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Vegetarians and vegans shred and season the
fruit as a substitute for meat in dishes like
tacos, curries, stews and soups; others enjoy it
sliced into yogurt or oatmeal.
The roasted or boiled seeds can be made into
hummus or seasoned and eaten as snacks.
* Dragon fruit: Low in calories but rich in
valuable ingredients such as vitamin C, iron,
magnesium, betalains, carotenoids and fiber,
this pear-shaped fruit may help prevent chronic
diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes
and arthritis.
Studies show its prebiotic qualities promote the
growth of healthy bacteria in your gastrointesti-
nal tract.
Seek a bright red rind that¡¯s slightly soft but not
mushy, scoop out the sweet seed-speckled pulp
and snack on it raw or add it to salads, smooth-
ies or yogurt.
Want to look further? Other fruits frequently
categorized as super fruits include cranberries,
tart cherries, kiwifruits, mangoes, figs, papayas,
goji, mangosteens, pitaya and avocados.
Learn more about the healthy and delicious op-
tions you can add to your diet at:
Farmhouse Sink allow you to choose your own
material for the apron front to match your
existing countertop
or backsplash or
choose one of
Kohler¡¯s designed
Easily change up
the look of your
kitchen simply by
switching out the
material in the
apron of your sink.
Update your
cabinet hardware
One of the easiest
ways to refresh
your kitchen
cabinets and drawers is to switch up the hard-
ware. Warm up your space with brass finishes or
opt for another on-trend finish and shape.
Add open shelving
Adding shelves is the perfect solution for a large
blank wall.
Once the shelves are installed, use them to
display your glassware collection, beautiful china
or colorful cookbooks. Shelves add storage and
style to your kitchen.
Upgrade your fixtures
Bring out your inner chef by selecting fixtures
like Kohler¡¯s Semi-Professional Kitchen Sink Fau-
cet, which features a pull-down sprayhead with
functions for rinsing, cleaning and fast filling of
Simply upgrading your kitchen faucet takes your
kitchen to the next level. New fixtures enhance
the style of your space while you enjoy the lat-
est innovative features like water temperature
Splurge on a new appliance
If you¡¯re really looking to spruce up your kitchen,
choose your most outdated appliance and spring
for a new one.
A new stainless-steel refrigerator or sleek black
cooktop might be all you need to revamp a dull
If you¡¯re on a tight budget, keep an eye out for
sales throughout the year.
Paint the cabinets or walls
Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of
A new color always feels like a huge change; and
with very little supplies needed, painting is one
of the most cost-effective ways to improve your
kitchen space.
Buy fresh flowers
It may sound simple, but fresh flowers bring
life and a pop of color into an otherwise dreary
Make it part of your weekly routine to pick up
fresh flowers to brighten your kitchen and your
Play with lighting
Lighting plays a big role in how your kitchen
feels. Warm lighting will make your kitchen ap-
pear brighter and more welcoming.
You can easily shop around for new light fixtures
and light switches at most home improvement
stores and compare prices online to get the best
You may have visions of your dream kitchen,
but a full-fledged renovation isn¡¯t always in the
budget. Follow these tips to satisfy your urge to
This flower grows from 24 to 36 inches tall, with
beautiful deep blue blooms that are attractive to
hummingbirds and bees.
Beginner and experienced gardeners alike can
enjoy the newest gardening trends by branching
out into plants and flowers to attract pollinators,
taking advantage of vivid new color options and
involving the whole family in the process.
To explore a whole new world of gardening
options visit your favorite local garden center
this spring.
Share your own style for 2019 by making your
garden a personal experience.
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Nutritional Powerhouses
Savor them straight from the fruit, freeze
them for later or add them to juices, sal-
ads, yogurt, oatmeal or desserts.
Consumption can help prevent or treat
high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oxi-
dative stress, hyperglycemia and inflam-
mation reports the National Institutes of
* Jackfruit: Don¡¯t be fazed by the spiky
green or yellow rind that makes this look
more like a vegetable. The yummy inside
is reminiscent of apples, pineapples, man-
goes and bananas combined, and is subtle
enough to be used in sweet or savory
Jackfruit is packed with carbohydrates,
protein, vitamins, minerals and anti-
oxidants; studies show it can reduce the
inflammation associated with obesity and
Budget Friendly Upgrades
8 easy ways to refresh your kitchen
without a major renovation
(BPT) The kitchen is one of the most important
rooms in your home.
From cooking and eating to spending time with
your family, most kitchens are well lived in and
But when it comes time for an upgrade, the
kitchen is also one of the most expensive rooms
to remodel.
A full kitchen remodel can take months to com-
plete, and the cost can add up quickly. The good
news is there are plenty of budget-friendly fixes
to help you rejuvenate your space without a
total overhaul.
Here are some top tips:
Choose customizable features
What if your kitchen sink could perfectly match
your counter or backsplash? Customizable fea-
tures like Kohler¡¯s Tailor Customizable
Empower your diet: 5 super healthy
super fruits to try now
(BPT) Nutritionists these days are urging people
to eat more ¡°super fruits,¡± the healthy and deli-
cious fruit varieties believed to provide your
body extra doses of important nutrients.
While some so-called super fruits aren¡¯t neces-
sarily supercharged with more vitamins and
minerals than other fruits, they definitely do
pack a powerful nutritional punch.
You can find a wide spectrum of super fruits to
choose from in your produce department.
Here¡¯s a rundown of some fun and tasty options
you may want to add to your diet.
* Acai berries: Pronounced ah-sigh-EE, these
low-sugar grape-like fruits remind some people
of chocolate.
Research suggests eating them can reduce the
risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, lower
cholesterol levels, help heal exercise-induced
muscle injuries and reduce blood sugar in over-
weight people.
They¡¯re especially high in the antioxidant antho-
cyanin that¡¯s linked to brain health and cogni-
tive function; they¡¯re rich in iron, calcium, fiber
and vitamin A and they contain fatty acids that
further skin elasticity and moisture retention.
Drink acai juice or add the berries to smooth-
ies, oatmeal, cereal, fruit bowls or homemade
granola bars.
* Blueberries: Studies show these juicy nug-
gets of antioxidant goodness can boost heart,
bone and skin health; aid in blood pressure,
diabetes management and cancer prevention
and increase energy.
One cup alone offers 24 percent of your daily al-
lowance of vitamin C, and the sweet little treats
are also high in iron, phosphorous, calcium,
magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamin K.
Enjoy them straight from the carton or add
them to waffles, pancakes, yogurt, oatmeal,
cereal, muffins or sweet breads.
* Pomegranates: Split open the tough red
rind of these amazing antioxidant fruits (look-
ing for a rind that¡¯s heavy and firm) and scoop
out the delectable seeds that can range from
slightly to very sour.