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2017 October/November
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personality, it can be insightful in determining
likely traits.
For instance, labs, retrievers and terriers are natu-
ral hunters and might be better friends with a goat
or pig rather than a rabbit.
Also consider interactions your pet has had with
other dogs to indicate how a future meeting with
an unfamiliar animal might go.
2. Let the new pet get comfortable
Your dog isn¡¯t the only animal dealing with a
change. Remember your new flock, pet goat or
rabbit may need a few days to get used to their
surroundings. Giving animals some time to learn
their environment can alleviate some initial skit-
tish behavior.
3. Set up a controlled introduction
Whether introducing a small rabbit or big horse,
start with a meeting where you have the control.
Prior to orchestrating the first sniff, place your
new animal inside a fenced enclosure that allows
your dog and the new friend space to observe
each other.
Once your dog has taken in the initial sights and
smells, it still may take several weeks for comfort
to set in. Take it slow, be persistent, and remem-
ber that peaceful coexistence starts with familiar-
4. Reward calm behavior
Chances are your dog will be suspicious of some-
thing new in its backyard domain. If your dog
starts wiggling with excitement or whining, that¡¯s
Reinforce positive interactions by offering comfort
and rewarding submissive body language, such as
relaxed ears and a lowered head.
Be patient. Dogs are not trained overnight.
5. Leashed meeting
Next, using a leash, bring your dog to meet the
new pet. Let them check each other out and inter-
act in a safe way. Repeat this process for as long
as it takes for your dog to relax.
This portion of the interaction will require close ob-
servation of your dog¡¯s behavior. Any type of ten-
sion or aggression needs to result in a firm ¡°no,¡±
while good behavior should be verbally praised.
In the event that your dog shows signs of fear or
aggression, increase your distance until you¡¯ve re-
established a calm demeanor and then try again.
Continue this ritual until your dog and your new
pet start to behave like old friends.
For expert advice on raising pets and other ani-
mals visit:
Refunds Available
Colorado Parks and Wildlife releases
new fishing app called CPW Fishing
DENVER: Colorado Parks and Wildlife has launched
CPW Fishing, the agency¡¯s official mobile fish-
ing app. For anglers seeking information on new
fishing locations or needing to check for updated
regulations while on the water, CPW Fishing is an
easy way to keep angling details close at hand.
¡°We¡¯re excited to bring this free, portable resource
to the anglers that enjoy Colorado¡¯s abundant
waters,¡± said Bob Broscheid, director of Colorado
Parks and Wildlife. ¡°This app was truly designed
with the angler in mind. We¡¯ve included offline
modes that don¡¯t require a connection, putting
fishing conditions for thousands of locations right
at your fingertips wherever you are. We¡¯ve also in-
cluded current regulations for responsible angling
and the ability to record catches right where they
CPW Fishing allows anglers to fully explore the
state¡¯s waters, whether searching for a new desti-
nation or checking weather conditions at a long-
favorite location.
The app allows discovery of over 2,000 fishing
locations in Colorado, and provides information
on the type of fishing at each location, stream
gauges, species availability, accessibility, family-
friendliness and more.
The app includes journaling features which allow
anglers to record their successes, map catch loca-
tions, and share photos and information. Social
badges can be earned with your reports, and an-
glers can even become official CPW Master Anglers
using the app to submit their qualifying catch.
Educational features such as up-to-date fishing
regulations, fish identification guides and news
alerts for key information anglers need to be
aware of on the water are also available.
The CPW Fishing app is available on both the App
Store and Google Play.
CPW Fishing was made possible with financial
support from the Recreational Boating and Fishing
Foundation and the Colorado State Internet Portal
Authority and was developed in close partner-
ship between the Colorado Parks and Wildlife GIS
team, CPW Aquatics section and the CPW Creative
Services and Marketing team.
To learn more about the app visit:
Official Mobile Fishing App
start of the hunting season. We hope this
provides some relief to the hurricane and
fire victims, the first responders, and family
members with their homes flooded.¡±
Requests for refunds are reviewed on a case-
by-case basis and no refunds will be made
for licenses that have been in the field.
All refund requests must be submitted by
January 31, 2018.
Those affected should call Limited Li-
cense Refund Coordinator Sarah Lovik at
When you call, be prepared to provide proof
that you have been affected by the hurri-
canes or wildfires.
Acceptable documents include:
insurance claim number
FEMA number
copy of cancelled hotel or flight res-
affidavit with signed narrative stating
why you had to cancel your trip
CPW is an enterprise agency, relying primar-
ily on license sales, state parks fees and
registration fees to support its operations,
including: 41 state parks and more than
350 wildlife areas covering approximately
900,000 acres, management of fishing and
hunting, wildlife watching, camping, motor-
ized and non-motorized trails, boating and
outdoor education.
CPW¡¯s work contributes approximately $6
billion in total economic impact annually
throughout Colorado.
Pet Pony, Meet Pet Puppy
(BPT) You¡¯re an animal lover, and you¡¯ve
dreamed about your dog running through a
field alongside a horse or watching your pup
play with a pet goat. But how will your com-
panions respond when they meet their new
unique sibling?
To make sure your pets start their relation-
ship out right, the experts at Tractor Supply
Company have five tips to make the intro-
duction as seamless as possible.
Taking the appropriate steps to properly in-
troduce your dog to another animal - such as
a horse, pig, goat or rabbit - will drastically
improve the chances of the two becoming
1. Consider your
pet¡¯s personality
Dogs are instinc-
tively pack animals
and tend to get
along well with
others, especially
others that roam
in a pack or herd
such as horses,
goats and sheep.
But teaching your
dog to live with re-
spect for members
of another spe-
cies will depend
on several factors,
including its age,
breed and tem-
While breed
doesn¡¯t always
predict an animal¡¯s
Colorado Parks and Wildlife to
provide hunting license refunds
for those affected by hurricanes
and western wildfires
DENVER: Colorado Parks and
Wildlife is issuing hunting license
refunds and preference point resto-
ration exceptions for hunters who
had their Colorado hunts cancelled
due to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane
Irma, or one of the many wildfires
burning in our western states. The
fire exception is only for those fires
that are burning outside the state
of Colorado.
CPW Director Bob Broscheid said,
¡°We¡¯re making an emergency ex-
ception to our policy of only provid-
ing refunds 30 days prior to the
Public Safety ¡°Top Priority¡±
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
starts minor construction work
on Spring Creek Reservoir dam
GUNNISON: Colorado Parks and Wildlife in coor-
dination with the US Forest Service began minor
construction work at Spring Creek Dam on Sept.
18. The work is projected to last approximately
one month. Spring Creek Reservoir State Wildlife
Area is a 55 acre lake located north of Gunnison
near Almont. At an altitude just above 9,900 feet
the reservoir is popular for boating, camping and
The dam itself is not posing a threat to the public.