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calling them a diabetes superfood because they
improve how the body¡¯s cells use glucose and
how insulin responds to a carbohydrate-con-
taining meal, namely, stabilizing blood glucose
6. Skin health and appearance
UV light from the sun promotes damage and ac-
celerates the aging of our skin.
Pistachios contain two carotenoid antioxidants
that are concentrated in the skin and work to
filter out and protect it against the damaging ef-
fects of UV light.
7. Eyesight
Pistachios contain lutein, a nutrient known to
help improve eye health, especially in older indi-
Lutein has been shown to prevent and slow down
macular degeneration by providing more pigment
for the eye, thereby reflecting more of the sun¡¯s
light, preventing damage to the retina.
8. Memory
Preliminary research shows that the fatty acids
and antioxidants found in pistachios can help
support brain health.
The antioxidants in pistachios can help ward off
excessive inflammation in the brain, a major
cause of accelerated cognitive decline.
Another study found that eating pistachios stimu-
lated brain waves that aid the formation of ideas
Boomers: 10 reasons to go nuts
(BPT) For the roughly 75 million Americans who
make up the baby boom generation, a healthy
diet and lifestyle are the best weapons against
age-related diseases.
¡°It¡¯s vital at any age to adopt good habits to
live a strong, fit and healthy life,¡± says Dr.
Mike Roussell, a nationally recognized nutrition
consultant and nutrition adviser to Men¡¯s Health
and Shape.
¡°Fueling your life with tasty and nutrient-rich
foods while making sure to be active every
single day are essential components to keeping
your body young and vibrant.¡±
Roussell¡¯s recommendation? Nuts. In particular,
¡°Pistachios are a multitasking nut with fiber,
healthy fats, and three specific types of antioxi-
dants that may help fight the onset of age-
related conditions that lead to poor health in
these 10 ways.¡±
1. Heart health
Large population studies show that people who
regularly eat nuts, such as pistachios, have a
lower risk of dying from heart disease or suffer-
ing a heart attack.
Pistachios provide 360-degree cardiovascular
support in that they can promote improvements
in cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood
vessel function.
2. Anti-inflammatory
Excessive inflammation is one of the root
causes of age-related conditions, such as arthri-
Pistachios contain a special form of vitamin E
called gamma tocopherol, which has unique
anti-inflammatory properties. Gamma tocoph-
erol levels have also been shown to decrease as
we age.
3. Weight loss
Being overweight can also contribute to a num-
ber of age-related illnesses.
Studies show pistachios positively promote
weight maintenance as the dietary fiber, fat and
protein all work together to make us feel fuller
and satiated longer, plus removing them from
the shell slows down eating.
Pistachios are also the lowest-fat nut.
4. Digestion
The fiber in pistachios also can help with diges-
Research shows that the fiber in pistachios
works as a prebiotic and feeds the good bacte-
ria in our digestive tract to improve the health
of our digestive system.
A single serving of pistachios contains as much
as 3 grams of dietary fiber.
5. Blood glucose level
Developing adult onset diabetes, or Type 2 dia-
betes, is a common fear for boomers.
The American Diabetes Association praises the
health benefits of nuts, including pistachios,
very helpful guide to probiotic supplements:
¡°The best probiotic supplements contain at least
1 billion bacteria cultures and are certified by an
independent lab for purity and potency.
Even better, they¡¯re guaranteed to be viable; after
all, we want those guys alive, not dead. To find
the best, we enlisted the help of probiotic and
health experts, dug into clinical trial findings, and
examined the finalists ourselves. We chose four
top picks that each target a specific health goal.
Our Finalists:
21st Century Ultra Potency Advanced Probiotic,
Advocare Probiotic Restore Ultra, Dr. Formulas
Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic, Garden of
Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Wom-
en¡¯s, Hyperbiotics PRO-15 Advanced Strength,
Islands Miracle Ultra-30 Probiotics, MegaFood
MegaFlora, Nature¡¯s Way Primadophilus Fortify
Women¡¯s Probiotic, Renew Life Ultimate Flora
Extra Care¡±
A Special Valentines Treat
Health & Nurturing
2018 February/March
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
WCCC culinary & viticulture programs
team up for special Valentine¡¯s Day dinner
Grand Junction: The Culinary Arts program and
the Viticulture and Enology program at Western
Colorado Community College are joining forces to
offer a very special Valentine¡¯s Day dinner to area
The Valentine¡¯s Day Wine Pairing Dinner will fea-
ture a three-course menu of a beef and foie gras
appetizer, salad, and salmon entr¨¦e.
Each course will be paired with two distinct wines
that highlight different characteristics in the food.
At the end of the meal, the diners receive a box of
hand-made chocolates to enjoy right there or take
home for later.
Assistant Technical Professor of Culinary Arts Jona-
than St. Peter developed each course of the menu.
Technical Instructor of Viticulture and Enology
Jenne Baldwin-Eaton selected the wines.
Dinner is $60/person with proceeds benefitting the
scholarship funds for each of the programs.
A maximum of 60 tickets will be sold. Tickets may
be purchased at:
Dinner begins 6:30p, Feb 14, at Chez Lena restau-
rant in Building B at WCCC, 2508 Blichmann Ave.
Western Colorado Community College is a division
of Colorado Mesa University.
Nutrient Rich And Tasty Too
and memory processing.
9. Sleep
Nuts, including pistachios, are rich in minerals
such as magnesium.
One benefit of magnesium is that it may aid
sleep because it assists in helping the muscles
relax and quiet activity in the brain by working
as an inhibitory neurotransmitter.
10. Energy
Pistachios have been shown to promote ener-
gy, which is why so many professional athletes
consume them while training.
More energy means we¡¯ll commit to getting
enough exercise.
But what is Dr. Mike¡¯s main reason for having
his clients eat pistachios?
¡°They taste good. People are much more likely
to stick to a healthy diet when the food is tasty
and fun to eat.¡±