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CPW is notifying hunters of
other changes this year related
to CWD samples and CWD-
positive test results.
The intent of these changes is
to make the CWD submission
and testing program more ef-
ficient and cost effective.
1. CPW will no longer be re-
funding license fees to hunters
that harvested a CWD positive
This change brings CPW in
line with other states¡¯ CWD
regulations and helps ensure
the testing program will have
adequate funding moving
2. CPW will no longer offer a
replacement antlerless license
for the same species as the
one harvested.
3. Hunters whose deer tests
positive for CWD will get a let-
ter mailed to them by CPW ex-
plaining what we know about
CWD, disposal recommenda-
tions, as well as public health
It will also provide links to
online sources for additional
In addition to this letter, each
hunter with a CWD-positive
animal will be notified by
phone and email.
CPW will continue the reim-
bursement of costs incurred
from processing CWD-positive
animals. The standard rate will
be up to $100 for animals non-
commercially processed and up
to $200 for deer and elk that
are commercially processed.
The maximum reimbursement
for commercial processing
moose is $250.
Nature & Wildlife
2018 October/November
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
* Oct 8 - Draconids Meteor Shower,
minor shower produces 10 meteors/hour,
best viewing early eve instead of morning
like most showers, runs annually Oct 6-10,
peaks night of the 8th, excellent year to
observe as no moonlight to spoil the show,
meteors radiate from constellation Draco,
but can appear anywhere in the sky.
* Oct 21, 22 - Orionids Meteor Shower,
average shower produces 20 meteors/hour,
runs annually Oct 2-Nov 7, peaks night of
Oct 21 morning Oct 22, near full moon but
Orionids tend fairly bright so could be good
show, meteors radiate from constellation
Orion, but can appear anywhere in the sky.
* Oct 24 - Full Moon, known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Hunters
Moon because the leaves are falling and
game is fat and ready to hunt, also known
as the Travel Moon and the Blood Moon.
* Nov 5, 6 - Taurids Meteor Shower,
minor shower produces 5-10 meteors/hour,
runs annually Sep 7-Dec 10, peaks night
of Nov 5, thin crescent moon sets early
in evening for good viewing, best viewing
after midnight from dark location far from
city lights, meteors radiate from constel-
lation Taurus, but can appear anywhere in
the sky.
* Nov 17, 18 - Leonids Meteor Shower,
average shower produces up to 15 mete-
ors/hour, runs annually Nov 6-30, peaks
night of 17th morning of 18th, moon sets
shortly after midnight so could be good
early morning show, meteors radiate from
constellation Leo, but can appear anywhere
in the sky.
* Nov 23 - Full Moon, known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Beaver
Moon because this was the time of year to
set beaver traps before swamps and rivers
froze, also known as the Frosty Moon and
the Hunter¡¯s Moon.
Visible planets:
[ Oct ][ Nov ]
Mercury -
[ dusk ][ dusk ]
[ dusk ][ dawn ]
[ eve ][ eve ]
[ eve ][ --
[ eve ][ eve ]
We have created an effective prevention program
to stop mussel introduction with the ¡®clean, drain
and dry¡¯ program.
This winter, please help us keep Colorado free of
the invasive mussels and other ANS.¡±
For more information about CPW¡¯s ANS Program
and the Mussel-Free Colorado Act visit: cpw.state.
Night Time Delights
The Moon Dance
visit us online at:
Colorado Deer Hunters
Keep an eye on your mailbox for mandatory
chronic wasting disease sampling letter
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) will be conduct-
ing mandatory chronic wasting disease (CWD)
testing again during the 2018 hunting season in
an effort to continue collecting more information
about CWD and how it may be affecting our herds.
Voluntary and mandatory sampling is critical for
data collection on this disease that impacts the
long-term health of our herds.
Beginning the first week of October, CPW will be
sending out letters to Colorado rifle season buck
hunters who have been selected for mandatory
CWD testing. Thirty-one GMUs are included in
the 2018 mandatory sample, none of which were
included in the 2017 mandatory sample.
For complete CWD Testing and Submission Infor-
mation, including a list of testing submission sites
and their schedule of operations visit: cpw.state.