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die. I am throwing them back into the ocean
because I want them to live.¡±
The man was thoughtful for a moment, im-
pressed with the child¡¯s thoughtfulness.
Then he motioned up and down the miles and
miles of beach and said, ¡°There must be millions
of starfish along here! How can you possibly
expect to make a
The young girl pon-
dered the man¡¯s
words for a moment,
then she slowly
leaned over, reached
down and carefully
picked up another
starfish from the
With a gentle effort,
she lobbed the star-
fish back out into the
She turned to the
man and smiled.
¡°You may be right,¡±
she said, ¡°but I made
a difference for that
Land of the Ancients
We returned to our home in the
Naturita area after husband retired in October of
last year. That said I am reminded of past times,
explorations and experiences of years past while
residing here.
In the year of 2011, I was working at the Naturi-
ta-Nucla Visitors Center, when a tall slender man
sporting a dusty Stetson on his head and tired
worn western boots on his feet stopped in.
He inquired about any petroglyphs close by that
he could go see. He said he was short on time
and was unable to go far. We spoke briefly.
Turning to go the man stopped in the doorway
saying ¡°the earth there is sacred ground.¡± Then
he was gone, leaving as quietly as he had come
The earth he was referring to was an area in the
Paradox valley that I and Husband often visited.
Leaving the highway far behind, our jeep followed
a faint trail leading across sage covered ground,
retracing the footsteps of the ¡°Old Ones¡±, ancient
peoples who had left images of their lives carved
into stone.
Petroglyphs are made by removing some of the
rock¡¯s surface by pecking small holes with a sharp
chisel-like tool against the surface while striking
the tool with a hammer stone.
Petroglyphs are not to be confused with picto-
graphs. Pictograph images are drawn or painted
on a rock face.
At the Paradox Valley sites there are human
figures, anthropomorphs, geometric patterns,
some abstract incised lines, various animals, but-
terflies, insects, lizards and animal tracts carved
into valley walls and boulders.
There are three sites along the base of the moun-
tain. The first site is a very large boulder that is
blanketed with animal tract petroglyphs. Among
the many tracts that we were able to identify
were deer, elk, buffalo and mountain lions.
A short walk over an earth mound leads to an-
other great sized boulder. Anthropomorphs, deer
and lines that appear to be trails are hammered
into it.
The Reading Room 2018 August/September
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Treasures From The Inbox
If you get email, you
get stuff. Sometimes
it is spam, sometimes
it is a true gem.
Here is one of those
gems worth sharing:
Making a difference
One day a man was walking along the sea-
shore. He noticed that during the night many
seashells and starfish had washed up on the
Thoroughly enjoying the morning sun and cool
sea air, the man strolled for miles along the
sand. Far off in the distance, he saw a small
figure dancing.
The man was joyous that someone was cel-
ebrating life in such a grand and uninhibited
As he drew closer, however, it became apparent
that the figure was not dancing, but repeatedly
performing some act.
Approaching the small figure, the man noticed
that it was a child. The girl was methodically
picking up starfish from the shore and tossing
them back into the surf.
The man paused for a moment, puzzled, then
asked, ¡°Why are you throwing those starfish
back into the ocean?¡±
¡°If I leave these starfish on the beach,¡± she
replied, ¡°the sun will dry them, and they will
¡°Whatever is in our heart is what will come out of
our mouth.
In other words, the things that we believe, we
will speak.
And whatever we believe, then speak, will come
true - this is the law of faith - there is no way
around it!
If we believe then speak good things - they will
come to pass.
If we believe then speak negative things - they
will come to pass.¡± - Bobby Collier, Good God
Positively Karen
Facing the boulder is a natural elongated bench
with a metate (grinding bowl) on the end. I
visualized someone sitting on the bench, grind-
ing grain with a Mano (grinding stone), while
meditating on the images.
Jeeping a half mile east takes us to a second
site. This site required a hike across a stone
scattered wash and part way up the mountain
to petroglyph carved canyon walls.
Here the anthropomorphs figure¡¯s bodies are
elongated or triangular, some with and some
without extremities but embellished by lines.
None have faces.
Some wear bird like headdresses. A meander-
ing line travels across the red sand stone rock
wall with feet appearing to walk aside it. Some
feet have 5 toes some 6. It is thought that the
man with 6 toes had supernatural gifts. Some
of the deer on the panel appear to be running,
while others have their heads down as if they
are eating.
The third panel is remarkable and will be dis-
cussed in my next column. May you all enjoy
the rest of the Summer and perhaps discover
and explore somewhere new to you.
In the dusk
silence hangs heavy
wind softly
tosses cedars
canyon wrens
Positivity & Power Of Words