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The Sunshine
Uplifting The Western Slope
2020 February/March
Pg 2 - The Sunshine Express
Portrait (He Knew)
í░He had a thousand ideas, you might have heard his name
He lived alone with his vision
Not looking for fortune or fame
Never said too much to speak of
He was off on another plane
The words that he said were a mystery
Nobodyí»s sure he was sane...í▒
With the legendary band í«Kansasí» coming to play for us, it seemed appropriate to feature
a favorite Kansas song. Ití»s been said that what attracts us to a song as a most favored is
how well it relates to us. Portrait (He Knew) is that song for me. One of the best tunes of
all time. - KingDaddy
Song: Portrait (He Knew) Artist: Kansas
Album: Point Of No Return
Songwriter(s): Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
But he knew, he knew more than me or you
No one could see his view
Oh, where was he going to...
But he knew, you could tell by the picture he drew
It was totally something new,
Oh where was he going to?
Listen to this song at:
* * * * * * *
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The silverhawk feather that graces our front page was chosen for ití»s significant spiritual
symbolism. Hawks are symbols of spirit, wisdom and power. The hawk is the messenger.
It is also about visionary power and guardianship, the hawk is very protective of the young
in its nest. It teaches us about providing for family and self. Hawk teaches us to be obser-
vant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we doní»t use,
a blessing for which we havení»t expressed gratitude, or a message from Spirit. The hawk
has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us.
Hawk is also about new beginnings and always moving forward along the correct path.
Lone Cone Mountain, above Miramonte
Lake in Colorado, home of The Sunshine
Express Mothers Day fishing derby, May 10.