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5 reasons to celebrate shrimp
(BPT) Want a reason to celebrate? Look no
further than America¡¯s favorite seafood! Shrimp
knows how to get a party started.
Beloved for its great taste, this bite-sized pro-
tein is a mouthwatering, flavor-packed option
that deserves its moment in the spotlight.
Don¡¯t believe us?
Here are five simple reasons to celebrate
shrimp, any day, anytime, anywhere:
1. It¡¯s easy as 1-2-3
With so many frozen options available, like
those from SeaPak, you can pop your favorite
meals right into your oven with no hassle and
no fuss.
A quick visit to your grocer¡¯s freezer section will
show you that today¡¯s shrimp options are better
than ever and just as delicious as your favorite
The best part? You¡¯ll save plenty of time, so you
can do more of what you love most, like binge
watching your favorite TV show or hanging with
the kids.
2. You are what you eat
You know what that means - eat more shrimp,
since it¡¯s made up of several good-for-you nutri-
ents like selenium, calcium, zinc and potassium.
It even has vitamins A, E, B6 and B12.
That¡¯s right, folks, shrimp is a no-brainer!
3. Mix and match
It¡¯s impossible to get bored when you¡¯re cook-
ing with shrimp! And for that, America¡¯s favorite
seafood deserves a toast. You can bake it in the
oven or seer it on the grill, add it to pasta or
layer it onto a sandwich.
No matter the occasion, shrimp packs the per-
fect flavor punch for any meal. Cheers!
4. Any day, anytime, anywhere
Enjoying a date night at home, looking for a
quick, protein-filled snack, or whipping up an
appetizer for a crowd?
Shrimp is a great any day, anytime, anywhere
option. Easy to make, shrimp fits seamlessly
into your meal prep schedule, making home-
cooking worries a thing of the past.
5. A family affair
Not sure what to make for dinner this week?
Struggling to find meals that satisfy the whole
Look no further, because shrimp is here
to save the day!
Finger-food options like dippable popcorn
shrimp or cheesy shrimp quesadillas will
have the whole family cleaning their plates
and asking for seconds (or thirds, but who¡¯s
It¡¯s obvious why America¡¯s favorite seafood
deserves a standing ovation.
Thanks to SeaPak¡¯s restaurant-quality
shrimp products, you can give shrimp the
attention it deserves by picking up some
quick-and-easy options from your local
grocery store on your next shopping trip.
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2018 June/July
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Great grilling tips and tricks of the pros
(BPT) Across the country as weather heats up,
so do the grills. You don¡¯t need to be a pitmas-
ter to enjoy the fresh flavors that only come
from grilling.
A few simple tips and creative tricks will help
you perfectly grill foods so juicy and delicious,
you¡¯ll impress even the pickiest of palates.
Keep it closed: If you¡¯re looking, it¡¯s not cook-
ing! When grilling, it¡¯s temping to constantly
check your foods, but this mistake can cause
items to cook unevenly. While some parts may
be overdone, others could be dangerously un-
derdone. A grill does its best work when closed,
so let heat build up evenly to cook foods with all
those fantastic smoky flavors. Peek in only when
necessary to verify doneness or add sauces or
Marvelous marinades: Marinades are a popu-
lar way to add flavor to grilled dishes and can
be a fun way to experiment with different foods.
However, experts caution not to marinade for
too long. Two hours should be your max for
most marinades when you¡¯re planning to grill.
This is particularly important with marinades
using pineapple as the high level of enzymes
can make foods mushy. Additionally, marinading
with citrus or vinegar for too long can toughen
some foods.
Please with cheese: The smoky flavors of the
grill are the perfect pairing to earthy cheeses
like award-winning Salemville Blue Cheese.
Crafted in the heart of Wisconsin, this cheese is
known for its earthy flavor that perfectly accen-
tuates burgers, chicken and steaks.
To delight taste buds with a mingling of rich
flavors, try making Blue Cheese Stuffed Fig
Burgers. The tangy cheese pairs perfectly with
the savory burger and the sweet fig and cara-
melized onions.
For more great grilling recipes featuring blue
cheese visit:
Let it be: After grilling your choice of meat,
remove from heat and let it sit for a few min-
utes. If you cut into that savory steak or succu-
lent chicken breast right after it¡¯s removed from
the grill, those precious juices will erupt and
end up on the plate. Just three to five minutes
allows juices to redistribute throughout the cut
and settle so that when served you get a main
course just oozing with juicy flavor.
Creative sides: Think outside the box when
it comes to grilling sides. For example, Buffalo
Blue Cheese Grilled Corn on the Cob is guaran-
teed to add kick to your meal.
Start by heating the grill on low.
Then, peel and clean corn. Brush each ear with
Perfectly Grilled Food
Speaking Of Shrimp
Top Seven Rejected Cookbook Titles:
7. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for Dummies
6. Bob Vila¡¯s Sawdust Cuisine
5. Lions and Tigers and Beets, Oh My!
4. Cooking with Condiments - An Apartment
Dweller¡¯s Guide to Making Something Out of
3. Mud, Sticks, and Leaves: Cooking with a Four
Year Old
2. Granny Clampett¡¯s ¡°Yer Throwin¡¯ Away the Best
1. Everything¡¯s Yogurt... Eventually!
Top Five Signs You¡¯re Being Stalked
by Martha Stewart:
5. On her show, she makes a gingerbread house
that looks exactly like your split-level, right down
to the fallen-over licorice downspout and the stuck
half-open graham cracker garage door.
4. The unmistakable aroma of potpourri follows you
everywhere, even after you leave the bathroom.
3. The contents of your curbside recycling tub are
regularly stolen, reorganized and replaced.
2. You discover that every napkin in the whole
house has been folded into a swan.
1. That telltale lemon slice in the dog¡¯s water bowl.
¡°If you fell down
yesterday, stand up
- H. G. Wells
hot wing sauce and wrap in aluminum foil,
being careful to fully seal corn in foil.
Place on the top rack of the grill and close
the lid, cooking until fork tender, about 15
to 20 minutes. Remove from grill, carefully
open aluminum foil and brush with addition-
al hot wing sauce.
Place on plates and sprinkle each ear with
blue cheese. Serve immediately.
Grilled dessert: No need to turn off the
grill come dessert time. Use that heat to
transform fresh fruit into a satisfying des-
sert! Many fruits do well on the grill and
offer a fantastic and healthy dessert alterna-
If you¡¯ve never grilled fruit before, stone
fruits like peaches and nectarines are a good
place to start.
Simply cut in half, take out the pit, brush
with olive oil and place on the grill cut-side
down. Once warm, remove and drizzle and
Here is a huge favorite from KingDaddy¡¯s kitchen:
The Best Cheese Bread Ever
1 loaf of Sheepherders Bread
6-8 oz. Swiss cheese
1 stick butter
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1 Tbsp poppy seeds
1 Tbsp dry parsley
3-4 slices of bacon
Directions: Cream together the onion, poppy
seeds, parsley and butter.
Cut thick slices 6 times across the bread.
Put cheese evenly inside the cuts. Spread creamed
ingredients also inside the cuts (leave a little for
the top).
Set on foil on a cookie sheet. Smear the rest of the
creamed mix and arrange bacon slices on top of
the bread.
Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Slice against the cuts and serve warm.
Lunchtime Laughs
add a sprinkle of cinnamon or dollop of yogurt,
if preferred. Other popular fruits to grill include
pineapple, bananas, cantaloupe and even water-
KingDaddy¡¯s Recipe Box