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The Good News
2018 December/January
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
Vital Traffic Link Finished
The project is one of sev-
eral the city is currently
working on to improve and
expand the city¡¯s road-
way network in order to
ease traffic congestion,
provide alternative routes
to Townsend Avenue, and
improve pedestrian and
bicycle connectivity and
These efforts align with
the city¡¯s 2016 Community
Survey, in which citizens
identified improvement in
¡°traffic flow & congestion
management¡± and ¡°condi-
tion of city streets¡± as their
top priorities.
The city would like to ex-
press a special thanks to
the residents of Montrose
and adjacent landowners
for their patience through-
out the construction proj-
ect. The city would also like
to thank DOWL (project
designer and surveyor),
Williams Construction (gen-
eral contractor), Bull-Basin
Construction (primary
concrete subcontractor),
Rocky Mountain Aggregate,
United Companies, Asphalt
Specialists, Elam Construc-
tion, Stripe-A-Lot, San Juan
Sweeping and Striping, GJ
Pipe, DMEA, and Black Hills
Energy for all helping to
make this project a suc-
Any questions regarding
the project may be directed
to City Engineer Scott Mur-
phy at 970.901.1792.
For traffic information or to
report road conditions visit:
For more city news visit:
via a single, future ready education platform. One
that is easy to use, is scalable across a health sys-
tem, and more effectively manages, delivers and
analyzes blended learning programs.
* Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Toward
Human ExpeRtise (PANTHR) ¨C Evergreen, CO
$7,000 ¨C Any clinician or coach who teaches any
type of human movement can use the Kinesthetic
Awareness Tool (KAT) system to help athletes and
patients improve motor skills in the sports or medi-
cal fields. The KAT is a wearable motion capture/
correction system with customizable haptic feed-
back designed for movement educators for short
term use with their clients.
* Living Ink Technologies, LLC- Aurora, CO
$175,000 ¨C a biomaterials company on a mission to
use sustainable algae technologies to replace petro-
leum-derived products, such as ink. We are chang-
ing the way ink is made by using algae as pigments
for ecofriendly ink products. The vision is to develop
a variety of ink products and colors, including digital
ink. Currently, screen, letterpress and offset ink is
being developed and refined.
Start-Ups (continued from Pg 3)
Go Far With Kovar
Can I Furnish an Apartment
for $300?
Hey Taylor - I¡¯m moving into my
first apartment and I have an issue - the
apartment is unfurnished and I have about
$300 to spend on furniture. Am I sleeping
and sitting on the floor or do I have some
options here? -Lark
Hey Lark - That¡¯s not a lot of money to
furnish an apartment, but I have faith
you¡¯ll pull it off. You might have to adjust
your expectations, but here are a few
ways to make it all work.
1. Air mattress. Sleeping on an air mat-
tress used to be a real struggle, but
manufacturers have upped their game
significantly. If you find the right sale,
you can get a comfortable queen-sized
mattress for around $50 to $100. I know
that¡¯s almost a third of your budget, but I
think a bed is the first thing you need to
take care of. If you have nice chairs or a
beautiful TV stand but you don¡¯t sleep well
at night, you¡¯re not really living your best
life. With a decent air mattress and some
extra blankets for padding, you¡¯ll hardly
notice that you don¡¯t have a normal bed.
2. Thrift shop for dishware. If you¡¯re sav-
ing money, living on your own, and likely
not doing much nesting, go to the thrift
store for your plates and glasses. You can
walk out with ton of stuff that will cost you
$10 total, and you might even find a set of
dishware that makes it look like you didn¡¯t
buy anything used. Even if you end up
having lots of mismatched things, that can
just be part of the charm of your kitchen.
3. Ask about sale days for furniture. Most
second-hand stores end up drastically
reducing prices on furniture from time to
time because they need to move inventory
and make more space. Sometimes every-
thing will be half off for an entire weekend
and that¡¯s when you should try to buy
everything. Time it right and you¡¯ll have
matching dining room chairs that cost $20
or $30 total. You might not get a gorgeous
couch, but you could land something that¡¯s
clean and comfortable for less than $100.
4. Build a table. You don¡¯t have to be
the world¡¯s greatest handyman to get a
plank of wood to stay on four posts. This
is something you can either put together
using pieces of older tables or items
from friends¡¯ garages, or you can go to
the hardware store and buy a top piece
and four smaller boards. Sand down the
surface, add a nice finish, and you¡¯ve
got a table that might even impress your
There are plenty of other items you¡¯ll
need, but start with the necessities and
then continue putting your apartment
together over time. Getting a new place
furnished isn¡¯t so important that you
should put the rest of your life on hold.
Good luck, Lark!
(Taylor Kovar is CEO and founder of Kovar
Capital Management LLC. and CEO of
Premier Pediatric Therapy, a home-health
agency in Texas.
Hillcrest Drive Extension Now Open To Public;
City crews working to place signage in area to
familiarize drivers with the traffic change
Montrose city staff and engineers have for years
been trying to find ways to improve traffic flow in
the area. The project included extending Hillcrest
Drive over former agricultural land to connect with
East Oak Grove Road.
In the past, drivers have used Pavilion Drive, which
cuts through The Bridges development, to connect
with East Oak Grove Road.
¡°I am so excited about this project. That area has
been a blockage in the whole city system for a long
time,¡± Files said, ¡°This will allow people on that side
of town to access other parts of the city more eas-
ily. But more importantly, because of the sidewalks,
kids can now ride to that area south and get to
places like City Market or home more safely. They
will be able to ride their bikes or walk, and that¡¯s
definitely going to help with safety.¡±
The project was completed on schedule and approx-
imately $230,000 under the original budget. But
most importantly the work was completed without
incident and free from injury to workers.
found at:
Founded in 2007, the women¡¯s wheelchair
basketball program at UW-Whitewater is
a club sport that competes nationally. The
Warhawks have won three national cham-
pionships - a three-peat in 2012, 2013
and 2014. Several of the program¡¯s alumni
are Paralympic medalists.
Head Coach Christina Schwab says this
is the strongest squad in her three years
¡°Our players have many different talents
and everyone brings something special.
We will really be able to surprise some
teams this year,¡± she said, ¡°They are very
good student-athletes as well. Their cu-
mulative GPA is around a 3.5 as a team.
We love the fact that this team can fill the
stands, it¡¯s something very unique to this
For more information contact: Jeff Ang-
ileri, 262.472.1195,
Colorado Student
Josie DeHart named
to 2018-19 women¡¯s
wheelchair basketball
team at UW-Whitewater
11/15/2018: Josie DeHart
from Fruita, CO, who is
studying Undeclared at the
University of Wisconsin-
Whitewater, is competing
on the women¡¯s wheelchair
basketball team for the
2018-19 season.
The Warhawks will host a
home tournament at Ka-
chel Fieldhouse Nov. 16-17.
A game schedule can be