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Want better workplace results?
Research says take it outside
BPT: From standing desks and team-building
events to onsite services and remote work op-
portunities, companies have adapted over the
years to adopt new solutions that will grow their
company, improve employee retention and in-
crease productivity.
However, while all of these initiatives have their
benefits, John Scott, senior workplace design
strategy expert for Haworth, points out many
companies are missing one key solution, an
opportunity that exists all around them. The
chance to enjoy the fresh air and take their work
¡°With so many design trends to focus on, the
one that almost always gets overlooked is utiliz-
ing the outdoors to work and collaborate,¡± Scott
says, adding that the benefits of outdoor work
extend beyond physical wellness.
There are several benefits to a person¡¯s total
well-being as well, including the following.
* Improved focus. Yes, we¡¯d all love to believe
that we can commit to eight solid hours of work
every single day, but the truth is it doesn¡¯t hap-
pen and in many cases that productivity slips as
the day goes on.
Working outside, however, has been shown to
improve workplace focus and can restore cog-
nitive and physical energy to dive back into a
In fact, research appearing in the book Your
Brain on Nature shows that spending time
outdoors can lead to increased motivation, im-
proved memory and reduced mental fatigue.
* Take an eye break. Too much screen time
isn¡¯t solely an issue for teenagers. Adults can
face this challenge as well, especially those who
focus on a computer screen as part of their job
every single day.
However, taking a break outside or working
outside allows for a respite from the constant
screen time. Take a moment to look away from
the screen and toward a tree or bush in the
distance and it will provide just the break your
eyes need.
* Relax your brain. Work can be stressful but
spending time outdoors, whether at work or not,
has been shown to release certain chemicals in
the brain like Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid that
work to calm your mind.
So, if a certain project is giving you difficulty,
taking it outside can help you tackle it in a more
rational, calm way.
These cells are
meaning they
can differentiate
into any adult
tissue type.
stem cells,
known as adult
stem cells or
somatic stem
cells are derived
from the adult
body and can
only differenti-
ate into the type
of tissue they
are taken from.
pluripotent cells
are tissue-specif-
ic stem cells that
have been
2018 October/November
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Health & Nurturing
engineered in the lab to behave like embryonic
stem cells.
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are derived from
the connective tissue that surrounds other tis-
sues and organs. They are obtained from bone
marrow, fat and umbilical cord blood obtained
at birth. These cells are ¡°multipotent¡± meaning
they can differentiate into a few specific tissue
types, namely bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments,
muscle and fat.
Our Stem Cell Source
We obtain MSC from Liveyon, which distributes
umbilical cord derived products to physicians for
use in regenerative medicine therapies. The stem
cells are delivered cryopreserved on dry ice and
are strictly compliant with FDA standards under
Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regu-
According to the Liveyon website, ¡°We provide our
customers with umbilical cord derived cells and
growth factors that are ethically collected with in-
formed consent. Umbilical cord donation is guided
by the American Association of Tissue Banks
(AATB) for quality, safety and ethics. The cells are
sourced from the umbilical cord of healthy donor
volunteers painlessly and noninvasively. Each do-
nor is carefully screened for pathogens in order to
assure the product is safe.¡±
Stem cells are ordered for specific patients and
shipped in a cryogenic state. The cells are used
immediately upon arrival to the clinic, either by
direct injection or through an intravenous infusion
Important Notes about Stem Cell Treatments
Because stem cells that are specific to certain
tissues cannot make cells found in other tissues
without careful manipulation in the lab, it is un-
certain if the same stem cell treatment will work
for diseases affecting different tissues and organs
within the body.
The list of diseases for which stem cell treatments
have FDA approval is short. The best-defined and
most extensively used stem cell treatment is bone
marrow transplantation for certain blood and im-
mune system disorders or to rebuild the blood
system after certain cancer treatments. Some
bone, skin and eye injuries and diseases can be
treated by
grafting or im-
planting tissues,
and the healing
process relies
on stem cells
within this im-
planted tissue.
These proce-
dures are widely
accepted as
safe and ef-
fective by the
medical com-
munity. All other
applications of
stem cells are
yet to be proven
in clinical trials
and should be
considered ex-
risks (i.e. risks
observed in
animal studies) include tumor formation, un-
wanted immune responses, worsening of your
condition, new conditions as a result of the stem
cells, stem cells differentiating into unwanted
tissue or causing existing cells to change their
The risk of donor-to-recipient transmission of
bacterial, viral, fungal or prion pathogens may
lead to life-threatening and even fatal reactions.
The immune suppressing nature of MSC may
allow a dormant infection already in the body to
become active, e.g. a flare of herpes virus, etc.
MSC have been used extensively in clinics for
decades. The clinical experience with these
therapies indicates that i.v. administration of
MSC did not reveal major health concerns and is
generally not accompanied by tumor formation.
However, limitations of the safety database (i.e.
number of patients treated) and lack of long-
term follow-up required to study potentially rare
adverse events should be taken into account
when evaluating the tumorigenic potential of
The vast majority of small-sized clinical trials
conducted with MSC in regenerative medicine
applications have not reported major health
concerns, suggesting that MSC therapies may be
relatively safe.
(Scott Rollins, MD, is Board Certified with the
American Board of Family Practice and the
American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative
Medicine. He specializes in bioidentical hormone
replacement for men and women, thyroid and
adrenal disorders, fibromyalgia and other com-
plex medical conditions.
He is founder and medical director of the Inte-
grative Medicine Center of Western Colorado
( and Bellezza Laser Aesthetics
( Call 970.245.6911 for
an appt or more information.)
In Harmony
by Scott Rollins, M.D.
Revitalize with Stem Cells
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have
the ability to self-replicate and change into
any specific cell type in the body. These cells
can be injected directly into an area of injury
or given intravenously.
Stem cells have a ¡°homing¡± ability to go to ar-
eas of injury due to signals released by injured
cells. Once stem cells reach the target tissue
they begin repair of the injury or disease by
releasing growth factors and immune modu-
lators that assist in the body¡¯s natural repair
Stem cells also contain chemicals that control
the immune response, either regulating an
overactive immune system or stimulating a
weak immune system. These immune factors
may also lower inflammation.
There are thousands of peer-reviewed publica-
tions showing successful use of stem cells.
Stem Cell Treatments
Stem cells can be used to treat:
1. Arthritis
2. Injuries of muscle and ligaments
3. Chronic pain
4. Spinal cord injuries
5. Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, rheu-
matoid arthritis, etc
6. Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Par-
kinson¡¯s, Alzheimer¡¯s, etc
7. Diabetes
8. Heart disease
9. Cosmetic and Aesthetic procedures
Types of Stem Cells
Stem cells form the base for all types of tis-
sue in the body. They are formed in different
parts of the body and at different times during
the lifespan. Stem cells exist in all body tissue
types, serving to replace and regenerate dam-
aged or dying cells from that tissue type.
Embryonic stem cells are derived from the
fertilized egg that is only a few days old.
A Breath Of Fresh Air