annually after twelve months. Next year, that
number will increase to $1044.
As this cycle continues, the homeowner is
stuck paying inflated energy prices with little
to no benefit.
By comparison, solar energy systems cost
very little to maintain. All it takes is install-
ing a series of solar panels and setting up an
inverter to store the energy in one¡¯s home.
However, ¡°it can send that power out into the
grid, reducing our overall demand on nuclear
and fossil fuels¡± (Pullen 1). In other words,
you would be helping the environment by hav-
ing a lower maintenance home.
Smaller Installation Cost
One reason people hesitate to go solar is the
high installation cost. But recently, ¡°companies
are making solar more in reach by even waiv-
ing upfront costs in some cases¡± (Daily News
1). Plus, as solar technology improves, the
costs will go down.
For example, anyone who purchases a solar-
powered system for their home gets a 30%
Federal Tax Credit, which is based on the
system¡¯s total cost. This means that you
can deduct thirty percent of the installation
fee from your federal taxes which is a great
However, solar energy systems are long term
investments. Therefore, it is better to pur-
chase the system when possible either through
self-purchase, leasing, or Power Purchase
Great Savings
According to EnergySage, an online solar en-
ergy marketplace, ¡°If you live somewhere with
high electricity rates compared to other re-
gions, your solar energy savings will be higher
thanks to avoided electricity costs¡±(1). So, one
can save a lot of money by switching to solar.
Then if you decide to sell your house, its price
will be higher on the market. The reason for
this is ¡°homes with PV systems sell for a pre-
mium over homes without solar¡± (Lawrence
Berkeley, quoted in Tracey 1). To put it anoth-
er way, a house that has a photovoltaic (PV)
solar system will have a greater insurance
policy than a regular home thus increasing the
home¡¯s pricing.
The solar energy professionals at Atlasta Solar
Center are willing to answer any and all solar
questions! Call today for a complimentary con-
sultation and home solar evaluation. See what
solar can do for you!
Ride the Rockies & Rural Philanthropy Days
attendees invited to downtown block party
Montrose, CO: On Thursday, June 15, from
11a-9p, locals are encouraged to join in on a
day of fun, featuring live music, food and drink.
Downtown Main Street will serve as entertain-
ment headquarters as the community offers up
western hospitality Montrose style to a number of
special visitors.
For the tenth time in the event¡¯s 32 year history,
Montrose will host an overnight stop for Ride the
The annual event takes approximately 2,000 bike
riders on a week-long tour of Colorado¡¯s Rocky
Mountains, accompanied by over 500 event staff
and family members. Many event participants will
also lodge in Montrose on Wednesday, June 14,
the day before the festivities kick off.
¡°From an economic standpoint, host communities
of the epic RTR road ride can earn an average
of $200K - $250K in a 24-hour period and gain
phenomenally positive media exposure,¡± said
Visit Montrose Program Coordinator Stacey Ryan,
who is serving as the local event¡¯s host com-
munity lead. ¡°It¡¯s a tremendous opportunity for
businesses and the community and everyone¡¯s
invited to the party.¡±
Scores of agencies and individuals are working
together and volunteering to assist to make this
event run smoothly, Ryan explained. ¡°Without the
significant partnership of Montrose High