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important work,¡± Haak said as he gently coaxed
his 10 greenbacks into a calm pool under two
boulders, protected from the swift whitewater of
Herman Gulch.
¡°I feel like I¡¯m kind of a dad to these fish,¡± Haak
said, watching with pride as his greenbacks hov-
ered in the stream, surfacing to eat insects on
the surface. ¡°I wanted to be a part of history.¡±
View a video about the Herman Gulch stocking
event at:
(source: CPW)
Nature & Wildlife
2017 August/September
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Social opportunities slow down as
physical energy eases some; a good time for
extra rest and meditation on spiritual mat-
ters. Financials steady; increase on the way,
be patient.
Libra- High physical energy and strong mo-
rale. Financials a focus in both the personal
and professional; relationships, partnerships,
collaborations yield results and much oppor-
tunity to advance.
Scorpio- Love strengthens or appears;
avoid conflicts. A favorable atmosphere for
financial gain and success in the professional
arena, diligence manifests long anticipated
action and reward.
Sagittarius- Physical and intellectual energy
high. Distant relations may need your atten-
tion. Professional relationships may need to
be analyzed for effectiveness; watch for new
Capricorn- Professional growth and a har-
monious home life likely as peaceful winds
blow. Charming and seductive, many oppor-
tunities offer themselves up to you. Choose
wisely and watch what you eat.
Aquarius- Sunshine brings love and open
communication to all relationships, bringing
joy and satisfaction; cooperation drives har-
mony and progress. A focus on the spiritual
helps to keep one grateful.
Pisces- Love is in the air; excitement, fun
and adventure await. Much opportunity,
progress and financial reward in the profes-
sional. Make time to attend to physical and
spiritual needs.
Visible planets: Jupiter and Saturn are both vis-
ible in the evening skies. Venus, Mercury and Mars
make their appearances in the early dawn skies.
* August 11,12 - Perseids Meteor Shower, pro-
duces up to 60 meteors/hr, runs from Jul 17-Aug 24,
peaks on Aug 11 & morning of Aug 12.
* August 21 - Total Solar Eclipse, a rare, once-in-
a-lifetime event for viewers in the United States, the
next one will not take place until 2024, will be vis-
ible in parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska,
Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and
South Carolina before ending in the Atlantic Ocean. A
partial eclipse will be visible in most of North Ameri-
ca and parts of northern South America.
* September 22 - September Equinox, occurs at
20:02 UTC, the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in
the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring
(vernal equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere.
genetic diversity that¡¯s left and get
them to take in these streams.¡±
The survey and stocking efforts will
be repeated next year and biologists
will be able to track the cutthroats by
scanning them with a wand to read
identifying tags inserted into each
Among the nonprofit conservation
organizations providing a small army
of several dozen volunteers to assist
in the restocking was Trout Unlimited
and its member, Joe Haak of Castle
Rock. He labored up the trail about
four miles, determined to get his fish
in the water in the two-hour window
allotted by the scientists, because he
feels so strongly about the CPW mis-
sion to save the greenback.
¡°It¡¯s an honor to be a part of this
(Horoscopes provided for entertainment purposes only)
Aries- Long term positive patterns emerge
for the physical and emotional; increase in
ambition, passion, love, adventure. Financials
a focus; changes/adjustments drive progress.
Taurus- Nurture and protect relationships
from undue stress or strain; may be tur-
bulence so be kind, diplomatic and avoid
conflict, both personally and professionally.
Outdoors activity recharges you.
Gemini- Your persuasive abilities likely to
positively influence professional relations.
Much movement manifests from wide open
communication channels; a good time to
meditate on the spiritual.
Cancer- Physical energy high. A long period
favorable to financial reward begins to mani-
fest treasure and increase; cautious planning
and wise choices protect and multiply efforts.
Harmony in the personal.
Leo- Adventure, passion and love begin a
lengthy focus over the personal; enjoy and
be grateful. Many paths open opportunities
in the professional; forward progress and/or
advancement likely.
native aquatic species coordinator and chairman
of the multi-agency Greenback Cutthroat Trout
Recovery Team.
¡°This is a really big deal,¡± Crockett said of the
effort that saw dozens of volunteers serve as
fish Sherpas hauling bags up fish up four miles
of steep terrain to find ideal spots along Herman
Gulch where the greenbacks might take resi-
dence. ¡°We need to get these fish in here and
see them survive.¡±
To prepare the streams as greenback incuba-
tor sites, CPW staff in 2015 walked each, mile
by mile, electroshocking about 600 hybrid
cutthroat and carrying them out for relocation
in Clear Creek. The streams were chemically
cleansed of other species so baby greenbacks
might thrive.
Then came the stocking of tiny greenbacks
last September, the survey for survivors last
week and finally the second restocking July 17.
Though greenbacks stocked into Zimmerman
Lake west of Fort Collins are thriving, biologists
want to see them restored in their more typical
habitat: cold, clear, alpine streams.
¡°This is a fish that evolved in streams over
thousands of years.¡± Wright said. ¡°Then it was
almost wiped out in a century and a half of hu-
man interference. This is where we want to see
them back and thriving again. Here in the wild.¡±
The long-term goal is to have greenbacks popu-
lating a network of streams like Herman, Dry
Gulch and Clear Creek, for example, throughout
the South Platte drainage. But for now, CPW
biologists have to get them to survive a winter.
¡°The vision is a metapopulation with connected
streams,¡± Crockett said. ¡°But that¡¯s a long way
away. For now, we¡¯ve got to maximize the
The Horoscopes
Night Time Delights
Scout From Home First
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Hunters can also create their own personal ¡®Hunter
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