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2019 October/November
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Balancing Your Personal and
Professional Life
Hi Taylor - I know you¡¯ve
managed to have a family and a successful
My wife and I are getting to the point of
talking about kids, but we always come back
to the question of how we balance work and
a family.
How are you able to do both? - George
Hey George - One of my favorite topics and
questions! I¡¯ve got a longer post about this
very thing at that you
should check out.
While there are a million things to think
about and plan, the short answer is: you¡¯re
ready. Here¡¯s why.
1. It will never feel like the perfect
Having children is a massive undertaking.
Every second of it is a blessing, but to think
it won¡¯t completely reshape your life is naive.
Because of that, it¡¯s pretty improbable you¡¯d
ever feel like it was the perfect moment and
situation to have a child.
You can only hope you¡¯ll be able to adjust to
a growing family without letting go of things
you love. It will be a big adjustment, but
I promise you won¡¯t regret a thing as you
make room for the newest member(s) of
your family.
If you¡¯re both excited about parenthood,
stop waiting for things to fall into place and
embrace the life you want.
2. ¡°Necessity is the mother of
It¡¯s not a direct connection, but I think about
this phrase a lot when it comes to parenting.
Until you have children, it¡¯s hard to fathom
how you can make it all work.
Once they arrive, brightening your day and
taking up all your time, you don¡¯t remember
what life was like before. Without thinking
twice, you¡¯ll make the necessary changes
and keep moving forward.
It may seem counterintuitive, but I¡¯ve seen
countless people find more fulfillment in their
careers after having a baby. You gain per-
spective about what¡¯s really important, and
that helps focus you within your family and
Having kids teaches you more about yourself
than you could ever imagine.
3. You deserve both.
The fact that you¡¯re asking these questions
and wondering if it¡¯s the right time is an indi-
cator, to me, that you¡¯re ready.
This kind of thoughtful approach will only
help you in your parenting, and we could use
more moms and dads who really want to en-
gage in the process of raising their children.
You¡¯ll be able to make time for a good career
and a loving family, even though you¡¯ll have
a little less time for sleeping.
As much as a successful career matters,
nothing should come before family.
Trust in yourself and your wife and go after
the life you want.
Best of luck, George!
(Taylor Kovar - Wealth Manager. Author.
Speaker. Serial Entrepreneur. Travel Lover.
Chick-Fil-A Fanatic. Family Man. Disciple.
Kovar is the CEO and founder of Kovar Capi-
tal Management LLC of Lufkin, Texas.
Read more about Taylor at: GoFarWithKovar.
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Go Far With Kovar
River Project Funds Increased
Montrose Awarded Additional Grant Money
For River Restoration Project
The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB)
will provide a total of $500,000 between the
Water Supply Reserve Fund and the Colorado
Watershed Restoration Programs for Uncompah-
gre River restoration improvements.
In January Montrose was selected to receive
$400,000 from CWCB through the Colorado Wa-
tershed Restoration Program for improvements
on the Uncompahgre River.
Grant funds will be used to begin Phase 1 of
river restoration improvements on 0.65 miles
(3,400 feet) of the Uncompahgre River, travers-
ing through the Colorado Outdoors Project, now
slated to begin in fall 2020.
The project will include reestablishing a resilient
channel, connecting the river to its floodplain,
creating a stable riparian zone, improving fish
and other aquatic habitats, stabilizing the river
banks, and providing river access to the public.
A variety of land-use practices, flow modifica-
tions, and encroachment have impacted the
Uncompahgre River and resulted in an overly
wide channel, bank stabilization issues and lack
of aquatic and riparian habitat.
Within the project area, approximately two-
thirds of the river contains what would be
considered marginal fish habitat; the remainder
is generally devoid of any suitable fish habitat.
Aerial imagery indicates the river¡¯s channel has
moved approximately 400 feet over the past 50
¡°The City of Montrose is appreciative of the
Colorado Water Conservation Board and the
Gunnison Basin Roundtable for their support of
the Uncompahgre River Improvements Project,¡±
said Grant Coordinator Kendall Cramer.
The project complements the Montrose Urban
Renewal Authority (MURA) development and the
soon-to-be-open Great Outdoors Colorado Con-
nect Initiative Recreation Trail.
The City of Montrose has a long-standing record
of work to preserve, protect, and enhance the
Uncompahgre River corridor, beginning with the
acquisition of land along the river to build River-
bottom Park in the early 1970s.
¡°Investment in the river promises to provide
environmental, recreational, and economic ben-
efits to the City of Montrose,¡± Cramer said.
¡°The project will complement the soon-to-be
dedicated GOCO Connect Trail and continued
investment in the Colorado Outdoors develop-
The city anticipates construction to begin in
winter 2020-2021. Due to river flows, work
must be completed within a four-month time-
frame from November to February when the
river is at its lowest.
The project will be implemented by a stream-
restoration contractor selected through the
city¡¯s competitive bidding process.
For more city news visit
Connecting Small Businesses
US SBA awards Colorado $480,000 grant
DENVER, September 26, 2019: The US Small Busi-
ness Administration (SBA) has awarded the Colo-
rado Office of Economic Development and Interna-
tional Trade (OEDIT) a $480,000 State Trade and
Expansion Program (STEP) grant to promote new
exports targeting small businesses.
Nationwide, the SBA provided STEP awards to a
majority of U.S. states to support activities that
increase exporting by small businesses.
STEP funding is open to Colorado exporters to learn
the basics of exporting, travel to an international
sales trip or trade show, and develop websites or
international marketing campaigns.
Through the STEP grant, OEDIT and the Colorado
Department of Agriculture (CDA) will also run nine
trade shows that connect Colorado small businesses
to international buyers.
These key industry shows include:
** Medica in D¨¹sseldorf, Germany from Nov 18- 21,
2019 (Apply now!)
** Gulfood in Dubai, UAE from October 29-31, 2019
** ANTAD in Guadalajara, Mexico in March 2020
** JEC World in Paris, France from March 3-5, 2020
** FHA in Singapore in March 2020
** Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany from
April 20-4, 2020
** FF Australia in Sydney, Australia in May 2020
** AFB Trade Show (Fall 2020)
** Solar Power International in Anaheim, California
(September 2020)
Last year, Colorado¡¯s STEP awards helped over 50
small businesses across Colorado participate in
trade shows in Munich, Germany; Mexico City, Mexi-
co; Hannover, Germany and, Dusseldorf Germany.
About the State Trade Expansion Program
STEP is a financial assistance program for aspiring
and current Colorado exporters entering into a new
global market.
Funded in part by a grant with the U.S. Small Busi-
ness Administration (SBA), STEP provides grant
awards to small business to offset international
business development and marketing costs. Eligi-
bility and application guidelines can be found at:
For more information about the Colorado STEP pro-
gram please contact Nicole Gunkle at:
About Colorado Office of Economic Develop-
ment and International Trade
The Colorado Office of Economic Development and
International Trade (OEDIT) works with partners to
create a positive business climate that encourages
dynamic economic development and sustainable job
Under the leadership of Governor Jared Polis, we
strive to advance the State¡¯s economy through
financial and technical assistance that fosters lo-
cal and regional economic development activities
throughout Colorado.
OEDIT offers a host of programs & services tailored
to support business development at every level in-
cluding business retention services, business reloca-
tion services, and business funding and incentives.
Our office includes the Global Business Develop-
ment division; Colorado Tourism Office; Colorado
Outdoor Recreation Industry Office; Colorado