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The Good News
2018 October/November
Pg 3 - The Sunshine Express
This study demonstrated acute effects of blueberry
flavonoid consumption on Positive Affect and no
effect on Negative Affect in healthy children and
young adults.
Dietary interventions could play a key role in pro-
moting positive mood and are a possible way to
prevent dysphoria and depression. Given the po-
tential implications of these findings for preventing
depression, a disabling and common mental health
problem in adolescents and adults, it is important
to replicate the study and assess the potential to
translate these findings to practical, cost-effective
and acceptable interventions.
We are grateful to the Wild Blueberry Association of
North America who provided the freeze-dried wild
blueberry powder used for this study.
Blueberries (continued from pg1)
The FY 2018-19 revision includes $44 million
in additional revenue expected from collection
of state sales tax from online retailers that is
expected to begin in December.
The FY 2019-20 forecast is higher by $390
The General Fund reserve is estimated to be
a preliminary $556 million above the required
statutory reserve amount of 6.5 percent of
appropriations in FY 2017-18.
SB 18-276 increased the reserve requirement
to 7.25 percent beginning in FY 2018-19. The
General Fund reserve is projected to be $213
million above the higher required reserve
amount under this forecast and FY 2018-19¡¯s
budgeted expenditures.
TABOR revenue is projected to be above the
cap by a preliminary $16 million in FY 2017-
TABOR revenue is expected to exceed the cap
by $261 million in FY 2018-19 and $381 mil-
lion in FY 2019-20.
Under this forecast, the refund of the ex-
cess FY 2017-18 revenue will occur through
the senior homestead and disabled veterans
property tax exemption expenditures in FY
The refund of the excess FY 2018-19 revenue
will occur via the homestead and disabled
veterans property tax exemption expenditures
and six-tier sales tax refund in FY 2019-20.
Colorado¡¯s economic growth accelerated in
the first half of 2018.
Colorado¡¯s employment growth has been ro-
bust and widespread across all industries and
most regions, while wage growth has risen
above inflation in recent months.
Oil and gas production has recovered from
the mid-decade downturn, but at lower levels
of employment, and business formation is
However, slower labor force growth and tight
housing market conditions are expected to
limit growth in the later years of the forecast.
Fuel Cells Making Inroads
to enable the acceleration of a global power
shift. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario,
Hydrogenics provides hydrogen generation,
energy storage and hydrogen power modules
to its customers and partners around the world.
Hydrogenics has manufacturing sites in Ger-
many, Belgium and Canada and service centers
in Russia, Europe, the US and Canada.
The first hydrogen-powered train drives near
Bremervoerde, Germany, as it enters
service on September 16, 2018.
Picture: Patrik Stollarz, Source: AFP
A driver steers the first hydrogen-powered train
during its first run on September 16, 2018
near Bremervoerde, Germany.
Picture: Patrik Stollarz, Source: AFP
Hydrogenics to Provide Fuel Cells
for Heavy Duty Trucks in California
San Diego, CA, September 26, 2018: Hydrogenics
Corporation (NASDAQ: HYGS; TSX: HYG) (¡°Hydro-
genics¡± or ¡°the Company¡±), a leading developer and
manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen
fuel cell power systems, today announced that it
will supply six heavy-duty fuel cell power modules
to GTI and TransPower for a set of Class 8 Navistar
drayage trucks scheduled to be deployed in South-
ern California early next year.
The trucks are part of the California Air Resources
Board¡¯s ¡°California Climate Investments¡± program,
meant to enable the acceleration of low-carbon
technology in commercial trucking applications.
For this project, GTI is the program manager,
TransPower the vehicle integrator, Navistar the chas-
sis provider, and Total Transportation Services Inc.
(TTSI) will serve as operator. Hydrogenics¡¯ fuel cells
are expected to be shipped in the fourth quarter of
2018; additional terms were not disclosed.
¡°GTI is excited to be a part of this consortium,
including Hydrogenics, that brings leadership and
experience in their respective fields to propel the
transition to a post-petroleum, heavy-duty trucking
economy,¡± stated Ted Barnes, Research & Develop-
ment Director at GTI. ¡°In California we are starting
to see numerous examples of heavy-duty vehicle
platforms moving successfully to zero-emission by
adopting fuel cell technology.¡±
Daryl Wilson, President & CEO of Hydrogenics,
added, ¡°Fuel cells continue moving towards wide-
spread commercialization and we are proud to
expand our role within the U.S. truck industry. GTI
and TransPower both have extensive experience and
knowledge in fuel cell integration, and this project
provides an ideal opportunity to build on our recent
success in deploying one of the world¡¯s first fully-
functional fuel cell trucks in Southern California.
Hydrogenics¡¯ heavy-duty fuel cells are now on over
30 freight and utility vehicles as well as seven differ-
ent transport platforms, including the recent world
premiere of Alstom¡¯s hydrogen-powered passenger
trains in Germany.
We are excited by the rapidly-growing market po-
tential and our leading position working with key
global players like TransPower, Navistar, UPS, Alstom
and our many partners in China to address the en-
ergy needs of tomorrow.¡±
About Hydrogenics
Hydrogenics Corporation is a world leader in engi-
neering and building the technologies required
¡°Strongest Economy¡±
Quarterly revenue forecast
shows solid growth
DENVER, Sept. 20, 2018: The Governor¡¯s Of-
fice of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB)
released its quarterly economic and revenue
The September forecast for General Fund rev-
enue has been revised upward from the June
revenue forecast. Preliminary revenue collec-
tions increased at a rate of 14.1 percent in FY
2017-18 due to an acceleration in economic
growth and several one-time factors. Revenue
growth will moderate to 5.6 percent in FY 2018-
19 and 5.9 percent in FY 2019-20.
¡°Time and time again, Colorado¡¯s economy has
been recognized as the strongest economy in
the country,¡± said Governor John Hickenlooper.
¡°Current wage growth and low unemployment
is fueling that. Still, we are mindful of market
forces that could quickly impact our success.
That¡¯s why it¡¯s been critical for us to more than
triple our reserves over the past seven years.¡±
Relative to the June projections, preliminary
FY 2017-18 General Fund revenue collections
were $103 million higher, while the FY 2018-19
forecast of General Fund revenue is higher by
$303 million.
¡°If your goal is to be unhappy,
you will be miserable,
no matter what you have.
If your goal is to be happy,
you will succeed,
no matter what you lack.¡±
- Claudio Brocado