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That¡¯s the way time works and there¡¯s no way
around it. Or is there? Here¡¯s the thing: while
you only have 24 hours in your day, Bob also
has 24 hours in his. If Bob is able to spend
one of his hours doing an hour of your work,
you¡¯ve essentially just tacked on a 25th hour.
The hardest part of delegating is getting past
the need to feel self-sufficient. You have to
realize that the busiest people who get the
most stuff done spend a lot of time delegating
tasks. You don¡¯t want to push your luck and
put too much on someone else¡¯s plate, but
asking for help isn¡¯t a bad idea. More often
than not, people will do what they can to
make your life a little easier.
There are a lot of time management tech-
niques worth employing, and these three
should show pretty immediate results. Iden-
tify the areas you could improve, make some
changes, and you¡¯ll start to feel like time isn¡¯t
always fleeting. Best of luck, Yolanda!
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Tips For Effective Time
Hi Taylor - Got any time management
tips? I¡¯m a little tired of hearing people
say ¡°time is money¡± and ¡°we all have the same
number of hours in our days.¡± I know those things
to be true, but I don¡¯t know what I can do about
it to be more efficient. - Yolanda
Hey Yolanda - I know how frustrating it is when
people offer platitudes instead of solutions, so I¡¯ll
try to give you concrete advice on this. Time defi-
nitely equals money when you¡¯re handling your
schedule effectively, and I¡¯ve found these tips to
be really useful.
1. Identify your procrastination techniques.
A lot of people procrastinate nonstop without real-
izing what they¡¯re doing. Do you check your email
a dozen times a day, or spend hours reorganizing
your workspace because you think that will help
you clear your head? We all do plenty of things
that are more productive than scrolling through
social media, but still far less productive than just
getting to work. Take some time to analyze the
things you do, then be honest with yourself about
how important those tasks are. I guarantee there
are at least a couple routine activities that could
be eliminated from your daily itinerary.
2. Don¡¯t multitask for the sake of multitask-
ing. If you can truly multitask, you have a gift. In
most cases, people who claim to be multitasking
are just spreading effort between two separate
chores. Doing two things at once doesn¡¯t save you
any time if you have to repeat the process later
because your work wasn¡¯t good enough the first
time. When you give a task your full attention,
you¡¯ll finish it more quickly. Keep that in mind
before you try to do a bunch of important things
at once.
3. Delegate. You have 24 hours in your day.
no gloves.
Another woman who looked to be in her mid 20¡¯s
approached the older woman and said, ¡°Your
hands must be freezing cold. You¡¯ll get frostbite
in this weather.¡±
She dropped her heavy backpack to the ground
at the feet of the older woman, bent down and
began rummaging around inside her pack. The
older woman looked down and said, ¡°Oh no,
that¡¯s OK, I¡¯m fine.¡±
The younger woman continued to toss things
around in her backpack and the older woman
kept repeating, ¡°Don¡¯t go to any trouble, I¡¯ll be
After what seemed like many minutes, the
younger woman pulled out a tangled mess of
yarn, and inside was a pair of gloves. She took
the older woman¡¯s hands and gently placed a
glove on each hand, covering one finger at a
It was like watching a play. The older woman said
¡°Thank you, you¡¯re so sweet.¡±
Observing this act of kindness gave me this
amazing, warm feeling inside. You see, both the
giver and receiver of an act of kindness, as well
as anyone who observes the act, will experience
an increase in their serotonin levels.
Not only does the serotonin make you feel good,
but it also strengthens your immune system. It¡¯s
amazing to me that just by watching or hearing
about someone doing something nice for an-
other person, you¡¯re improving your health and
strengthening your immune system.
So as cold as we all were, the longer the digging
in the backpack went on, the more serotonin we
were all getting!
Just five minutes earlier, I was aggravated and
feeling sorry for myself, yet in the space of those
few minutes of watching this act of kindness,
those feelings were replaced with hope, optimism
and confidence.
The Reading Room
2019 April/May
Pg 5 - The Sunshine Express
Treasures From The Inbox
If you get email, you
get stuff. Sometimes
it is spam, sometimes
it is a true gem.
Here is one of those
gems worth sharing:
The Power Of Kindness
It was 20 degrees at 7a on that Monday
morning. I was mad that I had just missed
the bus, and was standing out in the freezing
cold, waiting for the next one.
I had been called for jury duty and was head-
ed to the courthouse to ask for a postpone-
ment, since my husband was in the hospital
about to have surgery. My mind was filled
with anxiety and negative thoughts.
¡°Why didn¡¯t I leave two minutes earlier?¡±
¡°What if they don¡¯t let me postpone?¡± ¡°What
could go wrong with my husband¡¯s surgery?¡±
¡°Will I get to him before it starts?¡±
Among the others at the bus stop was a
woman in her 50¡¯s, wearing a dowdy hat, an
old pair of boots and a dark coat, but she had
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