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The Good News
2017 October/November
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WEEDC President Aimee Tooker, who also helps
her husband run Tooker Electric, is the proud
owner of Tabeguache Trading Co.
Local Traciena Johannsen, Aimee¡¯s sister-in-
law, is the stylist and owner of Venus Stylin¡¯
Studio, which recently opened across the
street from the old Barbershop, where she
worked before opening the new salon.
Her brand new studio features modern equip-
ment, a fresh, clean look and atmosphere and,
as a plus, it is attached to and opens to Tabe-
guache Trading Co. so one can browse or shop
while their mate is getting their hair done.
Says Traciena, ¡°I am happy with the changes
taking place in our town. It is up to each one
of us to grow our economy and make it a
special place to live.¡±
New Apothecary Shoppe owner Jacob Veatch is
also making big plans for the legendary phar-
macy that has been a core business for Nucla.
¡°Let me assure you,¡± says Jacob, ¡°our plans for
the store are long term and the town¡¯s beloved
pharmacist Don will still be here helping us all.¡±
Jacob, age 41, was born in Ontario, Oregon and
has now lived in Colorado for 12 years.
Originally in the catering business, Jacob went
back to school and earned his Doctorate of
Pharmacy (PharmD) from Colorado University,
Aurora, graduating in May of this year.
¡°I came to Nucla,¡± says Jacob, ¡°on a rotation to
help out with the pharmacy where I, of course,
met Don. In the course of our daily discus-
sions, he mentioned to me that he was hoping
to sell the place some day. I was interested
and discussed it at length with my wife, and we
decided to go for it.¡±
Jacob and his wife, who is also in the medical
field in Montrose, live in Ridgway and split the
commuting difference.
He officially took over the Apothecary Shoppe
business as of September 1 and Don will remain
as pharmacist.
As is quite noticable currently, the pharmacy
is seeing big changes to it¡¯s inside look and
arrangement. Plans are to move the compound-
ing lab up front for all to see how it is done
and watch their compounded medicines being
created in front of them. That may prove to be
a fun and learning experience for visitors and
educators alike.
Also in the plans are an overall increased focus
on the core business of healing, with even more
emphasis on wellness and preventative educa-
tional services and products.
¡°Modernizing pharmacy procedures, mostly as it
relates to insurance etc., will be a main focus,¡±
says Jacob, ¡°as well as adding knowledge and
tools, so that we will have even more of a total
health approach, rather than just dispensing
medicines and selling knick knacks and such.¡±
¡°I also felt,¡± adds Jacob, ¡°that it would be
counter-productive for me to continue selling
soda and ice cream and such items that are not
necessarily health enhancing. Those items are
readily available from local grocers and other
When asked about his vision for the future of
Nucla, Jacob replied, ¡°I want to grow the store
and add employees. That is the plan. We are
somewhat challenged in attracting workers with
the skills and education that is really needed
due to our geographic location, but I am hopeful
for a robust future for Nucla.¡±
The Apothecary Shoppe is looking to hire an
additional part time Pharmacy Technician.
Compounding experience a plus. If you are
interested please send your resume to:
Nucla, Colorado is changing
By KingDaddy, NUCLA, Oct 1, 2017: The liquor
store is gone, the Barbershop has been convert-
ed to a stylishly modern new beauty salon and
has moved across the street and the buildings
that once housed those two businesses are now
private residences.
Redd¡¯s Market has recently remodeled with new
flooring and new coolers and more, The Apoth-
ecary Shoppe is under new ownership and is in
the process of expanding their core business
and Tabeguache Trading Co. has opened their
doors for business in August.
Those are only a few of the changes occurring
on Main Street in Nucla.
Adding to the recent flurry of business activity
will be an expansion of the airport, starting in
February, which will allow for airport capacity to
handle bigger planes and commercial charters.
$6 million from the FAA is funding the effort
pushed by locals. The airport expansion is
planned for completion by next July, 2018.
Local West End residents are driving the spirit
and efforts to adapt to the changes imposed
upon the community by the impending closing
of the coal mine and power plant in the next few
The West End Economic Development Corpora-
tion (WEEDC) is spearheading many of these
efforts as well as many more planned projects,
and meets monthly.
WEEDC President Aimee Tooker, who also helps
her husband Christopher run Tooker Electric, is
the owner of Tabeguache Trading Co. as well.
Says Aimee, ¡°I opened Tabeguache Trading Co.
now because I believe it is the right time with
all of the increased economic activity that we
foresee coming.¡±
¡°With the airport expansion and all of the other
economic and tourism development projects
that we are currently working on, as well as
those that we are hoping to bring about,¡± she
continues, ¡°we hope to more than make up for
the losses of jobs and tax base from the plant
and mine closures.¡±
Indeed many locals are stepping up to the plate
and making positive efforts at improving the
local attractiveness and business climate by
cleaning up their properties, remodeling, etc.
and there is a growing positive attitude.
¡°I grew up in Nucla,¡± says Aimee, ¡°and moved
back in 1994. I don¡¯t want to live anywhere
else. This is our home and we are going to
make it work.¡±
Aimee plans to host local meetings, special
events, bakyard BBQs and more in the near fu-
ture at Tabeguache Trading Co., where one can
find a world of gifts and sporting goods for sale.
Tabeguache Trading Co. features original art-
work on consignment from local artisans,
although all artisans are welcome, jewelry,
woodworking, rugs, hunting/fishing/camping
gear, trail maps, wall maps, books, history and
historical items.
Clean restrooms are available.
West End Adapts To Change