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Some Ideas on How Not to
Raise a ¡®Rich Kid of Instagram¡¯
Hey Taylor - Neither my husband
nor I grew up silver spooners but we both
now have very lucrative careers (combined
we make over $400k per year).
With our first baby due in January, we are
concerned that with the world we live in, he
is going to grow up to be a selfish and en-
titled brat.
What can we do to ensure he doesn¡¯t act like
a ¡°rich kid of Instagram¡± when he grows up?
- Natalie in Austin
Hey Natalie - I love the way you phrased
your question and for any readers who aren¡¯t
familiar with what she mentioned in the last
sentence, just do a quick Google search to
see why she is so concerned.
On a more serious note, congratulations on
expecting your first child and for having the
foresight to realize that it is going to take
some effort on you and your husband¡¯s part
to ensure he grows up to be a respectable
member of society.
Kids have a natural tendency to emulate their
parents. If you have an attitude of gratitude,
your son will probably have the same atti-
This means that besides just talking the talk,
you have to walk the walk.
With that being said, below is a list of items I
learned from some of the clients of my finan-
cial planning practice that have successfully
raised thankful children:
¡ñ Teach them to use manners from the mo-
ment they start talking. Instill in them the
importance of saying please and thank you.
¡ñ Instead of buying them something they
want, make them earn money to pay for it by
doing chores.
¡ñ From a young age make them send thank
you notes for gifts.
Go Far With Kovar
The Good News
2018 June/July
Pg 3 - The Sunshine Express
Delta Montrose Technical College
Practical Nursing Graduates
May 12, 2018: Technical College of the Rockies
(TCR) graduated thirty-two Practical Nursing stu-
dents at the Delta Center for Performing Arts and
The TCR Nursing Program became nationally accred-
ited in 2010 and graduation marks the completion of
rigorous study and clinical responsibility.
All in attendance were welcomed by Michael Klouser,
TCR Director.
The graduation ceremony opened with Birdie Young,
TCR Nursing Coordinator, addressing the class of
2018 with congratulations on all their hard work and
accomplishments. She then gave a brief history of
the Nursing program to the audience.
The class invited Douglas Fields to be their Guest
Speaker. R. Douglas Fields, Ph.D. is Chief of the Ner-
vous System Development and Plasticity Section at
the National Institute of Health, in Bethesda, Mary-
land. His daughter, Morgan, is one of our graduates.
Gail Pagone and Christian McPeek represented the
class as Class Speakers. All speakers were very in-
spirational and delivered motivating speeches.
Birdie Young then presented 3 Special Awards.
The Academic Award was presented to LeeAnn
The Faculty Award was presented to Mary Riddle.
The Annual Kindness Awards were presented to
Laura Kruthaupt and Vickie Hagan.
Birdie Young then explained the history of how the
ceremony of pinning the graduates began in the
1860¡¯s with Florence Nightingale. This year¡¯s gradu-
ates chose to be pinned by their family and friends.
The 2018 graduating class included the following
Michael Adcock, Koree Beyer, Janie Bravo,
Sarah Christianson, Shelby Christianson,
Veronica Coleman, Tarra Daniels, Eric Downey,
LeeAnn Downey, Stephanie Doyal, Kali Estrada,
Amanda Evans, Morgan Fields, Vickie Hagan,
Fawnalea Hall, Aurora Hannigan, Ruth Hernan-
dez, Alyssa Isaman, Austin Justice, Kyla Kille,
¡ñ Have them tell you 3 things they are thankful
for at the end of each day with at least one of
them not being something material.
¡ñ Encourage giving. When they get a new toy,
have them donate an old toy to the Salvation
Army or someone less fortunate.
¡ñ Bake & take cookies to the local fire and
police departments to thank them for their
¡ñ No participation trophies. With all of the news
about whining college kids, I don¡¯t think I have
to explain this one. In the grown up world you
have to earn your rewards.
¡ñ Teach them to appreciate other people¡¯s hard
work in the world around us. Who cleaned the
sidewalk or mowed the grass along the high-
way to look pretty for us?
¡ñ Make some days just ¡°look days¡± where you
don¡¯t buy anything.
¡ñ Have them write down something they are
thankful for on a sticky note (or draw a picture
when they are young) and stick them around
their room or your house.
Along with the tips above, continue to keep
your current mindset and look for ways on
a daily basis to be the example of a grateful
The next few years will be trying at times but
remember 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and it¡¯ll all
work out. Good luck!
(Taylor Kovar is the CEO and founder of Kovar
Capital Management LLC. After starting his
finance career with a major Wall Street firm,
Taylor decided to branch off and start Kovar
Capital in order to provide his clients with a
more personal wealth management experience.
Before founding Kovar Capital, he was a key
member of the team that helped launch and
implement one of the fastest growing health-
care technologies in the United States, Health-
Trust Software. Taylor is also the CEO of Pre-
mier Pediatric Therapy, a home-health agency
in Texas, and regularly publishes blog posts
and helpful resources on his website:
Congrats To 32 Graduates
Laura Kruthaupt, Sonia Lopez, Christian
McPeek, Brandon Meredith, Chijindu (By-
ron) Nwigwe, Gail Pagone, Leticia Paz,
Mary Riddle, Sierra Shaw, Cody Wentz,
Aiyana White and Jessica Williams.
A very moving slideshow of each student was
shown as they were called to the stage by
Jeanne Nortrup, Nursing Secretary, and pinned
by their family and friends.
They then moved on to receive their diplomas
by the Nursing Program Instructional team,
represented by Birdie Young, RN,MSN, Instruc-
tor; Judy Davis, RN ,MSN/ Instructor ; Jean
Anne Robb, RN, MSN/Instructor; Therese Wil-
liams, RN, BSN Instructor; Hilary Showalter, RN,
BSN, and Amber Perkins, Clinical Instructor
The students then participated in the
Nightingale candle lighting ceremony, lighting
their individual candles and descending to a
position in front of the stage as a group.
It was a very moving ceremony and Birdie
Young presented the Class of 2018 to the
The motto chosen by this class was:
¡°To the world you may be one person but... to
one person you may be the World.¡± - Dr. Suess
(source: Technical College of the Rockies,
1765 Highway 50, Delta, 970.874.7671 Ph,
970.874.8796 Fax,