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flow to the brain, treats de-
pression, and helps reduce
#9 Humulene
This terpene is an anti-inflam-
matory, anti-bacterial, and
analgesic compound. It has
been used to alleviate pain,
aid in weight loss, and to fight
infections. This terpene can
be found in sage, ginseng,
clove, black pepper, etc.
#10 Bisabolol
Bisabolol is a fragrant chemi-
cal terpene produced by the
chamomile flower and other
plants and is an antioxidant,
anti-inflammatory, anti-mi-
crobial as well as an analgesic
(pain reliever).
Combining Terpenes for
Better Healing
Experts and patients have
found that certain terpene
profiles can be partnered
together in medical cannabis
in order to strengthen and
improve efficacy of the overall
healing effects.
Here are the top 4
#1 ¨C Terpenes myrcene,
caryophyllene, and limonene,
are used together in varieties
of cannabis to promote relax-
ation in patients who suffer
from anxiety and stress, as
well as improve overall
2019 October/November
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Health & Nurturing
Terpenes are produced alongside of THC and CBD
within the trichomes or oils of the cannabis plant.
And they work with these two major cannabinoids
as well as the other dominant cannabinoids, in a
process called ˇ°The Entourage Effectˇ±.
This simply means that the compounds work to-
gether as a group to create a reaction that none of
the isolated compounds would be able to achieve
on their own.
Terpenes help give a boost to the other cannabi-
noids and assists in diminishing any adverse reac-
tions, while having healing benefits of their own.
So far, experts have discovered over 100 terpenes
in medical cannabis and each has their own scent
and their own healing effects.
Here are some of the more common terpenes
found in cannabis:
#1 Myrcene
This is the most common terpene produced within
cannabis and has the largest trace amounts than
any other terpene. It has an earthy/herbal smell
to it and is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, acts as
an antibiotic, and has also been used to aid with
It is also found in basil, lemongrass, and mangos.
the airways in the respiratory system of asthma
#5 Terpinolene
Terpinolene is found in many cannabis strains
but usually in small amounts. Its smells a bit like
fresh pine needles with a little citrus mixed in.
Research experts say terpinolene may have
several healing benefits including it being used
as antioxidant and antifungal as well as possible
sedative effects.
#6 Delta 3 Carene
Also found in peppers and certain trees, Delta
3 Carene is a terpene used to aid in alertness,
inflammation, insomnia, and to help heal broken
bones and promote healthy bone growth.
#7 Eucalyptol
Produced by the eucalyptus tree, eucalyptol is a
terpene that can be used to relieve pain, elimi-
nate bacteria, treat asthma, and may provide
headache relief. It can be found in bay leaves,
sage, rosemary, etc.
#8 Caryophyllene
This terpene can be found in black pepper, basil,
cinnamon, cloves, etc. It fights the signs of ag-
ing, provides relief from pain, increases blood
10 common Terpenes
and their healing benefits
By John Malanca: Terpenes are diverse organic
compounds found in certain fruits, vegetables,
and plants and are the reason for the smell
and sometimes the taste of these organic
These compounds are used in several of our
everyday household items and personal items,
like perfumes, toothpaste, cleaning supplies,
Even more so, a variety of terpenes are also
produced and ultimately used in medical
The terpenes can be found in different types,
known as formulations or cultivars, of the
plant and are said to help alongside the can-
nabinoids with everything from migraines to
possibly killing cancer cells.
These compounds are recognized as being
safe, non-intoxicating and even help increase
the effectiveness of the medical benefits of
When it comes to medical cannabis,
myrcene helps to give patients a relaxed
feeling, offers pain relief, and is a muscle
#2 Linalool
This terpene has a floral scent and is
found in over 200 plants such as laven-
der, ginger, and birch trees, to name a
few. The soothing aroma is why it is used
in the treatment of anxiety and it is said
to help relieve stress, depression, and
provides relief from seizures.
#3 Limonene
This terpene has a citrus scent and can
be found in lemons, limes, grapefruit,
and oranges. The smell is said to help
improve the mood and lift spirits.
It is antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and is
an antioxidant. It has been used to aid in
weight loss, to promote healthy diges-
tion, helps to fight heart disease, and
may kill cancer cells.
#4 Pinene
The scent of this terpene is forest-like
and has been compared to pine trees.
Pinene can be found in trees, mandarin
oranges, black pepper, celery, etc. It is
anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
This terpene has been said to help with
memory loss and aids in alertness. It has
been used in the treatment of anxiety,
MRSA, ulcers, to name a few. Further-
more, pinene has been used to open
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