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(BPT) In the cold of winter, at the start of the
year, people all across the country resolve to live
a healthier lifestyle - yet summer is actually the
perfect time to start your resolution. Think about
it: the weather is beautiful, the kids are out of
school and fresh produce is abundant.
Instead of starting a resolution to live healthier
at a time when you¡¯ll be cooped up inside to
avoid the cold, why not do it now when you can¡¯t
wait to be outside?
Your path to success begins with these 5 tips:
choose to for as long as they can, and has
provided billions of dollars to programs in every
* UnitedHealthcare proactively addresses care-
giver needs by sharing relevant information and
Its Solutions for Caregivers program, for ex-
ample, is a website for eligible members to get
advice from medical professionals, financial
advisers and experienced care managers; take
advantage of discounted products and services;
and access educational resources.
Non-members can register as guests and check
out the comprehensive directory of organizations
that focus on issues including Parkinson¡¯s dis-
ease, substance abuse, blindness, multiple scle-
rosis, Alzheimer¡¯s and diabetes. UnitedHealthcare
also offers free monthly caregiver education
calls, open to the public.
* The National Alliance for Caregiving focus-
es on caregiving research, innovation and tech-
nology, state and local caregiving coalitions, and
international caring.
It is working to build a global network of care-
giver support organizations.
* The Caregiver Action Network (CAN) serves
a broad spectrum of family caregivers, ranging
from parents of children with special needs, to
families and friends of wounded soldiers, to adult
children caring for aging parents.
Aiming to promote resourcefulness and respect
for the more than 90 million family caregivers
across the country, CAN provides free education,
peer support and resources.
* The Eldercare Locator, a public service of the
U.S. Administration on Aging, provides a search
tool that allows visitors to search by topic and
location for services pertaining to older adults
and their families.
¡°Dad and I, we¡¯re trying to put a new life togeth-
er for him, and it¡¯s tough,¡± said Bowen.
¡°But support from all over has kept me on my
feet and moving forward. Amid all the challeng-
es, I am grateful for that.¡±
Health & Nurturing
2018 June/July
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
A Healthier, Happier Summer
* Get the family outdoors- Whether it¡¯s
hiking, walking, gardening or swimming, there
are scores of things to do outdoors during the
summer, and any of these can help you burn
calories, improve muscle mass and, best of all,
have fun. And did you know that moderate ex-
posure to sunlight can also provide the vitamin
D your body needs to fight off disease? Bonus!
Pick an activity that appeals to the whole fam-
ily (furry friends included) and you¡¯re more apt
to stick to your routine.
* Start your day off right- Summertime is
full of indulgences, from ice cream cones to
fros¨¨ to s¡¯mores over the campfire. Don¡¯t be
afraid to dig into these treats, but make sure
the rest of the day stays balanced. Everything
in moderation, as they say! A bagel or toast
with a quick spread of Arla Cream Cheese
made with no artificial flavors or preservatives
is a quick, nutritious way to start your day off
on the right foot.
When you start with a cream cheese that is
so deliciously simple, it¡¯s easy to layer on the
farmer¡¯s market fruits and veggies. Give it a
try and you¡¯ll find an entirely new breakfast
routine to fuel your summer fun.
* Grab some shades- Proper eye care is
advised all year long, but it¡¯s especially impor-
tant in the summer when you¡¯re outside in the
sun. Invest in a good pair of shades capable of
blocking at least 99 percent of all ultraviolet A
and B rays. Then make sure you wear them
when you¡¯re outdoors. Not only will you look incred-
ibly cool, you¡¯ll also reduce the possibility of wrinkles
developing around your eyes and ward off cataracts.
* Serve up healthy snacks- Having a casual
neighborhood get-together calls for easy, bite-sized
snacks to complement your summer drinks. Skip the
chips and aim for healthy snacks instead. Cranberry
cream cheese dip, cheesy snack bread with grilled lo-
cal vegetables, warm spinach and Gouda Gateau will
all re-define your idea of good snacking, and they¡¯re
easy to make. Visit Arla¡¯s website to find your inspira-
tion and make casual al fresco hosting more delicious
and healthy than you ever expected.
* Take that vacation- Yes, actually take it. Your to-
tal health is more than just your physical well-being;
it¡¯s your mental health as well. Nothing helps you re-
set the batteries like a good vacation. Keep travel and
related expenses to a minimum and you¡¯ll spend more
time enjoying your vacation and less time wonder-
ing how to get everywhere and pay for it. If traveling
overseas or taking a whole week away is too big of a
leap, instead try a long weekend in a new city in your
own state, or road trip to a National Park and book a
campsite. There are options at every budget level and
summer is the perfect time to get out and go!
Start enjoying a healthier lifestyle today. There¡¯s
no reason to wait until next winter to start living a
healthier lifestyle. Everything you need is right here
in the summer, so formulate your plan, apply the tips
above and stick with it.
Do so and your resolution will be holding strong by
the time New Year¡¯s rolls around again.