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The Good News
2018 August/September
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Preserving Historic Depot
This fundraiser benefits
Altrusa International
of Montrose Colorado,
Inc., a 501(c)3 chari-
table organization.
Altrusa International of
Montrose CO, Inc. has
served our community
since 1975 and, with
its 40+ members, is
one of the most active
and recognized clubs in
the entire international
organization, which cel-
ebrated its centennial in
Altrusa Clubs develop
and fund specific ser-
vice projects to meet
community needs.
We were able to provide
financial assistance to
over a dozen local non-
profits, $6,000 in schol-
arships to local students
and needed supplies
and services to numer-
ous other groups during
our last fiscal year.
Your support of this
fundraiser enables us to
continue to support our
Altrusa Interna-
tional of Montrose:
(source: Region 10)
Historic Funds Approved For New Depot Roof
The historic Denver and Rio Grande Depot, located
at 21 North Rio Grande Ave in downtown Montrose,
has been plagued with minor leaks for many years in
various areas, but over the past five years, problem
areas have become more widespread and difficult to
The Denver & Rio Grande Depot in Montrose was
completed in 1912 and served as an important
transportation hub until the 1950s when passenger
service ended.
forward-looking indicators suggest US economic
growth should continue chugging along.
The new orders subindexes of June¡¯s manufacturing
and non-manufacturing PMIs were a robust 63.5 and
63.2, respectively.
Today¡¯s orders are tomorrow¡¯s production, which
bodes well for future growth.
The Conference Board¡¯s forward-looking Leading
Economic Index (LEI) for the US rose 0.2% m/m in
May - adding to its long uptrend.
In LEI¡¯s 50+ year history, no recession has started
when the gauge was high and rising.¡±
The Voice of the San Juans Final Competition
Join us for entertainment, fun, and excitement as
we search for the best vocalists in our Western
Colorado region.
The finals will be held Saturday, September 15, at
the Montrose Pavilion, 1800 Pavilion Dr, Montrose.
* Join the excitement at the Final Competition as
the best of the best compete for the top prize!
Buy your tickets before they sell out ($30 Adult,
$15 Child), or reserve your VIP tickets ($60) for a
catered reception and the best seats in the Pavilion
Purchase your tickets online here:
Choose 4:30PM for VIP tickets with catered recep-
tion, or 6:30PM for General Admission tickets.
* The Winner will receive a $2,000 cash prize!
At the concert, the audience will vote using their
smart phones to select four finalists and, after an
intermission and additional performances, choose
a single grand prize winner who will receive the
Get Your Tickets
Go Far With Kovar
How High Does my Credit
Score Really Need to Be?
Hey Taylor - Can we talk
about credit scores? I understand credit, I
know I need a high number and I gener-
ally understand how to improve my score.
But, how good does it actually need to
be? How high should I be aiming for? -
Hey Mariah - I¡¯d love to talk about credit
This is another one of those financial top-
ics where advisors will say, ¡°Improve your
credit score!¡± and then they won¡¯t tell you
why or how or what any of it means. So
let¡¯s dig in a little.
The highest your score can reach is 850
(for personal credit, business credit usu-
ally caps at 100). Chances of you hitting
or coming close to hitting 850, are slim to
According to scoring companies FICO and
VantageScore, less than one percent of
people hit 850. Congratulations to those
select few, but everyone else doesn¡¯t
need to worry about having a perfect
If you don¡¯t need to be perfect, what do
you need? The goal with your credit score
is to be excellent, and that¡¯s generally
defined as 720 or above.
From 720 to 850, you¡¯re just compet-
ing with other awesome people, and the
majority are below the 800 mark. FICO
estimates about 20% of scores were over
800 in 2017.
The 800 club, while not necessarily bet-
ter than someone with a 770 score, is a
benchmark that many people strive for.
If you¡¯re looking to become one of these
credit elites, a few of the common at-
tributes include credit card debt under
$3,500, less than 7% use of your credit
limit and zero late payments on your
If you¡¯re late in reimbursing a lender, that
strike usually stays on your credit history
for seven years.
Again, trying to have the absolute best
credit score only matters for certain
people. For most of us, being in the excel-
lent category is sufficient.
A score above 720, or even 700 in some
cases, will get you access to quality loans,
help you increase your credit limits and
often have interest rates lowered by card
If you have a score in the upper 700s, the
main difference between you and some-
one with an 840 is how much obsessing is
done over the credit score.
You reach a point where the actual num-
ber doesn¡¯t matter, and it¡¯s just tinkering
to get FICO or whichever scoring com-
pany to give you perfect marks. If you¡¯re
working hard to get to 850, you might
have too much time on your hands.
Hopefully that explains a little bit about
credit and which numbers actually matter.
Do what you can to keep your score high,
but don¡¯t stress when you find out a
friend has an 820 and you¡¯re only at 790.
Take care Mariah!
- Taylor J Kovar, CEO, www.kovarcapital.
(Taylor Kovar is the CEO and founder of
Kovar Capital Management LLC. After
starting his finance career with a major
Wall Street firm, Taylor decided to branch
off and start Kovar Capital in order to
provide his clients with a more personal
wealth management experience.
Before founding Kovar Capital, he was
a key member of the team that helped
launch and implement one of the fast-
est growing healthcare technologies in
the United States, HealthTrust Software.
Taylor is also the CEO of Premier Pediatric
Therapy, a home-health agency in Texas,
and regularly publishes blog posts and
helpful resources on his website:
Cargo service ended in
1972 and the building
was granted to the City
of Montrose.
The building was placed
on the National Regis-
ter of Historic Places in
About the City of
For information visit:
Follow the city on Face-
book t:
cityofmontroseco and
Twitter @montrosegov
City Hall is located in
downtown Montrose at
433 South First Street
and may be reached at
Hours of operation
are Monday-Thursday,
Overheard On
Wall Street
¡°While recent growth is
aligned with the longer-
term trend, that alone
doesn¡¯t tell you much
about the future.
Looking ahead, though,