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maintain projects that address natural re-
source concerns in Colorado.
The current funding amount includes $250,000
for energy efficiency projects and $100,000
for renewable energy projects. This funding is
provided by CDA¡¯s Advancing Colorado¡¯s Re-
newable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ACRE3)
grant program.
The Colorado Agricultural Energy Efficiency
Program provides a turnkey approach that
makes energy efficiency improvements easy
for producers. The program provides free
energy audits, renewable energy site assess-
ments, and technical support services to about
60 Colorado producers annually.
CEO administers the program and funds the
energy audits and technical support services.
NRCS and CDA provide funding for project
implementation and additional services.
Applicants must be enrolled in the agricul-
tural efficiency program and complete either
an energy audit to receive funding for energy
efficiency projects or complete a preliminary
site assessment and technical report to receive
funding for renewable energy projects.
Applicants may receive up to $50,000 per proj-
ect. Additional federal funding may be avail-
Eligible energy efficiency projects are limited
to those recommended in the energy audit
report. Eligible renewable energy technolo-
gies are limited to thermal systems for hot or
chilled water, process heat, space conditioning,
and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Renew-
able energy technologies for thermal systems
include geothermal and advanced heat pump
systems, and solar thermal technologies.
Applications are available online at:
and at:
Applications must be received by the Colorado
Department of Agriculture before 4p on Friday,
December 15, 2017.
The Good News
2017 December/January
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
The small mountain town of Lake City, Colo-
rado is one of the newest areas in the country
to have recently developed their own local ice
Scenic, accessible and peaceful, you are likely
to have the place to yourself.
Located right in town, the Lake City Ice Park has
around 15 routes with 60 to 100ft. pitches with
mixed grades WI 3 to 5.
The ice routes are created by a series of pipes
that run from the city water tanks to the park.
A trip to Lake City will not only provide a day of
rugged ice climbing, a visit to the town itself is
an experience to be had.
With a year round population of under 1,000
people, the locals are extremely hardy folk with
a wealth of backcountry and outdoor experi-
This National Historic District is surrounded by
national forest and incredible peaks. You¡¯ll take
a step back in time, with a slow pace of living,
and leave with an enormous respect for the sur-
rounding area.
For those already familiar with the basics of ice
climbing, or those looking for a more adventur-
ous and truly wilderness experience, the North
San Juan Mountains backcountry surrounding
Lake City offers many moderate and long multi-
pitch ice climbs, such as the local gem, Sher-
man Falls, a 4-pitch WI 5 line.
For more info visit and
Grants Application Open
for Colorado Specialty Crops
December 1, 2017: To help develop and promote
the state¡¯s specialty crops, the Colorado Depart-
ment of Agriculture (CDA) is seeking proposals
for the Specialty Crops Block Grant Program.
Specialty crops are defined as fruits and veg-
etables, dried fruits, and nursery crops including
floriculture and sod.
¡°Colorado produces a wide variety of fruits, veg-
etables and horticultural products,¡± said Glenda
Mostek, CDA Marketing Specialist. ¡°This grant
program provides a great opportunity to improve
the economic well-being of Colorado specialty
crop producers by investigating potential crops,
fighting diseases, and introducing innovative
farming techniques.¡±
In recent years, funds have been awarded to
dozens of organizations, helping them to conduct
research and implement consumer promotions.
These grants included funds for Colorado State
University to investigate Aronia berries as an
alternate crop for Colorado, and to the Colorado
Potato Administrative Committee to study crop
rotation to promote soil health.
The grant program is funded through the U.S.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) which part-
ners with state departments of agriculture to
enhance the competitiveness of specialty crop
producers in areas such as marketing, promo-
tion, education, research, trade and nutrition.
CDA anticipates that approximately $550,000
will be available for this year¡¯s grant program,
with approved projects starting early in 2019.
Producer groups, organizations, and associa-
tions, as well as state and local organizations,
academia and other specialty crops stakehold-
ers are eligible to apply either as single entities
or in combined efforts. Grants must impact the
specialty crop industry as a whole and cannot
solely benefit an individual farming operation or
The initial phase of grant selection will involve
shorter concept proposals. Concept propos-
als must be received electronically by close of
business (5p) on February 1, 2018. For program
guidelines and an application call 303.869.9173
or visit:
Funding Available
for Agricultural Energy Projects
November 16, 2017: The Colorado Department
of Agriculture (CDA) and the Colorado Energy Of-
fice (CEO) are seeking applicants for agricultural
energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.
The total amount available for assistance in FY
2018 is $350,000. The funding is available to
Colorado agricultural irrigators, dairies, green-
houses, nurseries, and cold storage facilities.
The funding is part of the multi-agency Colorado
Agricultural Energy Efficiency Program, which
is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture¡¯s
Natural Resources Conservation Service¡¯s (NRCS)
Regional Conservation Partnership Program
(RCPP). RCPP provides technical and financial as-
sistance to agricultural producers to install and
CDA Funds Available
Climb The Lake City Ice Park
Over 900 Jobs Available
The Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S. For-
est Service announced Nov 15 the availability
of over 900 temporary jobs for the 2018 field
season throughout national forests and grass-
lands in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South
Dakota and Wyoming.
Temporary jobs are available in a variety of
exciting and rewarding occupations such as
fire, trails, forestry, engineering, wildlife, recre-
ation, fisheries, archaeology and administrative
support. Job seekers can apply for temporary
jobs through USAJOBS during these time
--December 15-21, 2017: Wildland fire jobs
and other early season temporary jobs
--January 26-February 1, 2018: Recreation,
fisheries, forestry, engineering, and other jobs
Temporary job opportunities are searchable
online at:
Job seekers can apply through USAJOBS dur-
ing the applicable time frames at: