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Hey Taylor, Just bought a house
and I*m really focused on making
sure it retains its value. Aside from
maintenance and such, what are some ways
to hold, and hopefully increase, overall worth?
- Carmen
Hey Carmen, This is an important thing for
homeowners to focus on. Property value usu-
ally trends upward, but that*s never a guaran-
tee. Here are a few ways you can increase the
worth of your new house over time.
1. Maximize space. Whether your home has
two bedrooms or four, you want to feel like
there*s plenty of room. As the years go by and
you collect more things, it*s easy to get accus-
tomed to cramped quarters and limited stor-
age, but that can be a big deterrent when it
comes time to appraise. There are a few ways
to make your house feel bigger, one of which
is actually making it larger with an addition. If
you have the money to invest in a new room,
you should see a good return on that money
when it comes time to sell. If you don*t want
to make the house physically bigger, you can
build shelves, cabinets and pantry spaces that
create space without adding square footage.
2. Tech savvy. You don*t want to overdo it
with the programming and computerizing of
your house, but smart home security pan-
els and thermostats can add a lot of appeal.
As long as there isn*t a steep learning curve,
prospective homebuyers will generally like the
idea of a house with good security features and
a heating and cooling system that is effective
and efficient. Any system that lets you save
money on utility bills makes financial sense in
the immediate future and for resale purposes,
so you should think about innovative and ef-
ficient lighting sources, bathroom fixtures,
kitchen appliances, etc. You don*t have to turn
your home into something out of a sci-fi novel,
but keep an eye out for smart devices you
think will fit nicely in your house.
3. Keep up outdoor appearances. If home
value is a concern, you can*t overlook your
front or backyard. Even if you just have a small
patch of grass, figure out a way to make it look
nice. You*ll also want to be sure you go with a
setup you don*t have too much trouble main-
taining. People often bite off more than they
can chew when it comes to landscaping, and
if you abandon your efforts part way through
you could end up with a pretty ugly yard. Find
a look you like that you have time to maintain,
and stick with it.
Home upkeep costs a good deal of money, but
that investment will pay off if you take the
right approach. Keep the above items in mind
as you work on your home and hopefully the
value will continue to rise!
(Taylor Kovar is the CEO and founder of Kovar
Capital Management LLC of Lufkin, Texas.
Read more about Taylor at: GoFarWithKovar.
The Good News
2019 December/January
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
antifreeze compound, and subsequently move
this technology from the lab to commercial ap-
At this stage there is still more laboratory work
required to improve and test this promising new
technology. This will be accomplished using the
State support.
** National Jewish Health - Denver, Researcher
Tasha Fingerlin - Denver, CO $150,000 每 En-
abling comprehensive diagnosis of sub-acute
infection in chronic respiratory disease via high
sensitivity next generation sequencing.
** University of Colorado- Boulder, Researcher
Min Han - Boulder, CO $150,000 每 Transforma-
tive treatment of anemia: using enterobactin
to enterobactin to relieve adverse side effects
caused by iron supplementation
** Colorado School of Mines, Researcher Colin
Wolden 每 Golden, CO $109,540 每 This project
will be executed in collaboration with SolidPower,
located in Louisville Co. CSM will provide mean-
ingful quantities of Li2S nanocrystals to Solid-
Power, who in turn will test it in their proprietary
formulations on their pilot scale line.
(source: Colorado Office of Economic Develop-
ment and International Trade)
Go Far With Kovar
Atlasta Solar Center: Mountain
Region Installer of the Year
Panasonic Recognizes Highest-Performing
Solar Installers and Distributors with 2019
Customer Appreciation Awards
Newark NJ, November 14: Panasonic is pleased
to announce the winners of its 2019 Customer
Appreciation Awards, given to leading installers
and distributors who demonstrate excellence in
installing solar equipment, serving solar end-
users and generating business success.
Panasonic Premium and Authorized Installers
have the opportunity to be recognized in four
award categories across each region: Residential
Installer of the Year, Commercial Installer of the
Year, Fastest-Growing Company and Installer of
the Year.
In addition, the company announced nationwide
installer and distributor winners who were com-
mended for their outstanding commitment to
their customers and advancing solar technologies
in the marketplace.
※On behalf of Panasonic Life Solutions, I would
like to acknowledge our award winners for be-
ing exceptional representatives of the Panasonic
brand and upholding our high standard of excel-
lence in the field,§ said Mukesh Sethi, Group
Manager, Panasonic Life Solutions. ※Together
with our installers and distributors, we will
continue to drive the U.S. solar market forward
with industry-leading panels and power storage
solutions, backed by the best warranties in the
Installer of the Year Award:
Semper Solaris - National Winner
Atlasta Solar Center - Mountain Region Winner
Introduced in 2016, the Panasonic Solar Installer
program provides exclusive benefits and busi-
ness opportunities to partners who meet Pana-
sonic*s high standard of excellence.
The program has experienced impressive growth
in the last three years, now with 50 ※Premium§
Industry Grants (continued from pg 3)
that will be applied in sleep, health and other
monitoring applications.
** Emergy, LLC. 每 Boulder, CO $250,000 每 Emergy
has developed an engineered system for the effi-
cient conversion of organic, F&B industrial wastewa-
ter into high value biomaterials.
Through Emergy*s patent-pending fermentation
technology, fungal mycelium is cultivated on F&B
facilities liquid waste streams, offsetting the water
and nutrient requirements for growth.
The system is of small footprint as it scales verti-
cally and achieves high removal efficiency of chemi-
cal oxygen demand (COD) and total suspended
solids (TSS). A high value material is derived from
the mycelium.
** BioLoomics, LLC 每 Boulder, CO $240,000 每 Each
year, thousands of Pharma companies test thou-
sands of drugs in clinical trials with a 99% failure
rate. BioLoomics technology can shift some of this
failure from inside clinical trials to preclinical devel-
This technology uses Artificial intelligence to com-
pare both the on and off target effects of new drugs
to that of known drugs, revealing a proportion of
drugs that are destined to fail. Their efforts will save
billions in R&D costs and will lead to better drugs in
your medicine cabinet.
** STAQ Pharma 每 Denver, CO $250,000 每 STAQ
Pharma is a large, highly automated, cGMP manu-
facturer that makes compounded medications in
prefilled syringes for hospital procedures. They
focus on the Pediatric Hospitals and their needs,
but also adult hospitals where the medication use is
relevant to both.
STAQ Pharma emphasizes Safety, Transparency,
Availability, and Quality in everything they do. They
are the first in their industry to develop and deploy
robotic syringe filling in compounded medications.
** Transverse Medical, Inc. 每 Golden, CO $250,000
每 Transverse Medical Inc. has developed the POINT-
GUARD device to address the costly unmet clinical
need for complete stroke protection for the patient*s
brain during Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
procedures, a $12.5B annual market.
Utilizing novel technology to create dynamic double
edge sealing the POINT-GUARD adapts and con-
forms to complex arch anatomy, making it the only
true solution for Complete Cerebral Embolic
** Watchmaker Genomics 每 Boulder, CO $250,000
每 Watchmaker Genomics specializes in the design,
development and production of DNA- and RNA-mod-
ifying enzymes that enable high-growth applications
in genomics, molecular diagnostics and personalized
Watchmaker is developing novel protein engineer-
ing and manufacturing platforms to create best-in-
class, proprietary reagents for the reading, writing
and editing of DNA. The company supplies these
reagents to life science, diagnostic, and clinical se-
quencing companies.
** University of Denver - Denver, Researcher Maciej
Kumosa/Monika Bleszynski Denver, CO $60,000 每
Because of its enormous potential as a multi-use
nontoxic antifreeze agent for Colorado*s infrastruc-
ture ranging from roadways to high voltage lines,
the University of Denver is seeking additional fund-
ing to further investigate the newly designed
installers and 161§Authorized§ installers.
※I am delighted to recognize these high-per-
forming members of the Panasonic Solar In-
staller Program,§ said Yessica Castillo, National
Marketing Manager, Panasonic Life Solutions.
※These awards are a testament to their hard
work and dedication to diligently helping home-
owners maximize their renewable energy po-
tential, and we are excited about what is ahead
for the rest of the year and into 2020.§
About Panasonic Corp. of North America
Newark, NJ-based Panasonic Corporation of
North America is committed to creating a
better life and a better world by enabling its
business-to-business customers through in-
novations in Sustainable Energy, Immersive
Entertainment, Integrated Supply Chains and
Mobility Solutions.
The company is the principal North American
subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic
Corporation. One of Interbrand*s Top 100 Best
Global Brands of 2018, Panasonic is a leading
technology partner and integrator to busi-
nesses, government agencies and consumers
across the region.
Learn more about Panasonic*s ideas and inno-
vations at: and
@PanasonicUSA on all social media channels.