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The report is also a good docu-
ment to be left with family or
friends at home so they know
exactly where you¡¯re going
during hunting season.
To locate this feature go to:
and then to the ¡°Colorado
Hunting Atlas¡± link on the right
side of the page.
Elsewhere on the web site,
hunters can also find harvest
statistics, big-game population
estimates and license draw and
preference point information.
Another feature is ¡°Elk Hunt-
ing University¡± which provides
extensive hunting tips helpful
to all hunters, no matter their
skill level:
Nature & Wildlife
2018 August/September
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
* August 11 - Partial Solar Eclipse,
can only be safely observed with a spe-
cial solar filter or by looking at the Sun¡¯s
reflection, visible in parts of NE Canada,
Greenland, extreme northern Europe and
northern and eastern Asia, best seen in
northern Russia with 68% coverage.
* August 12, 13 - Perseids Meteor
Shower, one of the best to observe,
produces up to 60 meteors/hour at peak,
famous for producing large numbers of
bright meteors, runs annually from July
17-Aug 24, peaks Aug 12-morning of Aug
13, crescent moon sets early leaving dark
skies for an excellent show, best view
from dark location after midnight, Meteors
radiate from constellation Perseus but can
appear anywhere.
* August 26 - Full Moon, 11:57 UTC,
known by early Native American tribes
as the Full Sturgeon Moon, has also been
known as the Green Corn Moon and the
Grain Moon.
* September 7 - Neptune at
Opposition. The blue giant planet at its
closest to Earth and fully illuminated by
the Sun, brighter than any other time of
the year and visible all night long, due to
extreme distance from Earth will only
appear as a tiny blue dot in all but the
most powerful telescopes.
* September 23 - September Equinox,
01:54 UTC, nearly equal amounts of day
and night throughout the world, the first
day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the
Northern Hemisphere and the first day of
spring (vernal equinox) in the Southern
* September 25 - Full Moon, 02:53 UTC,
known by early Native American tribes
as the Full Corn Moon, also known as the
Harvest Moon which is the full moon that
occurs closest to the September equinox.
Visible planets:
[ Aug ][ Sep ]
Mercury -
[ dawn ][ --
[ eve ][ eve ]
[ eve ][ eve ]
[ eve ][ eve ]
[ eve ][ eve ]
Colorado Hunting Atlas
provides on-line scouting tools
(CPW): Big game hunters in Colorado can get an
early start on the season from the comfort of their
By going on-line to the Colorado Hunting Atlas, a
special feature on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife
website, hunters can do some virtual scouting of
areas they want to hunt.
Utilizing geographic information systems technol-
ogy, the web site provides a huge amount of data
useful to hunters including details about travel
routes in national forests and on BLM lands, topo-
graphic information, big game migration routes,
campgrounds, state wildlife areas, Parks and Wild-
life offices and facilities and more.
Hunters can zoom in on specific areas and print
customized maps for any area in the state. You
can even enter GPS coordinates for a specialized
view of an area of interest.
The web site allows hunters to look at topographic
data and then switch to Google-photographs of
the same area to get a sense of forest cover and
what the ground actually looks like.
Hunters can also create their own ¡°Hunter Re-
source Report¡± that includes a map, directions,
contact information for various agencies, phone
numbers and more.
Night Time Delights
The Moon Dance
visit us online at:
Virtual Scouting For Hunters
Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists
recently removed some Rio Grande cutthroat
trout from a creek affected by the
Spring Creek fire. Image: CPW