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2019 October/November
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3 stylish ways to personalize your kitchen
(BPT): From cooking to conversing to entertain-
ing, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It¡¯s
also a space that homeowners often dream of
A growing trend in kitchen design is personal-
ization, where thoughtful updates go beyond
stainless-steel appliances and standard cabinetry
to incorporate a host of interesting design ele-
By adding splashes of personality to your kitch-
en, you make the space one of a kind, and you¡¯ll
enjoy it more because it reflects your prefer-
ences and style.
Consider these key ways to breathe new life into
any kitchen.
1) Switch up your cabinets
Want to give your cabinets a fresh look and add
pizzazz without refacing or installing new ones?
Try replacing existing hardware.
Just as jewelry completes an outfit, hardware
adds a finished look to cabinets. The variety of
styles and materials for drawer and cabinet pulls
- metals, ceramics, crystal, glass, stone - makes
it easy to update your cabinets with little cost
and effort. Don¡¯t be afraid to mix and match
hardware styles or experiment with shapes to
add character.
Another idea is to update a few key cabinets.
For instance, you can paint the cabinets above
or directly beside the stove in black chalk paint,
allowing you to add fun words and phrases - or
even a favorite recipe - with chalk markers.
You could also remove the face of several cabi-
nets from the frame and add a clear or opaque
glass insert for added visual interest and an
unexpected touch of beauty.
Don¡¯t forget about the often-overlooked toe-kick
space - the recessed area just below the cabi-
nets - which can be enhanced with subtle styling.
Consider painting this area a statement color or
adding tiles for a clever update you won¡¯t see
2) Add vintage-style appliances
While stainless-steel appliances are popular in
modern kitchens, distinctive appliances are a
great way to add personality. Elmira Stove Works
offers several vintage-inspired appliance lines in
a variety of designs and colors.
Whether you opt to update all your appliances
or choose a single statement piece, your kitchen
will feel inspired.
For those who lean toward a retro or midcentury
modern look, the Northstar line delivers conver-
sation-worthy style to any kitchen.
Add a fun pop of color with classic hues like tropi-
cal blue, mint green and candy red, or choose
from a broad selection of custom colors. Learn
more at:
The Antique line features intricately detailed ap-
pliances with historic styling. These appliances
are available in a range of traditional and custom
colors, and can complement any vintage home
design, including a rustic cabin, country cottage
or lake house.
For a turn-of-the-century feel, the Fireview stove
has a visible wood-burning component that can
also be used to heat rooms.
3) Light up the room
Proper lighting is essential for performing kitchen
tasks, but that doesn¡¯t mean it has to be boring.
Lighting provides an opportunity to get creative
and bring touches of personality to the kitchen.
By blending practical task lighting with decorative
ambient lighting, you can inject the right balance
of function and fashion.
Overhead and under-cabinet lighting make it easy
to chop, cut, cook and more. Add a bit of flair
with a layered approach - for example, strategi-
cally mix pendant and wall lights with recessed
The globes that surround light fixtures are an-
other great place to sprinkle in some character.
From glass designs in vivid hues to textured metal
looks, these surrounds come in myriad shapes
and sizes.
Cook & Entertain In Style
Prepare For Peace Of Mind
You can find your favorite kitchen lighting
options at local home improvement stores or
boutique lighting shops. For something truly
one of a kind, visit antique shops, flea markets
and home decor reclamation stores. Whether
an amazing art deco chandelier or an adorable
Victorian decorative table lamp, you¡¯ll discover
unexpected gems for your kitchen.
When you add personal touches, you¡¯ll enjoy
an updated, customized space that will have
you cooking and entertaining in style.
mulch mowing - chopping the leaves
up into small pieces allows them to
decompose more quickly, so that they
fertilize the grass instead of suffocat-
ing it. You may need to mow more
frequently to keep up with the falling
leaves, even if the grass itself isn¡¯t
growing quickly.
5. Clean up your yard
Any object that sits on your grass all
winter can create a dead spot. To pro-
tect your lawn, remove toys, furniture
and other items from the grass. Be
sure to cover or store indoors any-
thing that¡¯s not designed to be out in
the rain or snow.
6. Prep your equipment for spring
lawn care
In addition to seeding, another great
way to get a jumpstart on spring is to
give your lawn mower a tune-up.
By sharpening the blades before you
put it away for the winter, it will be
ready to get back to work when the
grass starts growing again in the
7. Check your roof, gutters and
Leaks can lead to costly water dam-
age, so check for potential trouble
spots now, before the winter storms
Look for broken shingles and dam-
aged flashing around vents, chimneys
and skylights; clean the leaves out
of your gutters; and add extensions
to your downspouts if the water runs
less than three feet away from the
foundation of the house.
10 to-dos for home & yard winterization
(BPT): Scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves
crunching underfoot... sweater season is
moving in fast, which means it¡¯s time to start
transitioning to fall maintenance, to make sure
your home and yard are ready for winter.
The following are 10 things you can do to pre-
pare for the cold and wet weather ahead.
1. Interseed your lawn
A summer of heavy use can take its toll on
even the healthiest of lawns. If your turf has
some thin or bare patches, fall is the ideal time
to reseed.
A turf specialist at a garden shop or university
extension office can help you choose the right
kind of seed for your local conditions. After
spreading the seed, water lightly and frequent-
ly (if it doesn¡¯t rain) to keep the soil slightly
damp until the seed germinates.
For those who live in the warmer, Southern re-
gions of the U.S., interseeding with cool season
grass seed can help you enjoy a lush green
lawn year-round. Speak with a local landscaper
or your university extension office to deter-
mine the best timing, seed and process for
interseeding with cool season grasses as warm
season lawns turn dormant.
2. Winterize your irrigation system
If the ground in your area freezes down to the
depth of your irrigation pipes during the winter,
be sure to shut off the water to the system and
drain the pipes before the first freeze.
3. Lower your mower blades
For the last few mowings in the fall (and the
first few in the spring), set your lawn mower
blades at the lowest recommended height for
your type of turf. You no longer need the height
of the grass to shade the soil and keep it cool,
and minimizing the amount of moisture that¡¯s
trapped by the grass can help prevent fungal
4. Remove the leaves
Don¡¯t leave your lawn buried under a thick
layer of leaves. If you don¡¯t want to rake, try