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(BPT): Pizza night is something the whole family
can look forward to, especially after a long week
of work, school and activities.
Fortunately, pizza night doesn¡¯t need to be fussy
or a lot of work. And for parents of picky eaters,
it¡¯s a great way to help kids get a balanced meal
by incorporating vegetables into a food that they
One of the easiest ways to enjoy time with the
family on pizza night is to get everyone involved
in decorating the ¡°rainbow pizza¡±.
With a few tips and tricks, you¡¯ll be able to save
time, serve delicious pizza with fresh flare and
get kids involved in the activity:
Step 1: Stop by your local supermarket for
On pizza night, there¡¯s no need to start from
Grab a Tombstone Original 5 Cheese Pizza (or any
other brand) from the freezer aisle and you¡¯ve
got the perfect base of crisp crust topped with
mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, Asiago and Ro-
No need to worry about sticky dough or getting
sauce everywhere - all you need to do is figure
out what toppings to use!
Step 2: Pick your toppings
Research shows that most Americans are not
meeting the MyPlate recommendation for veg-
etables, fruit, proteins, dairy and grains, so pizza
night is a great opportunity to have some fun
while helping your family get the nutrients they
Incorporating both prepared and fresh foods is
a huge time-saver, and you can feel good about
what you¡¯re putting on the table.
While shopping, stock up on seasonal vegetables
to top the pizza. Choose colorful vegetables such
as tomatoes, bell peppers and broccoli to use for
pizza decorating.
Step 3: Get creative with decorating
Have kids join in on the meal prep fun.
Big kids can help chop fresh veggies and children
of all ages can make their own pizza creations.
Kids will have fun arranging all the colors into
shapes and patterns and parents will love how
easy it is to make sure their kids eat their veg-
This rainbow recipe is a time-saver with a nutri-
tious boost of veggies that is ideal for brightening
up your family pizza night:
Rainbow Pizza
Tombstone Original 5 Cheese Pizza
Your choice of colorful chopped vegetables
1 teaspoon olive oil
Pinch of salt and pepper
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2018 August/September
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5 kitchen safety tips
(BPT): Cooking equipment is the top cause of
home fires, and the second leading cause of
home fire deaths, according to the National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
¡°Considered to be one of the more prevent-
able types of fires, kitchen fires can be avoided
by following a few common-sense guidelines,¡±
says Tarsila Wey, director of marketing at First
Alert. ¡°Home safety experts recommend having
at least one fire extinguishing product conve-
niently located in the kitchen, as well as on
every level of the home and in the garage.¡±
Be prepared to fight the small flames by
following the below tips to stay safe in the
Properly equip your home.
Keep your family and house safe by ensuring
that functioning smoke alarms are installed
throughout your home. The NFPA recommends
one alarm on every floor, including the base-
ment, and inside every bedroom. In addition,
install smoke alarms at least 10 feet from
cooking appliances to minimize false alarms.
All alarms should be tested monthly, and for
alarms without 10-year batteries, replace the
batteries every six months.
Keep an eye on your food.
Staying in the kitchen while cooking is key to
preventing oven or stovetop fires. Whether
you¡¯re simmering, baking, boiling or roasting,
check on your food regularly. If you need a
reminder that the oven or stove is on, just set
a timer.
Be aware that fires can happen fast, so if you
must leave the kitchen - even for a short pe-
riod of time - turn off the stove.
Clean your appliances.
Keep all your appliances clean of grease and
food debris that could potentially cause a fire.
Clear the toaster of crumbs and wipe down the
stovetop as needed. Ovens should be cleaned
at least every three to six months.
Clear off kitchen countertops.
Keep your countertops clean and clear of flam-
mable objects. Move items such as pot holders,
wooden utensils, plastic bags, food packaging
and paper towels away from the stove, oven or
any other kitchen device that generates heat.
Be prepared when disaster strikes.
Over 70 percent of fire extinguisher owners say
that they would not feel very comfortable actu-
ally operating one. Providing homeowners with
a user-friendly, affordable solution, the First
Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray features
a lightweight spray-can design that has no pins
or levers - making it easy to use. It can put out
common household fires, including cooking oil,
fabric, paper, wood and electrical fires.
Tundra sprays four times longer than an aver-
age fire extinguisher and fits perfectly in your
kitchen cabinet. Plus, it won¡¯t damage your
stove or countertop; simply wipe the area
clean with a damp cloth.
Having the necessary fire safety tools and
knowledge, and talking with your family mem-
bers about these safety precautions, can help
prevent potentially fatal kitchen fires.
To learn more tips and tricks visit:
Watch What You Heat
Let¡¯s Have A Pizza Party!
Grant for Delta County School District 50J
On June 21st, 2018, Delta County School District
50J was notified that they were a recipient of the
USDA Farm to School Planning Grant for the 2018-
19 funding cycle.
USDA¡¯s Farm to School Grants fund school dis-
tricts, State and local agencies, Indian tribal or-
ganizations, agricultural producers and non-profit
organizations in their efforts to increase local
foods served through child nutrition programs,
teach children about food and agriculture through
garden and classroom education and develop
schools¡¯ and farmers¡¯ capacities to participate in
farm to school.
Hundreds of applicants across the country com-
peted for a limited amount of funding. The over-
whelming interest in this round of USDA Farm to
School Grants was exciting, but also made the
selection process extremely difficult. Our applica-
tion stood out because it demonstrated strong
experience and readiness to conduct farm to
school initiatives; showed that DCSD is think-
ing critically about opportunities and challenges;
outlined goals that are closely aligned with goals
for the program; proposed a reasonable scope and
budget; and gave the USDA confidence that our
farm to school program will be implemented with
or without continued Federal support.
Delta County School District will develop a network
to sustain farm to school efforts that support local
growers, students and communities.
Through partnerships with Valley Food Partnership,
ENGAGE and TCR, they plan to encourage learners
to participate in the agricultural learning that is
locally available to them.
This multi-level approach will:
(1) give access to locally raised foods to students
(2) support local growers in their efforts to pro-
vide for and sustain their regional market
(3) boost a pipeline of industry-driven graduates
(4) develop info and resource support for farmers,
ranchers and aspiring agriculture students
(5) upgrade, renovate and utilize farming and
greenhouse space to create hands-on learning labs
(6) partner with business associates and indus-
try professionals to create hands-on learning and
professional development opportunities.
Want an easy way to incorporate veggies
into food your kids love?
Make a Rainbow Pizza!
Whether it¡¯s four guests or 40, have fun making
memories while enjoying good food!
For more delicious recipes for balanced meals
explore the Nestle Balance Your Plate website at:
Farm To School
Directions: Warm oven according to package
Then place unwrapped pizza directly on cen-
ter rack and bake for two to three minutes
until cheese softens but doesn¡¯t melt.
Remove from oven and help kids arrange
the veggies in a rainbow pattern starting
along the crust of the pizza.
Then, drizzle with one teaspoon olive oil and
sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper.
Return to oven and bake pizza 10 to 15
more minutes.
Remove and let stand 5 minutes before
With these few simple steps and time-saving
tricks you¡¯ll be hosting a pizza party to
Keep entertaining fun and easy
with a make-your-own-pizza party