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around me¡¯ to ¡®there will be one less accident be-
cause of me.¡¯¡±
Experiencing hunting allowed her to see firearms
as a tool to harvest sustainable and affordable
organic meat.
Participating in the field brought Egli an even
deeper understanding of how hunting contributes
to conservation and wildlife management.
Now she is an avid hunter who mentors and sup-
ports other new hunters on their own hunting
¡°I wanted to make this series to show people that
if someone like me, a millennial who lives in a city
and is terrified of guns, can learn how to hunt,
then anyone who wants to can do it too.¡±
Join Crystal on her hunting journey as she first
learns the steps necessary to hunt big game in
Colorado. New episodes will be posted weekly on
Mondays at 3p Mountain time on the ¡°My First Big
Game Hunt¡± playlist, on the CPW YouTube page.
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Crystal is eager to bring locally sourced meat to
her family while learning new ways to connect to
the outdoors with her hunting mentor.
To learn more about how to start your own hunt-
ing journey visit:
Join CPW¡¯s Crystal Egli in ¡°My First Big Game
Hunt,¡± a 16-part video series introducing
non-hunters to one woman¡¯s journey from
fearing firearms to mentoring new hunters in
the field. New episodes will be released each
Monday at 3p Mountain time.
Happy Holidays from the CPW family to yours.
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Nature & Wildlife
2019 December/January
Pg 10 - The Sunshine Express
Experience holiday cheer outdoors this year
with Colorado Parks and Wildlife
DENVER: With a number of activities and gifting
occasions slated for the upcoming weeks, Colo-
rado Parks and Wildlife invites you to celebrate
the holiday season with us.
Whether you prefer snowshoeing across a snowy
landscape or warming up by a crackling fire with
a magazine, our 41 Colorado state parks or on-
line store offers a wide selection of activities and
items for you to enjoy and to share with loved
State Park Events
Several state parks have organized fun outdoor
activities for all ages to mark the holidays.
Take a stroll on the trails and warm up with some
cider or hot cocoa during the Old Fashioned Holi-
day Celebration at Roxborough or participate in
the Moosemas Tree Cut and Open House at State
Forest. Enjoy refreshments and making holiday
crafts at Highline Lake, Lathrop and Arkansas
Headwaters Recreation Area, or bring the kids
for a truly magical Princess and Reindeer Day at
Barr Lake.
¡°The Holidays are a great time to come out for
a hike with loved ones,¡± said Roxborough State
Park Manager Ben Vinci. ¡°It¡¯s always great to see
the community gathering around special events
like these to meet others that share their love
of the outdoors and Colorado¡¯s beautiful natural
Visit the CPW Calendar to find more holiday ac-
tivities at a state park near you.
The Perfect Holiday Gift
For those that love living life outside, share some
seasonal cheer with a gift from CPW.
Recreationists, hunters, and anglers alike can
enjoy the one-of-a-kind items found at our state
park visitor centers or online store.
Specially designed park shirts, colorful patches,
books and decals provide unique gifts not found
in any mall.
If you¡¯re having trouble deciding which item is
best for your loved ones, CPW gift certificates
allow them to choose how to enjoy Colorado¡¯s
great outdoors in any season. Gift certificates
can be purchased and redeemed online by phone
at: 800.244.5613 or at any CPW office or park.
For a one-size-fits-all option, CPW¡¯s Colorado
Live Life Outside
Colorado Parks and Wildlife releases
¡°My First Big Game Hunt¡± video series
DENVER: ¡°My First Big Game Hunt¡± is a new
16-part video series from Colorado Parks and
Wildlife that debuted on Nov. 25, introducing
non-hunters to hunting through the journey of
Crystal Egli.
Egli is a videographer for CPW, who had no
resources or connections to hunting until she
joined the agency and decided to give it a try
as an adult.
New videos in the series will be released weekly
on Mondays at 3p mountain time.
Egli filmed and edited each video over the
course of a year, documenting every step of her
passage from realizing her fear of firearms to
going into the field with a mentor, to becoming
a mentor herself to new hunters.
¡°Before I started working for Colorado Parks
and Wildlife, I wasn¡¯t for or against hunting. I
knew it was something some people did, but
it never occurred to me that it would ever be
something I would do,¡± said Egli.
Having grown up in rural Vermont, Egli is pas-
sionate about conservation and making the
outdoors accessible for all.
Although she grew up exploring the outdoors,
Egli never considered hunting because she was
terrified of firearms.
¡°It took me a while to realize that the only
barrier I had to hunting was my intense fear
of firearms,¡± said Egli. ¡°Once I was able to
overcome that, through hunter education and
my mentors, I was able to switch my mode of
thinking from, ¡®there might be an accident
Crystal¡¯s Hunting Journey