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Young hunters, here¡¯s your chance to learn
how to hunt big and small game
from CPW experts
DENVER: If you are between the ages of 12-17
and have always wanted to hunt big or small
game, but don¡¯t have anyone at home to show you
how, here¡¯s your chance to participate in world-
class outdoor recreation and be a part of critical
wildlife management efforts into the future.
Offered through the agency¡¯s Hunter Outreach
Program, novice hunters across the state get a
chance to learn how to hunt responsibly and prop-
erly with the skills taught by CPW experts.
To receive the application send an email before the
Aug. 16 deadline to: nwhunteroutreach@gmail.
¡°What we¡¯ve learned is that many young people
want to learn how to hunt but don¡¯t have someone
at home to show them how,¡± said Hunter Outreach
Coordinator Kathleen Mawhinney of CPW¡¯s North-
west Region, ¡°That is why the Hunter Outreach
Program is so valuable. Once they experience
first-hand mentorship from CPW experts, these
kids will be able to hunt safely and responsibly in
the future.¡±
CPW¡¯s Hunter Outreach Program offers youths
more opportunities than ever before to head into
the field to harvest a big or small game animal us-
ing skills learned first-hand from experts.
¡°Over the years, thousands of young hunters have
learned the skills and techniques needed to hunt
a variety of big and small game, including deer,
elk, pronghorn, upland birds or waterfowl,¡± said
¡°The future of Colorado¡¯s wildlife management ef-
forts depends greatly on our younger generations,¡±
she added, ¡°and the successful Hunter Outreach
Program remains a big part of that.¡±
Mawhinney says even with expert mentorship, not
every hunter will fill their tag.
She says enjoying the outdoors with friends and
family makes hunting in Colorado one of the most
rewarding activities.
¡°Hunting gets people outside, it teaches responsi-
bility, it teaches about effective wildlife manage-
ment, and if they are lucky, putting fresh, organic
meat on the table is a bonus. This is a fantastic
opportunity for our future hunters,¡± she said.
For more information about the Hunter Outreach
Program visit the CPW website.
CPW is an enterprise agency, relying primarily on
license sales, state parks fees and registration
fees to support its operations, including 41 state
parks and more than 350 wildlife areas covering
approximately 900,000 acres, management of
fishing and hunting, wildlife watching, camping,
motorized and non-motorized trails, boating and
outdoor education.
CPW¡¯s work contributes approximately $6 billion in
total economic impact annually throughout Colo-
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rights reserved.
have returned to their normal levels and that
should make for an exciting and extended
floating season.¡±
That¡¯s also the message from Bob Hamel,
director for Arkansas River Outfitters Associa-
¡°We¡¯re way past the high flows of runoff,¡±
Hamel said, ¡°but the sustained flows are
providing exciting rafting and splashy waves
conducive to families, while still offering chal-
lenges to advanced rafters.
¡°We¡¯re expecting a strong finish to the season
and that¡¯s good news for residents of Colorado.
August and September will be a great time
to go rafting for locals as the out-of-staters
leave,¡± Hamel continued, ¡°We should finish the
Neinas said. ¡°The river is spectacu-
lar now. It¡¯s sunny and warm and
that makes the water feel so cool
and refreshing. We have whitewa-
ter that¡¯s perfect for families and
challenging for the adventure-class
of boaters.¡±
¡°And we¡¯re going to have great wa-
ter well into September. It¡¯s incred-
ible how much snow is still up in
the mountains,¡± he added.
Grant Brown, Colorado Parks and
Wildlife¡¯s boating safety program
manager, said it is a relief to finally
be talking about river rafting again
after a string of river fatalities
statewide with the majority result-
ing from private boaters.
¡°The news this season to date has
been about high water conditions,¡±
Brown said. ¡°But now rivers flows
Nature & Wildlife
2019 August/September
Pg 10 - The Sunshine Express
Great whitewater awaits late-season rafters
as river levels calm from peak flows
SALIDA, CO, July 31, 2019: After weeks of water
surging down the Arkansas River at levels not
seen for a couple decades, flows have calmed
along the 152 miles of the Arkansas Headwaters
Recreation Area (AHRA) and rafting conditions
are the best they¡¯ve been all season.
¡°Flows are fantastic for this time of the year,¡±
said Rob White, AHRA park manager. ¡°And
we expect to see great whitewater conditions
throughout August and well past the Labor Day
River flow rates, measured in cubic feet per
second, or cfs, are trending at or above 1,500 cfs
in Salida and anywhere from 1,200 cfs to 1,800
cfs at key checkpoints along the river includ-
ing Browns Canyon, Wellsville, Parkdale and the
Royal Gorge.
Those levels are well above historic averages
entering August.
¡°Right now, whitewater boating in the Numbers,
Browns Canyon and the Royal Gorge has never
been better,¡± White said. ¡°These water levels are
perfect for enjoying a whitewater trip with an
AHRA commercial outfitter.¡±
Andy Neinas, owner Echo Canyon River Expedi-
tions which offers raft trips up and down the
river, said he can¡¯t recall sustained flows this
late in the season in any of his 33 years on the
¡°Water levels are in the sweet spot right now,¡±
Water Levels In ¡°Sweet Spot¡±
season very
Last year, the
50-plus outfitters
along the Arkan-
sas River counted
about 225,000
rafting customers
who challenged
the Arkansas
River through the
Safety is always
a priority when
recreating within
the AHRA.
If you are not
familiar with the
Arkansas River or
current condi-
tions, please
contact the AHRA
Visitor Cen-
ter in Salida at
¡°The AHRA is
managed through
a cooperative ef-
fort between the
Bureau of Land
the U.S. Forest
Service and Colo-
rado Parks and
For more infor-
mation go to:
Nobody To Learn From?
¡°If you are planning for a year, sow
rice; if you are planning for a decade,
plant trees; if you are planning for a
lifetime, educate people.¡±
- Chinese Proverb