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DENVER: With warmer weather and decreas-
ing restrictions more people are recreating in
the outdoors and Colorado Parks and Wildlife is
seeing an increase in the number of sightings of
potential wolves in the state.
¡°Public reporting vastly increases our ability to
know what¡¯s happening across the state,¡± says
Dan Prenzlow, Director of Colorado Parks and
¡°While not all reports end up being verified as
wolves, we make every effort to investigate
credible sightings through on-the-ground inves-
tigations, biological sampling and deploying a
variety of survey techniques.¡±
There are several known and some additional
credible reports of potential wolves in the state
at this time.
Wolf ¡®1084M¡¯ North Park Update
The lone wolf that was first confirmed in North
Park one year ago continues to persist in that
area. The male wolf, designated by Wyoming
Game and Fish as 1084-M, was collared in the
Wyoming Snake River pack and dispersed into
Colorado where he was first photographed in
July, 2019.
CPW pilots regularly fly the area and assist in
keeping track of 1084¡¯s movements. On the
ground, wildlife managers conduct ground sur-
veillance and communicate regularly with private
landowners in Jackson County.
New report in Laramie River Valley
Wildlife managers are attempting to confirm a
credible wolf sighting in the Laramie River Valley
in Larimer County. An animal sighted in the area
was wearing a wildlife tracking collar, which indi-
cates it is likely a dispersal wolf from monitored
packs in Montana or Wyoming, however flights
and ground crews have been unable to detect a
signal or visually confirm the wolf.
It has been determined that the animal in
Larimer County is not wolf 1084-M from neigh-
boring Jackson County. If a wolf or wolves are
confirmed in Larimer County, they would be the
furthest east in Colorado in nearly a century.
New report in Grand County
Two groups of campers in Grand County over
the weekend of June 6-7 were surprised to see
a large wolf-like animal in the area in very close
proximity to their camps.
Nature & Wildlife
2020 June/July
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Trump to Open 2.3 Million Acres of Wildlife
Refuge for Hunting, Fishing
by AWR HAWKINS, 10 Apr 2020: The Trump
Administration will be opening 2.3 million ad-
ditional acres of wildlife refuge for hunting and
The New York Post reports that the action will
allow ¡°hunting and fishing for the first time at
several national wildlife refuges from coast to
coast, including San Diego Bay in California,
Alamosa in Colorado, Bombay Hook in Delaware
and Umbagog in Maine and New Hampshire and
Everglades Headwaters in Florida.¡±
It also means Arizona ¡°hunters would be able
to go after mountain lions and mule deer at Ca-
beza Prieta and bobcats, fox and mountain lions
at Buenos Aires, both national wildlife refuges.¡±
The NRA¡¯s American Hunter reported that U.S.
Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt put
forward the proposal to open the land.
In all, the proposal entails creating hunting and
fishing opportunities at ¡°97 national wildlife ref-
uges and nine national fish hatcheries.¡±
Bernhardt said, ¡°America¡¯s hunters and anglers
now have something significant to look forward
to in the fall as we plan to open and expand
hunting and fishing opportunities across more
acreage nationwide than the entire state of
(source: AWR Hawkins is an award-winning
Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart
News and the writer/curator of Down Range
with AWR Hawkins, a weekly newsletter focused
on all things Second Amendment, also for Breit-
bart News. He is the political analyst for Armed
American Radio. Reach him at awrhawkins@
Significant Expansion
Colorado Wolf Update
AEA Applauds EPA¡¯s Final Rule to Fix
Governor Cuomo¡¯s Muddying of the Clean
Water Act; EPA left with no choice but to
curb misuse of Section 401 certification
WASHINGTON DC, June 2, 2020: Today, the
American Energy Alliance announced its support
for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
and their effort to help break the logjam of over-
due energy infrastructure projects across the U.S.
The EPA has released a final rule that will increase
the transparency and efficiency of the Clean
Water Act Section 401 (Section 401) certification
process in order to promote the timely review of
infrastructure projects, while continuing to ensure
that Americans have clean water for drinking and
The rule was finalized pursuant to the direction of
Executive Order 13868, ¡°Promoting Energy Infra-
structure and Economic Growth.¡±
Despite a history of maintaining a strong, en-
ergy-reliant economy - all while maintaining a
stellar environmental track record - extreme,
deep-pocketed organizations continue to misuse
environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act
as a litigation strategy to stop traditional energy
Unfortunately, some governors have also misused
Section 401 as a means to favor specific energy
interests and punish others.
In response to the issuing of the final rule,
Thomas Pyle, President of the American Energy
Alliance, released the following statement:
¡°President Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew
Wheeler were left with no choice but to respond
to the blatant misuse of the Clean Water Act by
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and others.
Activist judges and environmental extremists con-
tinue to misuse the legal system to prevent the
safe and responsible production and transporta-
tion of America¡¯s energy.¡±
¡°Today¡¯s announcement will limit at least one of
the weapons being used to abuse our legal sys-
¡°The Keep it in the Ground movement has failed
time after time to prevent our boundless supplies
of natural gas, oil and coal from being used to
power the economy and lift millions out of energy
poverty around the world.¡±
¡°So instead, they shifted their strategy to abus-
ing environmental laws like the Clean Water Act
to keep these resources from moving around via
pipeline and other modes of transportation.¡±
¡°If the greens think the nation¡¯s environmental
laws are no longer working for them, they should
urge Congress to change them.¡±
¡°In the meantime, the EPA¡¯s final rule will help
restore the Clean Water Act as originally intended
and rein in governors like Andrew Cuomo who
have systematically abused the permitting pro-
cess at the behest of big donors and green
Reining In Rogue Governors