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The Good News
2020 June/July
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Review (ICER). Prices near the upper bound of
the ICER estimate are unlikely to be acceptable
for most markets outside the U.S. where prices
are usually negotiated with a national health
Being revealed are the many conflicts of inter-
est by key players in the response to the pan-
demic. A key figure in the federal government¡¯s
response to the (¡°declared¡±) pandemic is Dr An-
thony Fauci who has a key connection to Gates,
via his wife Christine Grady.
Another ¡®boom¡¯ in the story - the strong tie in to
China - is covered in depth in the ¡®Amazing Polly¡¯
video at:
Dr Fauci is inexplicably tied to Bill Gates and
Gates is the major donor to WHO. Gates is
regarded as a eugenicist on a mission to bring
about massive reductions in global populations.
So, according to a growing number of skeptics,
it is all a mix of profits and population control.
Among those skeptics being the current US
federal government, as revealed in our article:
¡®Big Pharma OUT: US Military Takes Over CV-19
Vaccine Hunt¡¯.
Mindful that there may be a vaccine scam in the
pipeline, President Trump initiated ¡°Operation
Warp Speed¡±. Henceforth, the U.S. military will
oversee all work on a COVID-19 vaccine as the
US rushes for a safe and reliable treatment for
the coronavirus.
In command is
General Gustave
F. Perna, head of
U.S. Material
Command, and
he will be very
familiar with
Federal Acquisition
Regulations (FAR).
Many citizens
would rather trust
a U.S. army four-star general than the self-serv-
ing Bill Gates and his lackeys in the World Health
Organization to deliver a vaccine or treatments,
costing just a few dollars, as opposed to the
$4,500 the likes of Bill Gates and his Big Pharma
would demand.
(About the author: John O¡¯Sullivan John is CEO
and co-founder (with Dr Tim Ball) of Principia
Scientific International (PSI). John is a seasoned
science writer and legal analyst who assisted Dr
Ball in defeating world leading climate expert
Michael ¡®hockey stick¡¯ Mann in the ¡®science trial
of the century¡¯.)
As reported by La Provence, a study looking at the
466 million French prescriptions written since the
pandemic began in France, show a huge spike in
doctors prescribing the drug. In the last week of
March, for instance, over 10,000 people were pre-
scribed hydroxychloroquine in Marseille alone.
French doctor,
Didier Raoult,
head of the IHU,
the Institute of
Infectious Diseases
in Marseille, had
such impressive
results with his
patients that the
news spread rapidly
on social media,
but was quickly and systematically downplayed
or misreported by (corporate) news outlets; more
evidence of collusion/conspiracy.
After Morocco and Algeria began using HCQ, a
trend break and sharp reduction in their COVID-19
case fatality rate occurred.
So impressed was President Trump about the
drug¡¯s success he mentioned it on his Twitter feed
to the chagrin of Big Pharma and corporate media
As a surge of impartial U.S. medical professionals
witnessed the positive effects of the drug, they
also stood up to be counted, as we reported in,
¡®American Physicians And Surgeons (AAPS): Hy-
droxychloroquine 90% Effective On COVID-19¡¯.
¡°The antiviral properties of these
drugs have been studied since 2003.
Particularly when combined with
zinc, they hinder viral entry into cells
and inhibit replication. They may
also prevent overreaction by the
immune system, which causes the
cytokine storm responsible for much
of the damage in severe cases¡±
- Association of American Physicians
and Surgeons
In a letter to Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, the
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
(AAPS) presented a frequently updated table of
studies that report results of treating COVID-19
with the anti-malaria drugs chloroquine (CQ) and
hydroxychloroquine (HCQ, Plaquenil).
We reported:
¡°The antiviral properties of these drugs have been
studied since 2003. Particularly when combined
with zinc, they hinder viral entry into cells and
inhibit replication. They may also prevent over-
reaction by the immune system, which causes the
cytokine storm responsible for much of the dam-
age in severe cases,¡± explains AAPS.
¡°HCQ is often very helpful in treating autoimmune
diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.¡±
Peer-reviewed studies published from January
through April 20, 2020, provide clear and
convincing evidence that HCQ may be beneficial
in COVID-19, especially when used early, states
Unfortunately, although it is perfectly legal to pre-
scribe drugs for new indications not on the label,
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that
CQ and HCQ should be used for COVID-19 only
in hospitalized patients in the setting of a clinical
study if available. Most U.S. states are making it
difficult for physicians to prescribe or pharmacists
to dispense these medications.
We are increasingly entering a bizarre situation
where grassroots medical experts are calling out
so-called prestigious international and national
authorities on what appears to be a conspiracy to
suppress ordinary citizens accessing cheap, safe
and effective medicine.
The reason for all these shenanigans?
Chloroquine and Hydroxycholoquine would cost a
few pennies per dose, they are generic medicines
and thus do not offer a lucrative money spinner
for Big Pharma.
Forbes took a punt at calculating ¡®Pricing Of CO-
VID-19 Treatments And Coronavirus Vaccines¡¯
(Joshua Cohen, May 11, 2020). According to best
estimates, drug companies could:
¡°...charge up to $4,500 for a round of treatment
and still be cost-effective, according to an analysis
by the Institute for Clinical and Economic
of all ages¡¯. Since younger people are deemed
a more important human resource than the
elderly, on government orders, the elderly in
countries across Europe and several US states
were discharged from hospitals where they
were receiving treatment and placed back into
care homes or private residences. There, in
many cases, they were denied primary health
care and, essentially, left to rot for more than
two months, many with almost no human
contact. The same was true for thousands
of vulnerable elderly who were ¡®cocooned¡¯
in their own homes, too terrified by govern-
ment propaganda to go to hospital when they
needed to.
At the same time, given that this virus was
already widespread in the population, and
hospitals tend to be the primary source of
infections, many residents were sent back
to care homes having contracted the virus in
hospital. Locked in these buildings, prevented
from even opening windows, they much more
effectively spread the virus to other residents
who were in relatively good health. The fact
that what little staff remained took few if any
precautions (masks, gloves) simply ensured
the virus spread more effectively among the
Care Home Slaughter
The final death toll from the lockdown is still
unknown, but we know that at least 50% of
deaths ¡®from Covid¡¯ occurred in care homes
in several countries (that number will likely
increase) with the rest in hospitals (where
infection was rife) and private residences.
As of a few weeks ago, official data shows
that 42% of all Covid-19 deaths have taken
place in care facilities that house 0.62% of the
U.S. population. In Pennsylvania, a shocking
70% of all ¡®Covid¡¯ deaths were in care homes.
Almost all of the deaths are among the vul-
nerable elderly, the very people that the rest
of the population was encouraged to ¡®save¡¯ by
locking ourselves in our homes.
The newly-formed ¡®Spanish Association for
Victims and Those Affected by Covid-19¡¯ has
recently filed a case with the International
Criminal Court in the Hague against the Span-
ish Prime Minister for ¡®the genocide of 50,000
people¡¯ as a result of Spain¡¯s lockdown policy.
What do you think would happen if the health
care systems of major countries were sud-
denly shut down for several months? If the
answer wasn¡¯t already obvious, it should be
now, because that is precisely what happened
beginning around the middle of March this
year. As I¡¯ve said, against all evidence and
reason, governments were ¡®advised¡¯ that they
should expect an influx of desperate ¡®Covid¡¯
patients of all ages, and needed to retool their
health care systems in preparation. Apart
from removing the (apparently expendable)
elderly from hospitals, a majority of staff at
many hospitals, clinics and GP offices were
simply told to go home (for their own pro-
tection of course), elective surgeries were
cancelled and many hospitals became virtual
ghost towns in anticipation of an ¡®influx¡¯ that
never came.
In a shocking indictment of the lockdown
policy, Australia has seen a precipitous drop in
cancer testing over the last few months, and
this in a country of 20 million people that had
a grand total of 102 ¡®Covid deaths¡¯ over the
past three months. And remember, like other
nations, lockdown did nothing to stop the
spread of this virus in the country.
Would anyone like to hazard a guess at how
many extra people are likely to die from
undiagnosed and untreated cancer over the
next few months in Oz, given that there were
144,000 new cancer cases last year and
50,000 deaths?
Still worse is Oz¡¯s little brother, NZ, which had
1,500 cases and a whopping 22 ¡®Covid deaths¡¯
over a 3-month period. Yet for some reason,
30,000 surgeries were called off to ¡°prepare
for a possible wave of Covid-19 cases, and
to minimise contact¡±... for a virus that posed
no threat to the lives of about 99.99% of the
(excerpt from source: Joe Quinn, an essayist
and print author, Joe has been writing incisive
editorials for for over 10 years, www.
Lockdown: Shocking Indictment
Conflicts Of Interest (cont. from pg 3)
On March 17th, three weeks after Italy began to
lockdown, and one week before the UK lock-
down, the Italian health authority knew that at
least 99.2% of those who had died ¡®from¡¯ this
virus had serious comorbidities. At least 50% of
those had at least three.
So why did the governments of the UK, France,
Spain, Germany, the US etc. (I¡¯m not even going
to mention the idiotic Australian and NZ gov-
ernments - just look at their statistics) decide,
against all reason, to impose a punitive lockdown
on their entire populations, in the process caus-
ing untold suffering and death (as we shall see)
to so many?
The Deadly Lockdowns
While these governments (along with the ever-
helpful mainstream media) have spent the last
3 months repeatedly hammering into the minds
of their populations that tens of thousands of
people have ¡°died from Covid,¡± this claim is not
supported by the facts. The facts strongly sug-
gest that the lockdowns were the primary source
of these deaths.
Despite the fact that it was known, or strongly
suspected, that at least 80% of the population
was essentially immune to this virus, and that it
posed a serious risk to only a tiny percentage of
the remaining 20% (vulnerable elderly), gov-
ernments pushed ahead with lockdown policies
that resulted in hundreds of millions of healthy
and immune men, women and children being
confined to their homes for months, with many
suffering extreme anxiety and fear provoking a
¡®tsunami of mental illness¡¯.
In addition, serious damage had been done to
the economies of many countries with the real
effects still to manifest. But this is by no means
the worst aspect of the draconian lockdowns.
Part of this reckless strategy involved radical
measures to prepare hospitals, against all evi-
dence, for a presumed ¡®influx of Covid patients