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Minimizing Risks
Eating healthy, eating safe
(BPT) You try to eat healthy, but the one thing you
can¡¯t control is who has been handling your food
and whether they are practicing adequate food
Each year, foodborne illnesses sicken close to 50
million Americans and lead to more than 130,000
hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths.
A lot of these illnesses are caused by simple things
like restaurant employees¡¯ failure to properly wash
hands, cooking surfaces and fruits and vegetables.
Foodborne illnesses present a greater challenge to
certain groups of people with reduced immunity,
such as children younger than age 4 and people
older than age 50.
Food can also become compromised much earlier
in the production process, and for this reason food
producers are using a variety of means to keep our
food safe.
One approach uses the concept of hurdle technol-
ogy in which a variety of mild steps (hurdles) are
used to limit microbial growth at each stage of pro-
duction. These include combinations of weak acid
treatments with gentle heating and reduced humid-
ity, or alternating low heat and chilling treatment.
The fresh-bagged salads you see at the grocery
store are a good example of this. Vacuum-packed
products, prepared under rigorous hygienic con-
ditions and heated at lower temperatures, are
Other technologies include the addition of antimi-
crobial agents such as enzymes and other natural
compounds that inhibit the growth of bacteria or
prevent oxidation.
Salt too is a very effective anti-bacterial in food. In
fact, it is the oldest known food preserver. Salt is
widely used in the production of all cheeses, cured
meats and many fish dishes.
Salt preservation works by influencing the amount
of water that all microorganisms require to sur-
vive and grow. The use of salt in controlling water
means that the levels of other preservatives or
processes can be reduced.
This means that microbiological safety can be
achieved with reduced heat, acidity and other
preservatives. This results in a product of vastly
improved taste and nutritional quality because of
the improved retention of other nutrients.
However, as the federal government pushes
companies toward lower salt content there are
some concerns that it could affect food safety and
increase the amount of preservatives that must be
used. Many prefer salt as the more natural choice.
Food safety is an ongoing challenge for an enor-
mous and complex food system, and although
challenges continually arise, exercising caution and
attention in food purchasing, storage and prepara-
tion will minimize the risks.
Remember to not only eat healthy but to also eat
As the 2018 award winner, the City of Montrose will
receive a $4,000 monetary award, contributed by
Rocky Mountain Health Plans to further enhance
community wellness efforts, and a Governor¡¯s
proclamation honoring their efforts as the healthy
community award winner.
Rocky Mountain Health Plans sponsored the
award¡¯s monetary prize in support of its mission to
improve the health and well-being of its Colorado
neighbors and communities.
For more city news visit:
About the Colorado Office of Economic
Development and International Trade
The Colorado Office of Economic Development and
International Trade (OEDIT) works with partners to
create a positive business climate that encourages
dynamic economic development and sustainable
job growth.
Under the leadership of Governor John Hicken-
looper, it strives to advance the State¡¯s economy
through financial and technical assistance that fos-
ters local and regional economic development ac-
tivities throughout Colorado. OEDIT offers a host of
programs and services tailored to support business
development at every level including business re-
tention services, business relocation services, and
business funding and incentives. The office includes
the Global Business Development division; Colo-
rado Tourism Office; Colorado Outdoor Recreation
Industry Office; Colorado Creative Industries; Busi-
ness Financing & Incentives division; the Colorado
Small Business Development Network; Colorado
Office of Film, TV & Media; the Minority Business
Office; and the Colorado Innovation Network. Learn
more at:
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Maximizing Immunity
4 easy health hacks
to stay tough this winter season
(BPT) With never-ending holiday gath-
erings, travel, Sunday football tailgates
and early morning snow-shoveling,
everyone¡¯s looking to stay strong and
healthy this winter season.
Along with colder temperatures, win-
ter also brings a host of preventable
sicknesses. In fact, the CDC estimates
that there were over 49.7 million cases
of the flu in the United States between
2017 and 2018, with a major spike oc-
curring from November through Febru-
With cold and flu season in full effect,
you can help keep your immune system
strong by making simple tweaks to your
daily routine, like adding Welch¡¯s 100%
Grape Juice to meet your daily vitamin
C needs.
Check out these four simple things to
keep you feeling strong and healthy
this flu season:
1. Get your zzz¡¯s
Did you know that most healthy adults
need between 7-9 hours of sleep?
More than ever, be sure to get enough
sleep and establish a morning routine
so your body can acclimate and regen-
erate this winter.
Seek out foods like soups, stews and stir-fry that
incorporate lean meats, dark leafy greens and
all of which
are high in
iron, which
helps increase
vitamin C
absorption and
may help
maintain energy.
4. Protect
your gut
Did you know
that nearly 80
percent of your
immune system
is based in your
Ensure your gut stays healthy to help boost your
immunity and maximize your vitamin
Opt for probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kombucha
and pickled vegetables.
Whether you¡¯re looking to keep your immune sys-
tem strong or get a head-start on
establishing habits for a healthy 2019, look to
incorporate these simple hacks into your daily
(Rowe CA, Nantz MP, Nieves C, West RL and Per-
cival SS. Regular Consumption of Concord Grape
Juice Benefits Human Immunity. J Med Food.
2011. 14(1-2):69-78.)
With colder temps and less daylight, it
becomes more difficult to get up and go-
ing, so begin your morning with an upbeat
playlist or mindful meditation to start the
day off energized.
2. Add tough antioxidants
Kicking your day off on the right foot
should also mean starting with a glass of
Welch¡¯s 100% Grape Juice. Packed with
antioxidants, it¡¯s a great source of vitamin
C, which helps support a healthy immune
One 8-ounce
glass contains
more than 40
Concord grapes
and two servings
of fruit, without
any added
sugars, colors
or flavors.
Welch¡¯s Concord
grape juice also
contains more
antioxidants than
acai or blueberry
and can serve as
that super fuel
to help you stay tough this winter.
3. Eat seasonally
Keep your diet healthy and seasonal. Need
something to warm you up and keep you
feeling good?