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The Good News
2019 June/July
Pg 3 - The Sunshine Express
esteem for kids, is among 27 Colorado start-ups
approved for funding as part of the Colorado Of-
fice of Economic Development and International
Trade (OEDIT)¡¯s Advanced Industries Accelera-
tor Grant Program.
A total of $6,125,730 was approved this grant
cycle for Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capi-
tal and Retention Grants to support Colorado¡¯s
advanced industries.
¡°Funding a diverse cross-section of innovative
companies in Colorado¡¯s key industries is one
of the ways we fuel the economy,¡± said Michelle
Hadwiger, global business development director.
¡°These grants help expand Colorado¡¯s economic
ecosystem, spurring job growth and innovation.¡±
Two western Colorado companies were ap-
proved to receive Proof-of-Concept and Early
Stage Capital Grants.
Proof-of-Concept grants are open to Colorado
research universities, federal labs located in
Colorado and other labs with valid technology
transfer offices for
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Hemp Market Boom (cont. from pg 1)
Colorado Dept of
Agriculture partners
with numerous state
agencies to create
hemp advancement &
planning initiative
Broomfield, CO, May
30, 2019: In response
to the recent passage
of the 2018 Agricultural
Improvement Act, com-
monly known as the
Farm Bill, Governor Po-
lis has signed the Hemp
Regulation Alignment
With 2018 Federal Farm
Bill, in addition to the
Industrial Hemp Prod-
ucts Regulation Bill.
The bill signings will
further establish Colo-
rado as an innovating
force in the promotion
of this high-value agri-
cultural commodity.
The Farm Bill enables
every state department
of agriculture to sub-
mit a hemp manage-
ment plan to the USDA
outlining how various
aspects of hemp culti-
vation and processing
will be managed within
their jurisdiction.
As a result, the Colo-
rado Department of
Agriculture is partner-
ing with eight state
agencies to establish
a statewide initiative
known as the Colorado
Although most of the press on CBC is related to
chronic pain, many doctors believe that¡¯s only the
beginning of CBC¡¯s healing potential. Other stud-
ies looking into CBC have suggested this canna-
binoid could repair brain damage, get rid of acne
and even improve mental health.
Cannabinol: The Phoenix
Cannabinol (CBN) is an interesting cannabinoid
because it¡¯s only created after THC degenerates.
This means you¡¯ll only find high quantities of CBN
on plants that have been exposed to oxygen for
longer periods of time.
This fact alone was enough to make CBN undesir-
able to farmers, retailers and consumers alike.
However, recent findings have sparked a new
discussion about this mysterious cannabinoid.
Not much is known about how CBN works, but it
seems to attach to the brain¡¯s CB2 receptors. To-
day, scientists are most interested in CBN for its
potential to treat sleeping disorders like insomnia.
Current research suggests CBN works as a power-
ful, natural sedative.
A study by Steep Hill Labs claims that 2.5-5mg
of CBN has the same effect as a 5-10mg dose of
diazepam. This research has sparked interest in
CBN, which was largely ignored by the cannabis
industry due to the fact that it was mostly found
in older cannabis plants.
Cannabigerol: The Little Guy
Unlike CBN, which appears after THC disinte-
grates, the cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG) is the
forerunner of both THC and CBD. Despite this in-
teresting factoid, CBG is usually ignored because
it only makes up about 1 percent of total cannabi-
noids in the cannabis plant.
There is, however, a growing community of can-
nabis growers who work on breeding plants that
will yield higher quantities of CBG. Many in the
medical marijuana industry believe this compound
could help with a wide variety of issues ranging
from digestive disorders to eye disease.
For instance, one Polish study showed promising
results for CBG¡¯s ability to reduce eye pressure
in patients with glaucoma. A few other conditions
that CBG seems to help with include colorectal
cancer, irritable bowel disease and bladder issues
like interstitial cystitis.
Cannabinoids: A booming wholesale industry
When people talk about cannabinoids, they usu-
ally only focus on the big kahunas: CBD and
THC. While these two compounds are undeniably
important, they aren¡¯t the whole story.
With more time and research, scientists will
hopefully uncover the best ways to use these and
more cannabinoids to help ease the suffering of
countless patients in the USA and abroad.
There has never been a better time to enter
the hemp market, either as a farmer, retailer or
As research on cannabinoids provides us with
more evidence on their efficiency, the industry
will grow stronger.
If you are interested in obtaining the best CBD
hemp flower, hemp biomass, isolate or distillate
to start your own line of products, contact one of
our representatives. We¡¯d be happy to guide you
through your profitable journey into the world of
(This content is provided as a membership benefit
to our valuable business level members. Due to
several factors including the variances in state
hemp laws and the differences in interpretation of
federal law, NHA makes no warrants of the legal-
ity, efficacy or safety of any product, service or
statement made by any third party.
We encourage all members and the general public
to do their own due diligence on any business
or product, and understanding their state¡¯s and
federal laws, before choosing to purchase any
product or contracting for any service.)
[source:, This con-
tent written & published originally by: IHF LLC]
Hemp Advancement and Management Plan
(the CHAMP).
The CHAMP initiative is a large stakeholder-
based project that will bring together top
subject matter experts from higher education,
regulatory fields and private industry to explore
important questions regarding the advance-
ment and management of the hemp industry in
These stakeholders will take part in guided
discussions and will provide a perspective on a
number of critical issues. Their input will help
create a comprehensive roadmap to provide
clarity and consensus on how to advance Colo-
rado¡¯s hemp industry.
¡°In keeping with CDA¡¯s core mission to continu-
ously strengthen and advance Colorado agricul-
ture and foster responsible stewardship, a key
objective of the CHAMP initiative is to define a
structured supply chain and establish a strong
market for the state¡¯s farming communities,¡±
said Kate Greenberg, Colorado Commissioner of
Agriculture. ¡°Working closely with our colleagues
at other Colorado agencies as well as farmers
and experts across the state will help ensure the
success of this unprecedented project.¡±
The collaborative effort includes CDA, the Gov-
ernor¡¯s Office, Department of Public Health and
Environment, Department of Revenue, Depart-
ment of Regulatory Agencies, Office of Economic
Development and International Trade, Depart-
ment of Public Safety, Colorado Commission of
Indian Affairs, Department of Higher Education,
local governments and industry experts.
To learn more about the CHAMP initiative and
apply to be a stakeholder, visit the program
Initiative To
Create Hemp
Funding To Spur Job Growth
$6.1 million Advanced Industries Awards
fuel 27 Colorado start-ups
May 21, 2019: A Colorado company, focused on
improving education by turning digital devices
- desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones -
into gateways to musical creativity and self