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Trails Program Manager Fletcher Jacobs.
¡°These vital funds will provide additional access and recreational opportuni-
ties that connect people to the outdoors and protect the landscapes that
make Colorado so spectacular.¡±
CPW¡¯s conservation teams monitor the ever-changing flows of human
impact on state lands to better understand how growing populations affect
natural resources and wildlife ecosystems. These findings help prioritize
what land maintenance or wildlife conservation projects need to be funded.
¡°We commend Senator Cory Gardner, Senator Michael Bennet, and the
other supporting members of the Colorado congressional delegation for
their dedication to bringing this bill to fruition and helping secure critical
investments to maintain public lands for Coloradans,¡± said Colorado Parks
and Wildlife Director Dan Prenzlow.
¡°As human populations increase, we have to proactively think about human
impact on our natural resources and state lands. This legislation is a posi-
tive step to ensure human outdoor recreation is balanced with thoughtful
conservation efforts.¡±
CPW remains committed to collaborating with statewide conservation stake-
holders and recreation partners to help secure a quality park system and
successful wildlife legacy for Colorado. Since 1965, CPW has provided over
1,029 LWCF matching grants totaling more than $72 million to fund local
government, trail and state park investments.
To learn more about CPW¡¯s conservation principles and priorities, visit the
CPW website:
(source: The White House and CPW)
conservation groups, along with 43 sportsmen
and sportswomen groups. It is the single great-
est American conservation achievement since
the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.
Coloradans have a rich outdoor heritage that
involves living life outside and coexisting with
wildlife in their natural habitats. In order to
ensure that outdoor traditions can be passed
down to future generations, Colorado Parks and
Wildlife dedicates funds to conservation pro-
grams to maintain Colorado¡¯s 42 state parks,
350 state wildlife areas, 45,000 miles of trails
and 23 million acres of public land.
¡°This legislation is a huge win for Colorado be-
cause it helps support the outdoor lifestyle we
value and pride ourselves on,¡± said Statewide
H.R. 1957 provides essential funds to Colorado conservation and recreation
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CPW is committed to collaborating with
conservation stakeholders and recreation
partners to help secure a quality outdoor
legacy for Colorado
08/04/2020: President Trump signed the Great
American Outdoors Act this morning - a
historic, bipartisan law that marks the largest-
ever investment into America¡¯s national parks
and public lands. It will also create more than
100,000 infrastructure-related jobs.
You can view the signing ceremony at:
Congress passed the Great American Outdoors
Act [called for by President Trump] in July and
approved $900 million of annual funds for the
Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to
2020 AUG/SEP #11-3
ensure necessary investments are allocated to protect irreplaceable lands
and outdoor recreation opportunities in every state.
This historic legislation will help direct funds to maintenance projects in
Colorado to conserve public lands, waterways and wildlife habitat for future
generations to enjoy.
To preserve our parks, the law will provide $900 million each year in per-
manent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and will allo-
cate $9.5 billion over 5 years to restore facilities and infrastructure in our
national parks and public lands.
¡°Last night, I added it up: 5 presidents, 9 secretaries of the interior and
10 secretaries of agriculture have worked on legislation to accomplish fully
funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund, or enhancing our nation¡¯s
parks by addressing the backlog,¡± Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said
at the White House today.
¡°Only one president has gotten that done.¡±
Americans who have visited our national parks during the Coronavirus plan-
demic have found them in need of investment. Estimates place the national
deferred maintenance backlog across all public lands at approximately $20
The President¡¯s action today will bring this much-needed maintenance to
our public lands, many of which play an important role in our economy.
Last year, over 327 million people visited America¡¯s majestic national parks.
All told, America¡¯s outdoor recreation economy accounted for more than 2
percent of our GDP and 5.2 million jobs in 2017.
The Great American Outdoors Act won the support of more than 850
The Great American Outdoors Act won the support of
more than 850 conservation groups, along with 43
sportsmen and sportswomen groups. Image: CPW