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Even worse, outsourcing hundreds of jobs
during a global pandemic would be especially
detrimental to these workers, their families
and their communities.
Then today, something remarkable happened.
During the meeting to sign the executive
order, President Trump was informed that TVA
CEO Jeff Lyash had just called and ¡°indicated
a very strong willingness to reverse course¡±
on the outsourcing plan.
Thanks to today¡¯s order other American work-
ers will be protected going forward too.
¡°We¡¯re not just solving your problem,¡± Vice
President Mike Pence told workers gathered at
the White House today.
¡°What the President¡¯s committing to today is
to end the abuse of our worker visa program,
once and for all.¡±
The Good News
2020 August/September
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Drug prices will be kept low for customers and
American companies will be able to compete
more fairly on the world stage as a result.
In addition, the FDA and the Environmental Pro-
tection Agency will now give priority to domestic
manufacturers during the regulatory review of
pharmaceutical ingredients and essential medi-
Federal agencies will also help prevent the traf-
ficking of counterfeit medicines from third-party
sellers online.
¡°It¡¯s a great day for America,¡± Navarro said.
¡°The President has promised that he would bring
home the supply chains in production for our es-
sential medicines and today we¡¯re taking a very
big step towards fulfillment of that promise.¡±
President Trump has long made returning blue-
collar jobs to America a top priority.
Now, the Coronavirus pandemic has made even
clearer the risks of becoming reliant on foreign
nations for our essential supplies.
Fortunately, more than any other president in
history, President Trump is a fearless advocate
for both buying and hiring American.
As a result, his list of trade accomplishments
keeps growing.
NAFTA is gone, replaced by a far stronger United
States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
China and its enablers on the global stage are at
last being held accountable.
Trade agreements with South Korea, Japan, and
others have been renegotiated to protect Ameri-
can jobs and customers.
¡°Globalization has made the financial elites who
donate to politicians very wealthy, but it¡¯s left
millions and millions of our workers with nothing
but poverty and heartache, and our towns and
cities with empty factories and plants,¡± President
Trump said.
¡°We¡¯ve made extraordinary progress in reversing
the dangerous tide of globalism.¡±
President Trump signs executive order to
bring drug manufacturing back home
The White House, August 6, 2020: Visiting Ohio
today, President Trump just signed an execu-
tive order to expand ¡°Made in America¡± produc-
tion, bring manufacturing jobs back to the United
States and ensure that our citizens have access to
the life-saving medicines that they need.
These actions come at a crucial time ¡°as we
fight this battle against the invisible enemy from
China,¡± White House Director of Trade & Manufac-
turing Policy Peter Navarro says.
Here are a few things the new order will accom-
Establish ¡°Buy American¡± rules for Federal Gov-
ernment agencies
Strip away regulatory barriers to domestic phar-
maceutical manufacturing
Help spark the manufacturing technologies
needed to keep drug prices low and move more
medicine production onshore
President Trump signed the order today while
visiting a Whirlpool manufacturing plant in Clyde,
Ohio. This plant represents another important
piece of President Trump¡¯s pro-America, pro-work-
er trade strategy toward China and other coun-
In January 2018, the United States challenged
years of unfair trade practices by imposing tariffs
that stopped washing machine manufacturers,
including Whirlpool, from getting undercut by Chi-
nese imports. After President Trump took action,
Whirlpool¡¯s Clyde plant alone was able to create
200 new jobs for U.S. workers.
¡°Washington stood idly by as other countries
engaged in unfair trade practices, such as mas-
sive subsidies, currency manipulation, and... the
wholesale dumping of foreign-made products, sold
below cost for the sole purpose of driving you out
of business¡± so they could later jack up prices,
President Trump told workers today.
Today¡¯s executive order directs the Department
of Health and Human Services to use the Defense
Production Act to buy essential medicines and
other equipment from within the United States.
Lauren Boebert For Congress issues
statement regarding Representatives
DeGette¡¯s and Neguse¡¯s land grab
July 21, 2020: Today, the Democrat-controlled
U.S. House showed that they believe cities
can tell rural America what to do with land in
our backyard, without our input.
Boulder and Denver liberals, Joe Neguse and
Diana DeGette, attached two amendments to
H.R.6395, the William M. (Mac) Thornberry
National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal
Year 2021.
These amendments attempt to limit use of
nearly 2 million acres of land without input
from local stakeholders.
The worst part of all is that Representatives
Neguse and DeGette are pursuing a land grab
under cover of national defense. We all know
the NDAA is essential to funding our military,
ensuring our borders are safe, and pursuing
our national security.
If Neguse and DeGette¡¯s bills are worthy of
consideration, they should run them on their
own merits, get local buy-in and not hide
behind our vital national defense.
¡°This land grab by Denver¡¯s liberals is a per-
fect example why rural Colorado so desper-
ately needs a strong voice fighting for them in
Washington, D.C.,¡± said Lauren Boebert.
Lauren Boebert is the Republican nominee
for the U.S House of Representatives (CO-3).
Learn more at:
Donate at: or Text
LAUREN to 22525.
Protecting American Workers
Reversing The Tide
President Trump signs executive order to
protect American jobs from foreign labor
The White House, August 3, 2020: President
Trump took action earlier today to prevent
Americans from being displaced by foreign work-
ers and offshore labor using federal dollars.
The new executive order combats the misuse of
H-1B visas, which too often have been exploited
to replace qualified U.S. workers with lower-cost
foreign ones.
President Trump is directing all federal agencies
to focus on hiring Americans for lucrative federal
contracts, and it requires that only U.S. citizens
be appointed to the government¡¯s competitive
¡°No American worker should ever be
replaced.¡± - President Donald J Trump
The decision comes following news that the Ten-
nessee Valley Authority (TVA) - created in 1933
as part of President Franklin Roosevelt¡¯s New
Deal - planned to outsource 20 percent of its
technology jobs to companies based in foreign
That action alone would¡¯ve put more than 200
American jobs at risk.
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