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2018 February/March
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¡°Ferguson began taking eight grams of curcumin
in tablet form daily. This is equivalent to about two
teaspoonfuls of pure powdered curcumin,¡± reports, which also adds:
¡°Within only 15 months, Ferguson noticed a con-
siderable difference in her overall health. It wasn¡¯t
just a feeling either; oncologists saw that her
plasma blood levels were almost normal. These
blood counts have remained within the normal
range for the last five years.¡±
Jamie Cavenagh, professor of blood diseases at
London¡¯s Barts Hospital, who reviewed Ferguson¡¯s
case, was bemused. ¡°When you review her chart,
there¡¯s no alternative explanation [for her recov-
ery] other than we¡¯re seeing a response to cur-
cumin,¡± he said.
Ferguson said she will continue to take her supple-
ments. She reports herself as happy, healthy and
enjoying a ¡°high-quality life.¡±
Note that if she had remained on chemotherapy,
radiation therapy or other conventional cancer
¡°treatments¡±, her quality of life would have been
miserable. She had been experiencing intense
pain, hair loss, muscle loss, chronic fatigue,
¡°chemo brain¡± and all the other side effects of
toxic chemotherapy. Instead, now she¡¯s enjoying a
high-quality life, free from pain, inflammation and
cancer. And she did it using nothing more than a
simple root spice that you can buy in almost any
grocery store.
If you buy turmeric, make sure it¡¯s laboratory
tested for lead and other heavy metals
Turmeric root is routinely contaminated with lead.
Most of it is grown in either India or China, and
both countries have horrific environmental en-
forcement when it comes to food production.
That¡¯s why just last year, the FDA forced a nation-
wide recall spanning multiple brands of turmeric
spice due to high lead content.
Mike Adams of Natural News says, ¡°As one of
the world¡¯s leading heavy metals scientists in the
realm of food and supplements, I have personally
tested thousands of products for lead and other
heavy metals, and I routinely find alarming levels
of lead in turmeric and other root spices. (My No.
1 selling science book, Food Forensics, lists the
heavy metals testing results for over 800 foods,
spices, pet foods and more.)¡±
¡°That¡¯s why I now alert everyone to the lead
problem with turmeric root and turmeric products.
If you¡¯re going to buy turmeric-based products,
make sure they are tested for lead using mass
spec instrumentation. In my lab, we use ICP-MS
and other mass spec instruments to test products,
giving us accurate heavy metals results down to
single digit parts per billion concentrations. My
lab, CWC Labs, is also ISO accredited, which is a
globally-recognized ¡°gold standard¡± for laboratory
analytical excellence, putting us far above most
university laboratories in terms of scientific cred-
ibility, as university labs are almost never accred-
ited. (Most private labs are not accredited either,
as it takes two years of hard work to achieve
Bottom line?
Case Report: Turmeric Halted
Cancer (continued from pg 1)
Grand Rapids, MI, February 1, 2018: U.S. Sec-
retary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on Febru-
ary 1 unveiled, the new interactive
one-stop website for producers maintained by
the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). is now live but will have multiple
features added over the coming months to allow
agricultural producers to make appointments
with USDA offices, file forms, and apply for
USDA programs.
The website, launched at a breakfast hosted by
the Michigan Farm Bureau, gathers together the
three agencies that comprise USDA¡¯s Farm Pro-
duction and Conservation mission area: the Farm
Service Agency, the Natural Resources Conserva-
tion Service, and the Risk Management Agency.
¡°Many farmers are out in their fields using equip-
ment that is connected to satellite and GPS
technology, yet when they need to interact with
USDA, they have to stop, fill out a paper form,
and fax or carry it to their local office. That is
a real digital divide,¡± Perdue said. ¡°Our staff is
friendly, and they love to see farmers in person,
but they know that time is valuable. Producers
are working hard to make their farms profitable,
so these tools will help get the paperwork done
without taking a big chunk out of the day to fill
out forms.¡± is mobile device-friendly and can
identify for farmers the most convenient USDA
office locations. New functions will be added
shortly, including an interactive calendar, farming
success stories, an online appointment feature,
digital forms, and a business data dashboard.
Additionally, when the 2018 Farm Bill is signed
into law, there will be plain language program
descriptions and a tool to determine eligibility.
¡°As I¡¯ve traveled to 32 states in my first nine
months as Secretary of Agriculture, I have
consistently heard people express a desire for
greater use of technology in the way we deliver
programs at USDA,¡± Perdue said. ¡°It¡¯s my goal
to make USDA the most effective, most efficient,
most customer-focused department in the entire
federal government, and is a big
step in that direction.¡±
USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer
and lender. (source:
USDA Helped Improve Essential Services
for 7 Million Rural Residents in 2017
WASHINGTON, Jan 25, 2018: Agriculture Secre-
tary Sonny Perdue today announced that USDA
invested in nearly 400 projects to provide es-
sential services for more than 7 million people
in rural areas across the country in Fiscal Year
¡°Partnering with our small towns and cities to
support essential services that rural residents
need is one way USDA is facilitating prosperity in
rural America,¡± Perdue said. ¡°USDA¡¯s investments
will help communities significantly improve their
schools, hospitals and public safety facilities, and
improve the quality of life.¡±
USDA infused $1.5 billion into rural areas in
2017 through the Community Facilities Direct
Loan Program for projects such as schools,
libraries, municipal centers, first responder
vehicles and equipment, social service build-
ings, recreational activities and other community
needs. These investments are helping nearly 7
million rural residents.
In Fiscal Year 2017, USDA supported projects
in Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Califor-
nia, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,
Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas,
Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota,
Missouri, Montana, (continued next page 4 >>)
(Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue unveils at a breakfast hosted by the
Michigan Farm Bureau. image:
Perdue Unveils
Yes, turmeric is a potent anti-cancer spice.
It¡¯s extremely powerful, and now the British
Medical Journal has even documented a case
of the complete elimination of myeloma can-
cer using nothing but curcumin from turmer-
ic. But if you choose to consume turmeric on
a daily basis, make sure it¡¯s clean or you¡¯ll
be eating lead.
How to stay informed about powerful
natural cures like turmeric
Have you visited the
website yet? It contains listings for over
1,000 spices, foods, superfoods, herbs and
nutrients that fight disease.
You can also read for fre-
quent news updates all about turmeric and
Finally, check out for
daily reports on food science breakthroughs
for healing and disease prevention.
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