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CBD Poised To Dominate
CBD related products are changing the
beauty industry
(BPT) Short for cannabidiol, CBD is grabbing
headlines every day. Long known to be a benefi-
cial ingredient for health and wellness, now it¡¯s
coming to the beauty industry.
Why is it grabbing headlines? Because of its anti-
inflammatory, soothing and anti-aging properties,
which make the oil an ideal solution to transform
your beauty routine, from hair products to lotions
to facial oils.
If you¡¯re thinking, ¡°Wait, cannabis? That¡¯s mari-
juana, right?¡± Yes and no. Though CBD is found in
cannabis, it is legal, it won¡¯t get you high and you
will pass your drug test with flying colors. That¡¯s
because CBD does not contain THC, the ingredient
in cannabis that produces the ¡®high¡¯ effect.
Kevin Wachs, CEO and co-founder of Earthly Body,
offers some of the beauty areas where this oil is
having the biggest impact.
Super skin care
We already know that inflammation can spell seri-
ous skin woes, but what you might not know is
that CBD¡¯s anti-inflammatory properties can do
wonders to help soothe low-level irritation.
per day commit suicide. Suicidal thoughts are a
known byproduct of opioids, of which the VA is the
largest prescriber in the United States.
¡°I was on multiple VA-prescribed drugs,¡± said Gas-
kin. ¡°Due to the issues related to my bursitis, my
arm was in a sling when a buddy told me about
CBD. I got a bottle of 300 mg.
After taking it twice a day for three days, I was
back in the gym, lifting my full weight.¡± Gaskin
said CBD also helped him get much needed sleep,
devoid of nightmares.
Currently, the 116th Congress is considering
multiple bills aimed at medical cannabis; however,
none of them is focused solely on medicinal hemp,
the one element that could legally be pushed
through thanks to the Farm Bill.
¡°Hemp is now federally legal. There¡¯s nothing
stopping the VA from studying it,¡± said Steve
Danyluk, founder, Warfighter Hemp and author,
The 2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act. ¡°So,
what¡¯s the holdup? Every day we wait, more vet-
erans are dying.¡±
Danyluk founded Warfighter Hemp in 2017 after
retiring as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Ma-
rines. His last tour was working wounded issues
at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,
which opened his eyes to the opioid impact on
veterans. He knew there had to be a better solu-
He¡¯s working with legislators to introduce the
2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act, which would
allow the VA to study CBD derived from industrial
hemp and ultimately prescribe CBD as it currently
does other supplements.
¡°CBD derived from industrial hemp can be eas-
ily sourced and provided to veterans and anyone
suffering from chronic pain. We have hundreds of
testimonials that it works. We now need Congress
to do the work to pass a bill forcing the VA to
study it,¡± said Danyluk.
Warfighter Hemp grows its hemp on Colorado¡¯s
largest organic hemp farm. This 100 percent
organic, U.S. grown hemp results in high-quality
CBD, of critical importance, as some CBD is
shipped from overseas under unknown conditions.
Fifty percent of Warfighter Hemp proceeds go to
support veteran charities.
To learn more about what you can do to help get
the 2019 Medicinal Hemp Research Act introduced
and passed, visit:
2019-medicinal-hemp-research-act to com-
plete a form and send to your Congress person.
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2019 April/May
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
Can¡¯t Sleep? Try This
The oil, such as CBD Daily¡¯s Serum,
moisturizes and soothes skin thanks
to the high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9
fatty acids it contains.
These acids deliver important nutrients
to the skin while protecting against envi-
ronmental and other daily stressors.
Additionally, the oil works to soothe
sore muscles and aches.
Happy hair
Earthly Body¡¯s Emera CBD Haircare line
is the first professional haircare line in-
fused with CBD. This, along with other
oils, is loaded with essential fatty acids
so it helps to keep hair well hydrated.
It also helps to regulate hair loss and
control dry hair and scalp conditions. In
doing so, it encourages hair growth and
promotes overall healthy hair.
¡°CBD promotes healthy hair growth and
good scalp health and protects your hair
from daily environmental stresses because
it is antioxidant rich,¡± Wachs said. ¡°It also
strengthens your hair and reduces break-
age thanks to the high levels of amino
acids and offers color protection thanks to
tyrosine, too.¡±
In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory
properties, it works to calm and nourish
beneath the surface by deeply penetrat-
ing and conditioning in conjunction with
a blend of ingredients like lemon grass,
chamomile and Japanese matcha green
The new look of beauty products
The beauty industry is constantly chang-
ing, and as new products and trends enter
the market, CBD-related solutions are
poised to dominate.
To learn more visit: or
associated with lower blood pressure, heart rate and
skin temperature - all relaxing ingredients for a good
night¡¯s sleep.
And, as an extra perk, lavender has been shown to
reduce anxiety, making it a great essential oil to put
on your pillow for those nights when concerns of the
day are keeping you awake.
Touchy feely: Make sure that you have cozy, qual-
ity bedding, which will permeate your sense of touch
throughout the night.
In a U.S.-based survey conducted by the American
Down and Feather Council (ADFC), 70 percent of con-
sumers surveyed who use down and feather products
agreed they get a better night¡¯s sleep with down and
feather bedding.
Furthermore, 55 percent agreed there are health
benefits to sleeping with down and feather products,
because they:
* Regulate your body temperature - Down and feather
is a natural material that wicks away moisture and
perspiration, allowing it to quickly evaporate rather
than trapping it.
* Provide proper support - Down and feather pillows
conform to the body more naturally than many syn-
thetic fibers or foam pillows.
* Offer the sleep-inducing benefits of warmth without
weight - Down is nature¡¯s best insulator!
Soothing sounds: Try using a white noise machine
to mask background sounds, thereby creating a more
serene environment.
When used to promote healthy sleep, white noise
helps to drown out sounds that might otherwise
prevent you from falling asleep or wake you up while
So, if you¡¯re having trouble sleeping, try listening to
your senses to help contribute to a better night¡¯s sleep
- and see what a difference the quality of your bedding
can make!
Get in touch with your senses
for a better night¡¯s sleep
(BPT) In a world where everyone is con-
stantly on-the-go, getting a good night¡¯s
sleep can be a daunting challenge.
If you¡¯re having trouble sleeping, remedy
the situation by using your own senses
right in your bedroom!
Here are three easy and effective tips for
using your senses to help contribute to a
better night¡¯s sleep and, in turn, bolster
your overall well-being.
Scent sense: Sprinkle a few drops of
lavender oil on your pillow. Lavender is
¡°True silence is the rest of the
mind, and is to the spirit
what sleep is to the body,
nourishment and refreshment. ¡°
- William Penn