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to steam fish, veggies or fruit on the grill,
you can add seasonings directly atop the
food before folding the foil, or add them to
a bit of liquid at the base of the packet.
Pairing seasonings with food
Some food/seasoning pairings are obvious,
like apples & cinnamon or fish & lemon
pepper. However, a wide range of season-
ings can elevate the flavor of a variety of
foods. Here are a few creative pairings to
try this summer grilling season:
* Cardamom - Pork, apples, pears, citrus
fruits, cabbage and carrots
* Cloves - Beef, pork, sweet potatoes,
onions, apples, pears, citrus fruits and
* Cumin - Hamburgers, pork, chicken
(marinades), tofu, tempeh and cabbage
* Ginger - Steak, chicken, fish, seafood
and fruits
* Marjoram - Burgers, chicken, fish, lamp,
Food & Dining
2017 June/July
Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
Seasoning tips to help you savor
a great grilling season
(BPT) Flowers are blooming, days are getting
longer and temperatures are warmer - you can
probably recognize all the signs that grilling
season has arrived! But do you know how to
best season all the fresh foods you¡¯ll grill this
Sure, a dash of salt and pepper may be all you
need for some premium cuts of meat, but cre-
ative seasoning with organic spices and herbs
can enhance the taste of virtually everything
you grill. What¡¯s more, the clean simplicity of
organic seasonings perfectly complements the
natural healthfulness of grilling.
The organic seasoning experts at Frontier Co-op
offer some tips for using seasonings to achieve
greater grilling this spring and summer:
Dry or wet? That¡¯s the rub
Two of the most common ways to add season-
ings to grilled food is through the use of a rub
or marinade. What¡¯s the difference between the
two? It¡¯s not just that one is dry and the other
wet, because some rubs are wet, too.
Generally, rubs are mixtures of dry spices that
you rub on food to add flavor before cooking.
They¡¯re good for high-fat foods like meat, and
often contain salt and sugar, which also pro-
motes the formation of a crust on the food when
you grill it. Usually, after applying a rub you¡¯ll
want to let the food sit an hour or two before
grilling it.
Marinades are typically liquid seasoned with
spices to add flavor to food and sometimes
tenderize it. You place the food in the liquid
and allow it to sit for a set period of time - a
few hours to overnight. When you¡¯re ready to
cook, remove the food from the marinade and
use a brush or rubber spatula to remove excess
marinade before placing the food on the grill.
Marinades are great for vegetables and meat,
poultry or fish that tend to be dry.
Other ways to spice things up
Of course, seasonings can add flavor to food in
multiple ways. For example, if you¡¯re soaking
vegetables or fruit before grilling, you can add
herbs and spices to the soaking water. In addi-
tion to absorbing liquid, the food will also soak
up the great flavor of the seasonings.
Some foods benefit from basting during the
grilling process. You can enhance the flavor of
the food by adding seasonings to the butter or
liquid you use for basting. If you use foil packets
Achieve Greater Grilling
Blondie¡¯s Drive In gets even better
You are out working hard in the hot sun, or you are
playing hard, riding the dusty Colorado outback
trails. Your trail mix has been munched and your
bottle is empty and you are starting to get hungry
and thirsty. What can you do?
Fortunately, there is an oasis in the desert, a gem
amongst the rocks, a welcoming place that is ready
to serve you, with the best burgers, fries, pizza,
chicken, fish, burritos, appetizers, cool milkshakes,
floats and more.
That Colorado treasure is Blondie¡¯s Drive In, 120
W Main Street in Naturita, Colorado. Cherished
by locals and travelers from afar, a stop at
Blondie¡¯s Drive In is the perfect compliment to
any fine Colorado day.
Now, the Blondie¡¯s ¡®experience¡¯ has become
even better with a newly completed remodeling
of the building, that has created more room and
a wide open, airy atmosphere with a ¡®50s retro,
yet modern styling.
Brand new central heat and air conditioning
allows you to relax and dine in comfort year
round and there is also new outdoor seating for
those who want to eat outside with the views.
¡°I have been wanting to remodel and expand for
awhile now,¡± says Willene Roat, owner and man-
ager of Blondie¡¯s. ¡°When the floods hit last year,
they ruined the building, so that just sped up
my plans. It took eleven months to repair and
remodel the building and main dining area and
now we will also be remodeling the back kitchen
area, and then everything will be new.¡±
With a widespread and growing reputation as
the ¡°best burgers in town¡±, it may be argued
by some that Blondie¡¯s Drive In serves the best
burgers in the region. The Blondie¡¯s Special is
the number one seller and is also this author¡¯s
choice lunch item.
Blondie¡¯s Drive In is open Sundays through
Thursdays from 11a-9p, Fridays from 11a-6:30p
and is closed on Saturdays. You can call them
at 970.865.2222 or better yet, just come on in
and eat!
(by KingDaddy)
A Colorado Oasis
poultry and vegetables
* Poppy seed - Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions
and zucchini
* Saffron - Chicken and fish
* Turmeric - Lamb, beans and zucchini
The next time you grill meat, tofu or vegetables
try this recipe for Savory Paprika and Chili Rub:
1 tsp Frontier Organic Ground Paprika
1 tsp Frontier Organic Chili Powder
2 tsp Frontier Organic Ground Cumin Seed
1 tsp Frontier Organic Onion Powder
1 tsp Frontier Organic Ground Cayenne Chili Pepper
1/2 tsp Frontier Organic Garlic Powder
4 tsp olive oil
Directions: Mix all ingredients together and rub into
meats, poultry or vegetables (or shake onto soft
veggies, tofu or tempeh). Refrigerate for one hour
before grilling.
For more grilling seasoning ideas and recipes visit: