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Is 2019 a Good Time
to Buy a House?
Hey Taylor - Where¡¯s the
housing market headed? My wife and I are
on the fence about buying in 2019, mostly
because we¡¯re nervous about buying right
before a big price drop. Any insight? - Rick
Hey Rick - I have insight, but I do not
have a crystal ball. I¡¯m happy to give you
some of my personal thoughts based on
the information available, but I have to
ask that you refrain from telling everyone
that Taylor Kovar thinks he knows exactly
where the real estate market is headed
and when. If that were true, I¡¯d be a
1. Strong economy. Employment
numbers and tax rates have the economy
surging, and it doesn¡¯t seem like a po-
tential housing bubble will threaten all
American financials in the way we saw in
2008. Until we see signs of an economic
drag, it¡¯s probably not smart to predict the
housing market will take a drastic turn.
However, the one economic factor that¡¯s
trailing in some sectors is wage growth,
and that¡¯s a problem that directly affects
home supply and sales. Furthermore, you
have to think about your local jobs and
wages in addition to the national numbers.
Right now the big picture is good. Until
that changes, house prices should con-
tinue to rise.
2. Rise in construction. Since demand
has remained high, it looks like construc-
tion and development is starting to pick
up. In Texas, we¡¯re seeing a steady uptick
in development near some of the larger
cities. Since availability is a big factor in
our current housing climate, more houses
should help the market stay steady. Again,
your location will determine supply. Some
cities and suburbs are running out of
buildable space, and those markets might
struggle more than areas where devel-
opment happens relatively quickly. Es-
sentially, if houses are being built in your
neighborhood, you have a better chance
of finding something that will increase in
3. How much can you spend? It looks
like prices are going to keep rising. While
there will be some sort of correction at
some point, the market will recover again
and then we¡¯ll eventually see prices that
dwarf the numbers we¡¯re seeing today.
This cycle continues to repeat, making
any property you can buy today some-
thing that will almost certainly go up in
value over the course of a few decades.
So, can you afford to buy a house? Don¡¯t
think about the $20,000 you might save
if you wait a year, and instead think about
whether or not you can comfortably buy
something at the going rate. If you can, I
would say it¡¯s a good idea.
The market will change, Rick. I¡¯m not sure
when or how much, but it¡¯s going to hap-
pen. My advice is to worry less about what
could change and focus on what you can
and should do now. Good luck!
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The Good News
2019 February/March
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