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Rewards are available if the
information leads to an arrest
or citation.
For more information about
shed collecting restrictions visit
the CPW website.
Nature & Wildlife
2019 February/March
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
* February 19 - Full Moon, Supermoon,
occurs at 15:53 UTC, known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Snow
Moon because the heaviest snows usu-
ally fell during this time of year, also
been known by some tribes as the Full
Hunger Moon, this is also the second of
three supermoons for 2019, Moon will be
at its closest approach to the Earth and
may look slightly larger and brighter than
* February 27 - The planet Mercury
reaches greatest eastern elongation of
18.1 degrees from the Sun, this is best
time to view Mercury since it will be at
its highest point above the horizon in the
evening sky, look low in the western sky
just after sunset.
* March 6 - New Moon, occurs at 16:04
UTC, the best time of the month to ob-
serve faint objects such as galaxies and
star clusters because there is no moon-
light to interfere.
* March 20 - March Equinox, occurs at
21:58 UTC, Sun shines directly on the
equator and there will be nearly equal
amounts of day and night throughout the
world, also the first day of spring (vernal
equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and
the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in
the Southern Hemisphere.
* March 21 - Full Moon, Supermoon, oc-
curs at 01:43 UTC, known by early Native
American tribes as the Full Worm Moon
because this was the time of year when
the ground would begin to soften and
the earthworms would reappear, has also
been known as the Full Crow Moon, the
Full Crust Moon, the Full Sap Moon and
the Lenten Moon, also the last of three
supermoons for 2019, will be at its clos-
est approach to the Earth and may look
slightly larger and brighter than usual.
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Night Time Delights
The Moon Dance
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Weigh In Now On
Sylvan Lake
In a few egregious cases, witnesses have ob-
served some shed collectors chasing a herd of elk
or deer with an off-road vehicle in an attempt to
secure a fresh shed dropped by a startled animal.
¡°If wildlife is pressed once a day or every other
day, we would not have as much concern,¡± said de
Vergie. ¡°But these animals are constantly pres-
sured now, often running from perceived threats
dozens of times per day. People may not see it
happen right away but severely stressed animals
and their offspring will starve to death when their
fat stores are depleted.¡±
Despite an initial focus on education last year,
wildlife officers wrote several citations and seized
numerous sheds from blatant violators, including
trespass charges on people attempting to skirt the
law by collecting sheds on private property with-
out permission.
CPW officers say they are ramping up enforcement
in 2019.
¡°We¡¯ve done what we can to educate folks about
the restrictions and why they are in place, includ-
ing many face-to-face conversations,¡± said de Ver-
gie. ¡°We hope that folks follow the rules and help
us protect wildlife. If they don¡¯t, we will enforce
our laws to the fullest extent.¡±
For each illegal shed, violators can expect a $50
fine plus an $18 surcharge. In addition, they will
be assessed five points per shed against their
hunting and fishing privileges. After 20 points, vio-
lators can lose their hunting and fishing privileges
for up to five years. In addition, CPW officers will
confiscate all illegally collected sheds.
CPW officials remind everyone about a further
restriction in Southwest Colorado in GMUs 54,
55, 66, 67, and 551 where the collection of shed
antlers or horns is prohibited from Jan 1 through
May 15. In addition, collection and possession are
prohibited in these GMUs between legal sunset
and 10a from May 1 through May 15 each year.
¡°We are not trying to keep people from collecting
sheds,¡± said de Vergie. ¡°We are just asking collec-
tors to wait a bit, cut wildlife a break, wait until
the restricted periods end then go out and get
your sheds.¡±
To report illegal wildlife activity, call your local
CPW office. To remain anonymous, contact Opera-
tion Game Thief at 877.265.6648.
use and future management activities at the
popular park, located 10 miles south of the
Town of Eagle.
CPW has initiated a 30-day public comment
period via an online form.
¡°This is a great opportunity for folks to play a
role in determining the future of Sylvan Lake,¡±
said Park Manager Mike Wall.
¡°As beautiful as this park is now, we have big
decisions to make in light of the growth in
visitation and how people recreate. This park
is one of Colorado¡¯s crown jewels and the pub-
lic¡¯s involvement will be a critical component
going forward in order to conserve it for future
To ensure opportunities to provide input, CPW
began an outreach campaign in 2017, includ-
ing a public open house, a public comment
form and an online questionnaire.
¡°We¡¯ve tried to reach out to as many folks as
possible and it included a Spanish language
outreach campaign,¡± said Wall. ¡°We are reach-
ing the final stages, but it¡¯s not too late to
participate if you want to weigh in.¡±
Wall says Sylvan Lake State Park is extremely
CPW¡¯s popular Sylvan Lake
State Park updates mgmt
plan; public can have a say
After a two-year process,
Colorado Parks and Wildlife¡¯s
Sylvan Lake State Park is in
the final stages of updating its
management plan and is ask-
ing the public for input.
When approved, the 10-year
plan will provide direction on
resource protection, visitor
popular. As is the case with all outdoor recreation
opportunities in Colorado, he says one of his big-
gest challenges is managing the park¡¯s natural and
cultural amenities in the face of increased use and
¡°It¡¯s not easy to provide great outdoor recreation
while at the same time conserving this fantastic
resource,¡± he said. ¡°That is why the public¡¯s input
is so important. We need to make decisions the
public understands and supports.¡±
In addition to the new management plan, Sylvan
Lake¡¯s dam has undergone major reconstruction,
limiting access since early 2018.
¡°The dam is safer, and with a good management
plan in place, the future looks great at Sylvan
Lake,¡± said Wall.
For more information about Sylvan Lake State
Park visit the CPW website.
¡°Be thou the rainbow in the
storms of life. The evening
beam, that smiles the clouds
away, and tints tomorrow with
prophetic ray.¡± - Lord Byron