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The Good News
2018 October/November
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Helping Farmers
scholarship award through email.
The scholarship money is sent directly to the office
of the school where the winning student is en-
To enter, students must submit their essay along
with their personal information including full name,
address, phone number, email address and the
name of their school to:
More information about the scholarship program
through A-1 Auto Transport is available at:
¡°This program gives pro-
ducers a way to cut their
costs and use their re-
sources efficiently.
It¡¯s about water quantity,
water quality, and en-
ergy resources,¡± said Sam
Anderson, CDA¡¯s Energy
Specialist, ¡°We focus on
helping farmers upgrade
outdated and labor in-
tensive flood-irrigation
systems to more efficient
pressurized-irrigation sys-
tems using hydropower, or
retrofit existing sprinkler
systems with a hydropow-
er component.¡±
The funding is part of the
NRCS Regional Conserva-
tion Partnership Program
Within RCPP, the Colorado
irrigation hydropower
program provides funding
to agricultural producers
to help add hydropower to
new or existing irrigation
For example, past projects
have helped farmers use
irrigation water to gen-
erate electricity, offset-
ting some of the cost of
power for those farms.
Other projects have al-
lowed farmers to run large
center-pivot sprinkler sys-
tems on hydro-mechanical
power without the need
for any electricity.
The overall hydro program
is funded and assisted by
14 agencies and groups,
collectively contributing
$3 million to the effort
for project funding and
technical assistance for
Colorado agricultural pro-
CDA is currently accepting
applications for the next
round of RCPP irrigation
hydro projects.
The application deadline is
October 19, 2018.
Applicants must be eligible
to receive funding from
the NRCS EQIP program.
For more information
and to submit an appli-
cation visit the Colorado
Department of Agricul-
ture¡¯s ACRE3 hydropower
website: www.colorado.
or contact Sam Anderson
at 303.869.9044 or at:
Qualifying Students of Colorado
May Enter Essay for Scholarship Opportunity
A-1 Auto Transport is a leading auto transport
company out of Aptos, California that has recently
expanded its scholarship program to all college stu-
dents in Colorado.
The scholarships awarded range from $250 to
$1,000 and can be used at any accredited local col-
lege, university or trade school.
Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to
be considered as eligible.
If interested, all eligible students must submit an
essay with information regarding the auto transport
industry. This essay must consist of 1,000 words or
All essays must remain unique, factual and engag-
ing. They cannot be published elsewhere online.
All winners of the scholarship program are chosen
by A-1¡¯s Scholarship Committee.
Essay submissions are due no later than March 10,
2019. The winners will be announced on the A-1
Auto Transport website by the end of March 2019
after they are reviewed.
Winners will also receive a notification of their
$250-1000 Awards Available
Go Far With Kovar
How do I Ask for a Pay
Hey Taylor - I¡¯ve been at my
current job for three years
and I¡¯m starting to feel like I¡¯m due for a
raise. I also feel like I won¡¯t get one until
I ask and I¡¯m terrified of asking and get-
ting turned down.
Should I just do it? I love my job and
would love it even more if my income
went up! - June
Hey June - It¡¯s a sad but true reality
that some employers won¡¯t give employ-
ees their due until they make a formal
request. If you¡¯ve been there for three
years, like the work, are good at your job,
and others have seen pay increases, then
you have every right to expect a raise. It
should come without you having to ask,
but sometimes we have to go the extra
I have clients who I¡¯ve helped navigate
through similar situations in the past. Ev-
ery company is different, so you have to
find the angle that works for you and your
position before making the request.
That said, this type of delicate situation
is often best handled by a formulaic ap-
proach. Essentially, you need to make a
pitch as to why the company will benefit
from paying you more. Like any good
project pitch, you need to structure it
The hardest part for most people is the
introduction; opening a conversation
about how great you are and why you
deserve more money can be uncomfort-
able. I find people have more success
with this part when they make it about
the company and the future: ¡°I love the
work we do here and I want to be a part
of it for a long time.¡± Assuming that¡¯s
true, it shouldn¡¯t be too hard to say and it
opens up the second part of your pitch -
the evidence.
As a valued employee, you¡¯ve accom-
plished a lot over the last three years.
Think about those successes, then put
a future-tense spin on them: ¡°I¡¯m go-
ing to keep increasing our XYZ, just as
I increased XYZ by 20% over the last
18 months,¡± etc. Again, these should all
be true statements. You don¡¯t have to
brag and you don¡¯t have to sound needy;
you¡¯re simply pointing out that a pay raise
for you is nothing more than an invest-
ment in the company.
At that point, you¡¯ve arrived at your con-
clusion, in which you reiterate how glad
you are to work there, how you appreci-
ate your boss or manager taking the time
to meet with you, and how you¡¯ll respect
whatever decision is made.
If you aren¡¯t properly compensated for
your work, you may have to rethink your
relationship with that company. However,
it¡¯s more likely you¡¯ll get what you de-
serve and your employer will appreciate
you speaking candidly.
Never be afraid to ask for fair pay, June.
As long as you do so with confidence and
integrity, you¡¯re doing the right thing.
Good luck!
- Taylor J Kovar, CEO, www.kovarcapital.
(Taylor Kovar is the CEO and founder of
Kovar Capital Management LLC. After
starting his finance career with a major
Wall Street firm, Taylor decided to branch
off and start Kovar Capital in order to
provide his clients with a more personal
wealth management experience.
Before founding Kovar Capital, he was
a key member of the team that helped
launch and implement one of the fast-
est growing healthcare technologies in
the United States, HealthTrust Software.
Taylor is also the CEO of Premier Pediatric
Therapy, a home-health agency in Texas,
and regularly publishes blog posts and
helpful resources on his website:
Funding Available for Agricultural
Hydropower Projects
BROOMFIELD, CO, September 21, 2018: The
Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and the
U.S. Department of Agriculture¡¯s Natural Resources
Conservation Service (NRCS) are seeking appli-
cants for on-farm agricultural hydropower projects.
The total amount of available assistance for this
round is $1,200,000. The funding is available to
Colorado agricultural irrigators with appropriate hy-
dropower resources.