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The Good News
2017 August/September
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Wolfpack Ninja Tour is an affiliate of GF Capital
Private Equity Fund II, which focuses on private
investments in media, entertainment and brand-
ed consumer products.
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Noah Kaufman, MD, President Wolfpack Ninja
Tour, LLC,
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tickets to the Wolfpack Ninja Tour go to:
About Spectra
Spectra by Comcast Spectacor is an industry
leader in hosting and entertainment, partner-
ing with clients to create memorable experi-
ences for millions of visitors every year. Spectra¡¯s
unmatched blend of integrated services delivers
incremental value for clients through several
primary areas of expertise: Venue Manage-
ment, Food Services & Hospitality, and Corporate
Partnerships. All divisions are in place at the
Budweiser Events Center at The Ranch, a 7,200
seat multi-purpose venue that is home to the
Colorado Eagles of the ECHL and the Colorado
Crush of the Indoor Football League. Learn more
About Comcast Spectacor
Comcast Spectacor is part of Comcast Corpora-
tion, a global media and technology company
that operates Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal.
in Philadelphia,
Comcast Specta-
cor¡¯s three primary
businesses are the
National Hockey
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Local Economy Funds Available
SMPA, CoBank Seek Proposals for Grant
Funding of Local Economic Development
July 24, 2017: San Miguel Power Association
Inc., in conjunction with its national cooperative
partner, CoBank, is again seeking proposals for
funding opportunities that stimulate and en-
hance our local economies. In order to finan-
cially support projects, programs and organiza-
tions that are actively working to improve the
financial stability of local businesses, expand
entrepreneurial opportunities and bring revenue
to our towns and counties, SMPA will be award-
ing matching grants to selected applicants.
Member organizations and businesses may ap-
ply for up to $10,000 in $1,000 increments in
dollar-for-dollar matching funds depending on
the costs of their initiatives. Initiatives may
vary in size and scope but should aim to benefit
the entire business community of a region, not
just individual businesses.
The following definition of economic develop-
ment will be used by SMPA Board of directors
for evaluation of all proposals:
Economic development is the development of
economic wealth of regions or communities
for the well-being of their inhabitants. From
a policy perspective, economic development
can be defined as efforts that seek to improve
the economic well-being and quality of life for
a community by creating and/or retaining jobs
and supporting or growing incomes and the tax
Interested parties should complete the applica-
tion available by request. Email phora@smpa.
com. Supporting documentation such as cover
letters, proposal text or action plans may be
Qualifying projects should:
- Stimulate job creation in our area
- Promote economic growth
- Create/improve local commerce
- Maintain/strengthen existing businesses
- Enhance regional prosperity
- Offer sustainable progress; set the stage for
economic development in the long run
- Build collaboration
- Show off our communities attributes
- Demonstrate ability to leverage funds
The deadline for applications will be October 16,
2017. Please mail or drop off your applications
to a San Miguel Power Office in either in Nucla
or Ridgway or mail to San Miguel Power C/O
Paul Hora, PO Box 1150, Ridgway, CO 81432.
San Miguel Power Association, Inc. is a mem-
ber-owned, locally-controlled rural electric coop-
erative with offices in Nucla and Ridgway, Colo.
It is the mission of San Miguel Power Associa-
tion to demonstrate corporate responsibility and
community service while providing our members
safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally
responsible electrical service. SMPA serves ap-
proximately 9,600 members and 13,300 meters
and supports local communities with $300,000
annually in property taxes and $400,000 in
energy efficiency and renewable energy rebates.
SMPA is an equal opportunity provider and em-
(¡®Ninja Tour¡¯ continued from page 3)
Kevin Bull, Nicholas ¡°Tarzan¡± Coolridge, Tra-
vis Brewer, Jake Murray, Jennifer Tavernier, JJ
Woods, Veteran hero Ryan Stratis, first Male
Champion Adam Rayl and many others. Watch
the pros race for glory and cash prizes with
your family.¡±
The Wolfpack Ninja Tour welcomes athletes
from ages 4 and up to train, get active and
gain confidence through completing the Ninja
obstacles and numerous activity stations.
Amateur Ninjas with backgrounds in OCR,
Spartan, climbing, parkour, endurance sports,
as well as athletes from more traditional
sports, will have the chance to test themselves
and qualify throughout the weekend for a spot
in the Finals Competition, where they will com-
pete head-to-head for over $50,000 in cash
Additionally, the event offers group and per-
sonal training opportunities with fan favorite
professional Ninjas. This is the only event of its
kind in the country where all the top Wolfpack
Ninjas Pros will be present. Sign up for the Ul-
timate Pass experience which includes, among
many other benefits, a 1-on-1 training session
with a Wolfpack Ninja Pro of your choice!
Located in beautiful Loveland, Colorado, the
Budweiser Events Center Arena venue is easily
accessible by car, with numerous surround-
ing lodging options and the mountains nearby.
Participants should register for competition
waves and buy Ultimate Passes (only 50 avail-
able!) at:
Pre-Event registrants will be given a first look
into the challenges the obstacle course pres-
ents and will be offered unique insight and
training tips from the Wolfpack Ninjas on how
to best prepare for the course.
About the Wolfpack Ninja Tour
The Wolfpack Ninja Tour was created to
promote an active, healthy lifestyle for kids
through fun, age appropriate physical chal-
lenges and inspiring role models.
With a portion of proceeds going to charities
that seek to positively impact childhood health,
the Wolfpack Ninja Tour is seeking to make a
The Ninja community and top Ninja profes-
sionals are deeply involved in the project and
will be present at the event to teach children
life-skills, confidence and to educate them
about the importance of proper nutrition and
The Top Ninjas are signed up and the Pro Team
will be leading the charge against the child-
hood obesity epidemic.
With over $50,000 in cash prizes per event,
the Wolfpack Ninja Tour also seeks to legiti-
mize the sport of Ninja Obstacle Racing and
provide professional opportunities for its tal-
ented athletes.